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Boxes for medium length hair.

Not every day a girl can seek the services of hairdressers, but to look beautiful, well-groomed and stylish all want.Hair styling should emphasize individuality, in harmony with the clothes, makeup and approach to the case.To each day will look different, it is necessary to experiment with hairstyles, examining a few simple hair of medium length.

Hair styling at home: how to

most simple styling is done by using a diffuser.First, wash your hair and gently dry them hairdryer.To avoid damaging the hair, use thermal protection.Apply to the hair a little foam or spray volume.With diffuser dry strands, sharing them with your fingers.

During installation be sure to lift the hair to become voluminous hair.

After drying, you can not comb the hair.At the end sprinkle with hair styling lacquer, and to separate the individual strands will help you gel or mousse to the hair.

Boxes for medium length hair

Another simple installation can be performed using a hair dryer.After shampooing, dry hair with this device without the use of baits

.When the strands dry out a bit from the nozzle, pull them: dry from roots to ends.If you want to make the hair, take a comb brushing, screw lock of her hair and dry hair dryer (first with warm, then cold air).Consolidate the results, you can use a special spray or lacquer.

to third method of medium length hair you need utyuzhok.Wash your hair, dry them well and apply a straightening serum.Hair straighteners, take small strands and lead utjuzhkom downwards.The direction of the tip is controlled by rotating the ironing in the right direction.Rectification is recommended to start from the back, moving gradually to the rest of the hair.

The Security utjuzhkom hair no more than 1 time in 20 seconds.Each type has its own temperature curls.For thin and fragile hair is not recommended to do it over 130 degrees.For healthy, thick and strong strands ideal temperature will be 210 degrees.Wait until the cooling of the hair and secure stacking varnish.

girls who want to create a romantic and neat styling, you can do curls using a curling iron or styler.To protect the hair from the hot temperatures, be sure to use thermal protection.It is better to create curls of different sizes, so as not to get the effect of artificial curls.Use the small, medium and large attachments.

to create feminine curls, wash your hair, twist hair in curlers, bagels and dry with a hairdryer.30 minutes later, you can safely deploy curlers.After creating hairstyles do not comb the hair comb better lay their hands.

You can also create a simple elegant hairstyle that is suitable for an office or a walk.For this installation you need the curlers.Divide hair parted at one of the temples.Regarding parting zacheshite most of the hair on the side and secure.Screw the ends of her hair in curlers or tongs.Secure hair lacquer.

laying on the long-term average hair: how to do?

Boxes for medium length hair

Long-hair styling, or as it is called, carving, allows you to create any hair from the body waves or curls for a long time.With special formulations hair get volume.Thanks to fruit acids, which is part of the solution, locks virtually no damage.

procedure lasts about 2 hours. On the hair curlers are wound required diameter, apply special means and kept a certain amount of time.Exposure time curlers and composition will be different for different hair, depending on the length, volume, curl state.Next, the curlers are removed, the composition is washed off and the hair dried.The effect of the carving takes about 7 - 9 weeks, giving you the perfect styling.

Best of all, make long-term stowage in the beauty salon, in order to minimize damage to the hair.If you decide to carry out a long-term placement procedure at home, you will have to purchase the necessary ingredients and follow the following instructions:

  • Wash your hair in the usual way;
  • Screw in curlers;
  • Apply special train across the head;
  • Put warming cap mud wrap head with a towel;
  • Remove the rollers and rinse with warm water composition;
  • Apply fixer;
  • Rinse fixer;
  • Apply hair conditioner.

Following a long-term placement is recommended to refrain from using the shampoo at least 3 days to closely monitor the condition of hair, nourish and moisturize their entire length.Only with proper care, carving will have a beautiful, healthy and well-groomed appearance.

Styling: how to choose?

Modern cosmetic market offers consumers an extensive selection of styling products for hair.You can choose any, depending on the condition of hair, the desired effect, and cost.

Hair styling products

  1. foam and mousse - these tools provide an easy and natural styling, giving volume to the hair.They are used for styling hair dryer, simulating hair.
  2. Gel - is most often used to model the short haircuts, and to highlight the individual strands in graded haircuts.With it you can create the effect of wet hair and enhance shine strands.The gel does not give the hair volume, so it is not recommended to use the girls with thin and straight hair.
  3. Wax -Gives hair extra shine and allows accents.The tool is applied as follows: a small amount of pounded in his hands and is distributed in the place of application, which should be emphasized.Wax should not be applied to the roots and wet hair.
  4. spray paint - they envelop the upper layer, creating an invisible film that captures the hairstyle.The varnish is sprayed only on dry, styled hair.Sprays are different, they can be applied both to wet and dry hair.
  5. Rectifying means - to cut off the excess volume, creating an elongated strands.Funds deposited along the entire length.For greater effect, after using the hair stretched utjuzhkom or hairdryer.

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absolute leader in the cosmetics market are the following manufacturers: Estel, L'Oreal, Shvarckopf, Redken, Wella, SessionLabel, Percy & amp; Reed, Matrix, SystemProfessional, Lush, Kerastase, PaulMitchell, Aveda, Davines .

Hair styling medium length - it's easy!You can experiment with your tresses, do different hairstyles, creating a new image every day.Try to try new installation, even if the first time you did not work out.The ability to create the perfect hairstyle comes with experience!

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