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What is different from a cappuccino latte: Especially popular coffee-based beverages

Many do not realize this in the morning without a cup of coffee.Someone drinks only freshly brewed, some quite satisfied soluble.Some like lattes, others - cappuccino.What is the difference between the latter types of beverages are aware, perhaps, only the true connoisseurs.

What is the main difference between a latte and a cappuccino?

What is the main difference between a latte and a cappuccino?

Legends say that the tradition of drinking coffee originated in Ethiopia.Shepherds Aboriginal noticed that goats begin to behave especially lively if devour foliage and branches from bushes of the coffee trees.Since then, the love of fragrant invigorating drink spread throughout the world, attracting more and more fans.

number of coffee recipes is huge, every country has its own unique technology and little tricks.The difference between some types of drinks obviously noticeable only between other professionals and enthusiastic amateurs.But, for example, the difference between all the famous cappuccino and latte significant.Cappuccino - is, indeed, coffee, latte

- coffee drink.This is determined by the proportion of coffee beans.The cappuccino is much larger volume of beverage than in the latte.By classical recipe latte, 1 part of 2 parts of espresso are milk and 1 part of a foam, while taking cappuccino ingredients evenly.

latte and cappuccino, and distinguished by the nature of the foam.And in fact, in other beverages it homogeneous, bubble-free.But more air foam latte, cappuccino in - dense.

Another difference - feed method.Cappuccino served in a cup capacity of 150 ml.It is desirable that the top of it was expanded to a foam enough for the whole amount of coffee.Latte is served in the Irish-glass heat-resistant glass.Volume - 240 ml.

Latte: traditional composition, caloric

Latte: traditional composition, calories

latte and coffee with milk - two different drinks.Café au lait, which is translated from French.- "Coffee with milk" drink made from coffee and hot milk.Latte from Italian.caffè latte, also means "coffee with milk", but it is a drink made from espresso (US, mocaccino) and milk.Coffee Latte and French version under the name of coffee with milk and a different way of serving basis.In Europe

latte do not only espresso.According to the Italian classic recipe for it using Arabica - mocha.The present composition has become even easier - 1 part espresso and 3 parts milk.Top latte foam cover.

Calorie latte depends on the ingredients that are used for the drink.The classic recipe as 175 calories per 100 grams of coffee.Tea Latte are more types of dietary.Most calories latte with syrup and chocolate.

Cappuccino: more of a popular coffee

Cappuccino: more about a popular form of coffee

Cappuccino is one of the most famous drinks in the world.Translated from the Italian.cappuccino - a "small bowl".Italians - real connoisseurs of coffee, so they could in this popular beverage to achieve a special harmony only 2 ingredients: espresso and milk (cream).Milk, cream and sometimes converted invigorating espresso in a soft drink with characteristic milk froth.Calorie cappuccino high.This is due to its composition.The average energy value of the drink, made by classic recipe, no more than 406 calories per 100 g

There are several types of cappuccino, which are fundamentally different from the others in taste.For example, there is a cappuccino with a nutty flavor.Businesses allocate 2 main types of this drink - black and white.In the preparation of the first pour a cup of coffee and milk foam on top form.White do the opposite - first milk foam, then coffee.Experts say that this is impossible to make a cappuccino at home, because it needs a special espresso machine.The device makes the right espresso and then generates a characteristic milk froth.

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between a latte and cappuccino is actually a lot of differences.The main of them - a way of cooking and serving.But the ingredients are taken almost the same: at the base of milk and strong coffee.However, the nature of each type of beverage at the same time very different, allowing each to find a favorite coffee people.

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