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Shawarma at home: recipes and technology of folding

Shawarma - it's incredibly tasty dish that comes to us from the East.Usually it is in the nature of street fast food, but to make this delicious dish can be on their own and at home.The whole process of preparation will not take more than an hour.However, there is one little secret to shawarma turned out not only delicious, but also juicy, tender, should not give preference to high-fat meat.

Shawarma classic: a recipe with photo

Shawarma classic: a recipe with a photo


  1. Ketchup (sweet or spicy) - 1.25-1.5 Art.l.
  2. white sugar - 0.25-0.5 h. Liter.
  3. Smetana - 65-70 g
  4. 9% vinegar - 1 ch. L.
  5. Pita - 2-3 pcs.
  6. salt - 1 pinch
  7. Vegetable oil - 1.25 h. Liter.
  8. Cabbage - 70-90 g
  9. Carrots - 25-30 g
  10. Fresh herbs - 1-1.25 am. L.
  11. garlic cloves - 4-5 pcs.
  12. Pork - 140-160 g
  13. chopped green onion - 1 tbsp.l.


  • shredded carrots on a grater, shred the cabbage.
  • Mix the vegetables with chopped green onions and herbs.All the components of a good mix, and dressed with a little vinegar 9% and oil.
  • The salad introduce sugar and salt (to taste).
  • Take the meat and cut it into strips fine.
  • Next prepare the sauce for shawarma, in a separate container, mix ketchup and sour cream, add the garlic, passed through the press.All thoroughly mixed, as the sauce should be smooth.Next
  • going shawarma - we take a pita and expand it on the table, pour the sauce and carefully smeared.
  • laid on top of the sauce of the shredded meat, lettuce and cabbage, again, pour sauce.
  • pita rolled tube, turned in the lower part.

Shawarma Chicken at home: a recipe with photo

Chicken shawarma at home: a recipe with a photo


  1. Ketchup (sweet or spicy) - to taste
  2. Tomatoes - 1 pc.
  3. vegetable oil - to taste Mayonnaise
  4. - 180-210 g
  5. Salt - to taste
  6. Fresh cucumbers - 1 pc.
  7. pepper - to taste
  8. Onions - 1 pc.
  9. Carrot - 1 pc.
  10. Pita - 3-4 leaves
  11. Garlic - 1-2 cloves
  12. cabbage - 180-220 g
  13. chicken fillet - 480-550 g


  • chicken should be cut into small slices and lightly fry infrying pan with hot oil, while periodically disturbing to not burnt.
  • At this time, finely cut cabbage, shred the carrots on a coarse grater and mixed vegetables.Lightly season with salt, stir, add freshly ground pepper and again interfere.
  • Take the onion and cut it in thin half-rings, then add to the cabbage and carrots.
  • skip through the press garlic, mix it with mayonnaise.
  • Cut thin slices of tomatoes.
  • On the table lay a sheet of lavash and mid smeared with garlic-mayonnaise sauce.
  • placed on a sheet of lavash and lightly fried ostyvshaya chicken, carrots and cabbage and onions.
  • Cucumbers cut rings and laid another layer, then go to the tomato slices.
  • Then turn off Shawarma and heated in a microwave oven or on the grill.

Sauce kebab: recipes at home

white sauce

White sauce


  1. ground black pepper to taste -by
  2. cucumber - 1 pc.
  3. Salt - to taste
  4. Garlic - 2-4 cloves
  5. Smetana - 210-230 g


  • my thoroughly and dry the cucumber, then grind it on a medium grater.
  • Mix the sour cream in a deep bowl with cucumber, pepper and salt enter, crushed under the pressure of garlic - all carefully mix.
  • Beat sauce whisk or a simple plug.
  • You may want to add some fresh herbs.

Tomato sauce

Tomato sauce


  1. Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc.
  2. Lemon juice - 1 ch. L.
  3. Onions - 1 pc.
  4. Fresh cilantro (optional) - to taste
  5. Tomato paste - 1 tbsp.l.
  6. Fresh dill - to taste
  7. Tomatoes - ½ units.
  8. Coriander - 1 ch. L.
  9. Olive oil - 1,75-2 Art.l.
  10. ground black pepper - to taste
  11. salt - to taste


  • First you need to carefully wash all vegetables and dried.
  • Then finely chop vegetables, mix with tomato paste.
  • is introduced into a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil - all components are intimately mixed.
  • We shift the mixture in a bowl of a blender and grind until you get a lot of uniform consistency.
  • At the end add the sauce herbs and spices.

garlic sauce

Garlic Sauce


  1. Coriander - to taste Sour cream
  2. - 3.5-4 st.l.
  3. Favorite dried herbs - to taste Mayonnaise
  4. - 3.5-4 st.l.
  5. Curry - to taste
  6. Garlic - 5-6 cloves
  7. Kefir - 3.5-4 st.l.


  • Take garlic, purify and ground into a fine grater (can be passed through the press).
  • Mix garlic with spices, dried herbs, and mayonnaise.
  • is introduced into a mixture of sour cream and yogurt.
  • All components are thoroughly knead and whisk blender.
  • reserve the sauce for about 30-40 minutes, so that he could well be insisted.

How shawarma wrap right?

How to turn Shawarma right?

your guests and you can enjoy the incredible taste of the most delicate kebab, cooked their own hands, you need to learn how to wrap it correctly.After all, very few people like to eat this delicious dish east if the filling will always fall.

So, to wrap Shawarma, you must adhere to the following instructions:

  • Once on a piece of pita bread stuffing will be posted, you need to tuck the bottom edge and all the stuffing is inside.
  • now bends to the center of the sides.
  • Rolled lavash tube - filling must be tightly sandwiched between layers of pita.

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The variety of recipes, you can use a different filling every day to pamper their loved amazing taste of oriental cuisine.And the simplicity and speed of preparation makes shawarma ideal option for guests who came unexpectedly treats.

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