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Hair coloring in two colors.

spring especially want to be bright and showy.That is why many women choose this period new hairstyle and hair color, not quite ordinary, as for example, in two colors.

Kolorirovanie: how to dye your hair in two colors?

Kolorirovanie - a combination of 2 shades of the same color.So, for example, you can use for coloring light and dark shades of brown color.Apply the paint in such a case, there are 2 methods.Alternating light and dark strands or by a smooth transition to the dark tips of the hair from the roots of the light or, conversely, from the tips of the light to the darker roots.

Hair coloring in two colors

Ultra fashionable today is the painting in the natural color of hair strands causing brightness.For this method can be applied bright red, purple and blue paint.Coloring can be longitudinal, zonal, cross.

recovery procedure a separate part of the hairstyles are not less popular than the method of coloring.For example, you can highlight a bang, the tips of the hair, side separate strands.Very often today, there is

such a combination as a light top and dark hairstyle tips.It is best to use this technique painting girl with long straight hair, t. To. They simply improvise.

If the girl has short hair, it is best to look at it is the allocation of a separate part of the hair.

Fashion nuance 2014 for natural or colored close-brown or brown hair - light glare highlights.It will emphasize the beauty of the hair.

for highlighting brown hair fit following fashionable colors: coffee, cinnamon, nutmeg.

popular this season, as the technology brondirovanie hair (Brown + Blond).It allows you to capture beautiful natural shades of ink.

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staining procedure in two colors at home

Hair coloring in two colors

When you determine exactly to how it will be the method of dyeing hair, choose the color you want to use.When choosing colors necessarily emphasize all the advantages of his face, and at the same time hide the shortcomings of the hair, highlighting their structure.

for the success of staining in two colors is best to consult a good hairdresser.But women do not always go to beauty salons, coloring often do at home.To this end, it is desirable to follow a certain technology, consisting of several stages:

  • to start to prepare for staining: Put some old shirt, which will not throw a pity, if it happens to be painted.The area on the face around the hair grease with a fat cream or Vaseline to avoid soil all over face paint;
  • Divide the hair into locks.Those strands that you want to paint a darker color, a good fix hairpins;
  • Dilute the paint lighter shade.Apply it on the hair, which were dismissed.After some time, wash light strands so the hair to dark shade is still dry.
  • fix is ​​now well painted strands and unpainted release.Spread the darker paint.Apply the paint on the locks so that you do not accidentally hurt the blond curls.Ideally, the staining of the second hair color is best to contact someone for help;
  • After a certain time, rinse hair well.Can you release all locks on pins and lubricate them a good nourishing conditioner.Only after the hair is dry, you will easily be able to fully assess the result of coloring.

Hair coloring in two colors

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make important decisions, dye your hair in two colors, a woman in the first place wants to emphasize the unique beauty and bright personality.Therefore, when choosing colors is to assess their type and age into account.For example, not very attractive to look bright blue fringe and hair ends at retirement age ladies.Thus, the choice of hair coloring with the two colors must be done carefully.

Two tone hair color can make your way unusual and bright.There are several techniques such coloring.You can change the image of yourself or contact a beauty salon.Remember that everything should be in moderation.Choose colors for painting so that they blend with each other and fit into your image.

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