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How to choose a juicer?

Many people today prefer the purchased juice - fresh, because they contain more good and they have a part of all foreign matter.It was at this point to the purchaser the question arises: how to choose a juicer?After all, surely it would be desirable that it be of high quality and multi-functional and, of course, reliable.

How to choose a juicer at home?

How to choose a juicer?

To answer this question we must first decide which juice prefers the buyer and his family?After all, there are special devices for citrus, they are removable nozzles that are different in size for the extraction of juice from the fruit of various sizes.Yet in them there is a kind of device that acts as a filter through it into the juice will not get the flesh.If the filter is removed, it is possible to prepare a nectar or juice with pulp.

When selecting equipment for the home, you need to know that the power in citrus juicers small, its maximum value - 80 watts, in principle, for a device of this type, it is most suitable.To prepare the juice i

n the morning, you will need to keep their own half of the fetus, because the nozzle will move in different directions, this process does not take long.

If you require a juicer for making juice from different fruits, it is best to choose a universal technique, and before buying should read the instructions, it will be explained - what kind of fruits and vegetables in it are allowed to be processed into juice.If the list is full of variety, the technique does not apply to the universal.

universal power unit should be up to 800 watts, if the number exceeds this maximum, then this promotional trick.Also, this technique should be several speeds, because for each type of fruit and vegetable needs its own spin speed.It is also worth to buy a juicer, along with a container for supplying fruit - it will help to save time.

should pay attention to the material from which the manufactured appliances: the wall must be made of durable plastic and mesh centrifuge stainless steel, soft metals will serve less time.By the way, juicers allow domestic manufacturers to squeeze more juice than overseas.And our technology is stronger, but the size of it more, and apparently not as pretty as her foreign counterparts.

What better juicer: centrifugal or auger?

How to choose a juicer?

To understand - what's the best juicer can for example lead screw and centrifugal, as well as to compare their differences, options and so on. Technical features.

The first is to consider their differences.The screw is similar to the model for his work with a meat grinder, that is, first crushes the fruit, and then squeeze the juice.A centrifugal separates the pulp from the juice using centrifugal force effects.

auger juicers Pros:

  • juice is not oxidized because of the slow speed, because of this in the final product retains all the nutrients;
  • resulting juice can be stored for 2 days, while it does not lose its beneficial properties;
  • This technique has a wide neck, pieces of food will not fly away, and the equipment will not start to move on the table;
  • device can be operated for a half hour without interruption, wherein the mechanism is not damaged;
  • presence of a self-cleaning function helps cleanse the technology for a few minutes;
  • After work the device is a bit of waste;
  • It is possible to squeeze the juice from the berries, herbs, seeds, and cook peanut and soybean milk.

auger juicers Disadvantages:

  • juice can get rich in pulp and too concentrated, if you like the juice without pulp, then it will have to revise again;
  • If too soft fruits may get the juice puree;
  • For models with a narrow opening, the fruits have to pre-grind;
  • tomato juice can squeeze only in horizontal models, the vertical will not be able to do so.
  • Advantages of centrifugal juicers:
  • this technique works very quickly;
  • Relatively low price;
  • Easy to use;
  • Because of the wide neck of the ingredients you can download very quickly.

Disadvantages of centrifugal juicers:

  • juice is heated during the spin cycle, and it destroys its beneficial properties;
  • juice is contacted with air, because of this, it is obtained at the output of the foamed to the same oxidized during such contact;
  • The resulting product can not be stored, after 20 minutes it becomes a delicious and unfit for consumption;
  • Large consumption of raw materials: for 1 st.juice of apples, will need 4-5 fruits, because flesh remains on the walls of art.

And yet: what to buy a juicer - centrifugal or auger?Both devices cope with hard fruits and vegetables, but with tomatoes centrifugal juicer can not cope.

If you need a juicer only conventional products, you should not buy an expensive centrifugal technique, and if you need a small juice from berries or herbs, there will be a real helper screw device.It will cost more, but will save energy and costs of starting material.

Which juicer is best for apples?

How to choose a juicer?

Natural juices, home-cooked purchased much better: they are tasty and healthy.And if you - a fan of apple juice, then you need to think - what would be the best juicer for squeezing juice from these fruits.Juicers are universal and citrus.The first are able to process any fruit, and the cost will be more versatile machines of the apple, which is designed for citrus.

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Incidentally, the latter is easier to work: The product you just need to cut and place in a container.Also, this technique is smaller, and much easier to use only the power they have less than universal.And if you require a juicer that will be able to process large amounts of apples, you should choose a universal technique.And when choosing a need to evaluate the following parameters: capacity of the bowl or container, the amount of pulp regulator function (it will allow yourself to put density juice), rotational speed, power (than it will be higher, the more products can be recycled), body material (the most durable devicesare made of metal and stainless steel. It is also necessary to examine the neck - small not able to accommodate a large number of apples. Also, high-quality technology must have the function "penootsekatel" with the help of juice to give a clear and clean. Inspect equipment should carefully so that it later benefitedand broke down after the first use.

Every home should be a useful tool in everyday life, as the juice extractor. With it, you can easily cook the juice of your favorite fruits and vegetables. It is much healthier and tastier than ready to drink beverages from packages.

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