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Limonella in the oven: useful properties of fish and recipes

times daily fish dishes are bored and want to cook something unusual, but very tasty.In this case, it is worth trying limonellu.This fish lives in the Pacific Ocean and feeds on small crustaceans and mollusks.

length of adult reaches about 70 cm, weight about 1.4 kg.The main feature limonelly is no ordinary ventral fin - it passes along the abdomen and tail in a little fluff.Scales rather small, brown.

Limonella just perfect for cooking dishes.This variety of fish is not very fat, due to this property limonella recommended for use by people who are watching their figure and constantly adhere to a variety of diets.It is also useful in diabetes, during pregnancy and for young children.

Limonella fish: useful properties

Limonella fish: useful properties

fillet of fish contains valuable minerals and vitamins:

  • Nicotinic acid (vitamin PP) - resulting in a rate of all metabolic processes in the body, regulates cholesterol, providesimprove cerebral blood flow.In small proportions, and reduced phasing properties of blood.
  • Vitamins belonging to group B. Positively affect the reaction occurring in the body metabolism, are directly involved in the formation of RNA and DNA.These substances help to better absorb various nutrients that come from food, protect against the formation of anemia.This is accompanied by a mild decrease in cholesterol.
  • Fat-soluble vitamin E. This substance is involved in the process of protection, as well as the formation of cell membranes, is a strong antioxidant (cell provides reliable protection from the negative effects of free radicals).Through the influence of the vitamin cells begin a much more economical use of oxygen.
  • various trace elements that ensure the proper functioning of not only enzymes, but also all the organs and tissues of the human body.
  • Limonella contains iodine, so it should be used when gipotireodidizme or lack of substance.Serve the fish makes it possible to get the daily requirement of iodine, without causing absolutely no harm to the body.This will not need to take medicines.
  • limonella also contains a large number of polyunsaturated fatty acids, so that when the regular eating of fish, leads to normal metabolism.However, they have an excellent antioxidant effect, help to reduce the number of atherogenic lipoproteins, gently cleanses the blood vessels, minimizing the likelihood of atherosclerosis.
  • Regular consumption of this variety of fish helps reduce the likelihood of coronary heart disease, thrombosis, angina and hypertension.Therefore limonella prescribed for all patients who are cardiology.
  • This variety of fish would be just the perfect choice for people suffering from various diseases related to the functioning of the digestive system (eg, gastritis, ulcers, and others.).Limonella not provoke complications of the disease, but has a positive influence on the cells, delivering nutrients that accelerate the healing process and further recovery.

During thermal processing of fish a certain portion of nutrients may be lost.Nutritionists recommend to prepare this kind of fish for a couple, so that such losses would be minimized.

limonellu How to cook in the oven?

How to cook in the oven limonellu?


  1. Fish -1 carcass
  2. Sunflower oil - for frying
  3. Onion - 1 onion
  4. Tomato Ketchup - 30-40 g
  5. Carrot - 1-15 pcs.
  6. Lavrushka - 4-6 pcs.
  7. Spices for fish - to taste
  8. salt - 1 pinch


  • First, clean the fish, gutted, insides removed, cut off fins.
  • The prepared carcass is cut into several pieces (not too big).
  • pieces limonelly washed, shifted in a colander, as must drain all the liquid.
  • fish seasoned with spices and salt.
  • Take the heat-resistant container is laid on the bottom layer of foil to during cooking limonella not burnt.
  • laid out in the shape of fish, on top of each piece is placed Lavrushka.
  • peeled and finely chopped onions lightly fried in sunflower oil is well heated.
  • The onion chopped introduced carrots, and stir-fried vegetables to a state of semi.
  • small amount of water diluted with ketchup.
  • in the form of fish are laid out in the vegetables and sauce, covered with foil on top of that during the preparation of the sauce did not follow.
  • form is placed in a pre-heated oven (about 180 degrees) and left for about 35 minutes.
  • Podaetsyak table fish with any side dish.

Limonella in the oven: a recipe with photo

Limonella in the oven: a recipe with a photo


  1. Sunflower oil - for frying
  2. Limonella - about 1.5 kg
  3. Spices - to taste
  4. Carrot - 11.5 pc.
  5. Mayonnaise - 80-90 g
  6. Onion - 1 onion


  • to while cooking fish is not broke, it is first soaked in cold salted water with a pinch of citric acid.This marinade limonellu should be left for a few hours.
  • fish carcass is cleaned, then rinsed with plenty of cold water, cut into small pieces (about 3-4 cm).
  • Limonella laid out in a deep bowl and seasoned with spices.
  • All vegetables are cleaned.Cut into thin half-rings onion fried in hot oil with carrot, shredded on a fine grater.Vegetables are fried until until completely ready.
  • vegetables then cooled and mixed with mayonnaise.
  • Take heatproof baking dish, greased her bottom a small amount of vegetable oil.
  • in the form laid limonella, placed on top of the vegetables with mayonnaise.
  • form with fish is placed in a pre-heated oven (about 220 degrees) and ready meals 1.Periodically, you need to check the readiness of dishes.
  • Before serving fish sprinkled with fresh herbs and served with any side dish.

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Limonella - very useful fish, also today, there are many recipes for its preparation - grilled, baked, steamed.It can be used even during strict diet, as well as during pregnancy.Very useful limonella for the elderly and children, as it contains a little fat, but it is extremely saturated with useful substances.

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