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Greek salad

Many know the recipe for Greek salad, but every woman surprises with its interpretation of the recipe.Unusual recipes we do not compete, but the most popular Greek salad prepared as follows.

Greek salad

ingredients for a classic Greek salad:

  1. 4 ripe red tomatoes;
  2. 2 medium cucumbers;
  3. 2 sweet yellow peppers;
  4. jar of olives (best to take seedless);
  5. 200g.feta cheese;
  6. 2 small onions (can be red, to add color to the overall palette);
  7. greens (suitable parsley, basil);
  8. 1 lemon (the optimal way to find thin-skinned);
  9. salt (if desired, and taste);
  10. ground black pepper;
  11. olive oil.

Vegetables and herbs before cutting it is recommended to wash thoroughly and dry.

A method for preparing a Greek salad

Greek salad

  • tomatoes cut into quarters, then each crosswise into 2 slices (usually come from the size of a tomato, but the pieces should be large).
  • Cucumbers should turn out cubes of up to 2 cm. Sweet pepper seeds on clean and cut into cubes or optional or large strips (about the same size as the cucumber).Onions shoul
    d be finely chop half rings.
  • Greens can chop coarsely, and even better hands just Narva - then the juice is more natural sound in a salad.The cheese must be cut into cubes of 2 cm, although some put it records.
  • before mixing all the ingredients pepper, mix the lemon juice with the olive oil, salt (if the feta too salty, the salt may not be needed) and refill the salad oil.Remember that the Greek salad is prepared just before use, as the tomatoes quickly let the juice.

However, there are a few tricks of experienced housewives:

  1. At the bottom of salad you can put a piece of ordinary Armenian lavash, which will absorb the juice and incredibly tasty.
  2. when absolutely necessary, you can cut all the ingredients (except tomatoes), folded into a bowl and cover with a lid.
  3. cool place (eg refrigerator) would keep the freshness of the vegetables in a couple of hours.Then, before the arrival of guests chopped tomatoes, add the filling and - safely on the table!Also, to add spice to taste oregano.By the way, on the island of Crete in the Greek salad is added except basil, thyme and mint has, but it is for individual taste.

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Bon appetit!

September 27, 2011 18:09
Notice Greek salad can be eaten raw foodists!) Well, I'm so raw foodists I!) I can afford to eat cottage cheese .. nothing!)
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