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Caesar Salad

Once one daughter-in-waiting to visit his mother in law, decided to surprise her with his culinary skills.To do this, it took quite conventional ingredients, prepared Caesar salad (classic) and are served in a beautiful dish.Greek salad, Mimosa and Sunflower left indifferent given in-law, as she prepares them repeatedly.But Caesar liked ...

Caesar Salad

From this story, there is one fundamental moral: you never know what surprise the other person.But a wide variety of possibilities there is always something special.How to prepare Caesar salad, easy to remember the first time.Two or three practical implementations, salad and cooking will take a minimum of time.

classic recipe for Caesar salad with chicken, croutons and mayonnaise


  1. chicken breast (both halves);
  2. large package of crackers (or 2-3 small);
  3. 2 bunches green leaf lettuce;
  4. pack of mayonnaise (400-500 g);
  5. 1-3 cloves of garlic (depending on the size and taste preferences);


  • Breast need to boil in lightly salted wat
    er to cool to room temperature.Cut should be on the long fibers to form long wedges (desirable to maintain the value of the length of crackers).Peeled garlic finely chopped, chokes mortar and mixed with a small portion of mayonnaise (about 1/3 of the total).Then added to the meat to absorb.
  • Lettuce thoroughly inspected for damage, unauthorized or blades of any larvae.All unnecessary - removed.Under running water greens thoroughly cleaned (but without unnecessary friction, so that the leaves are not dark).Then cut into long thin strips.
  • Recipe for Caesar salad involves putting some of the ingredients in layers.At the beginning of the bottom of the platter drawn mesh mayonnaise.Then he laid out crunches again drawn a thin mesh of mayonnaise.Lies evenly meat on top - a layer of leaves.Again mesh of mayonnaise, and - re: crackers, meat, lettuce.This salad gets finished appearance.

Secrets of cooking Caesar salad

Caesar Salad

  1. good salad freshly prepared when nice crunch crunches with lettuce.But at the same time and in a few hours, when a little soak crackers, Caesar is quite tasty.
  2. You may want to replace with chicken brisket boiled meat turkey or pork . From this change substantially filling flavor dishes.Some add smoked meats, bacon and other meat options add-on.
  3. When choosing crackers should be understood that the filling of spices with caviar or other seafood not really combined in this dish.Better to choose flavorings with meat or green horseradish.Only in the case of replacement of meat in a dish on the shrimp (or other seafood) should be taken crunches tasteful nautical theme.
  4. There are families in principle do not use a number of shops spices.In this case, it is recommended to make their own biscuits: finely chop the bread and dried in an oven or in a pan or on a dry frying pan over direct heat with occasional inversion (for uniform heating).
  5. In winter, due to the lack of green salad in a number of stores, you can make a salad with Chinese cabbage.This will radically change the taste, but also nice delight at the festive table.

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As you can see, the basic recipe Caesar salad can be modified.With the constant change of one of the main ingredients can bring every time a new "flavor" in the dish.

Bon appetit!

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