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Homemade protein shake

Every human biology lessons left some of his memories are not always useful in daily life.And if something has passed by, that's no reason to get upset much: there is always the opportunity to update knowledge.For example, the true value of protein, few remember.Some are skeptical begin to talk about some "bullies" take special protein shakes and this got in trouble with his health.You may want to deal with the detail of the matter.

Homemade protein shake

Protein is the basic material for the synthesis of new high-grade protein, which is the power source of the muscles.Accordingly, by receiving the protein can be sealed intracellular protein structure and muscle tissue.Due to its composition protein shake absorbed by the body much faster than the usual serving of food.

useful for anyone, especially a protein shake? Of course, to engage in any physical activity.A protein shake, made at home from natural ingredients give the body the necessary material without causing damage.When striving to reduce their weight and burn ef

ficiently in the classroom portion of their body fat, it is recommended to replace the milk cocktails on the water.You can also add low-fat yogurt or 1% kefir.

For additional recharge the body with vitamins and minerals should include any fruit or soft fruits, which are also antioxidants.Since the bad apple in a blender is broken, it can crumble blender, grate or just eat in the whole form.

How to cook at home a protein shake?

recipe for homemade protein shake 1

Dried mushrooms (100 g) finely rubbed thoroughly mixed with homemade mayonnaise (50 g), melted cheese (50 g) and 1 raw chicken egg.This mixture is desirable to use 5 hours before eating, and 30-45 minutes before the start of classes.

recipe for homemade protein shake 2

Walnut finely Grate (almost dust) is mixed with a raw chicken egg and one tablespoon of liquid honey.The resulting mixture was added to standard beaker (200 ml) and poured brim yogurt.Stir with a mixer to obtain a fully homogeneous slurry.Cocktail is desirable to take 10-15 minutes prior to the start of classes.

Homemade protein shake

recipe for homemade protein shake 3

Walnut mixed with two artichoke tubers (tuber 2), rubbed on a fine grater.The dry mixture is added 1 tbspbrewer's yeast, and ½ cup of apple juice.It whipped mixer for 3-5 minutes.It is recommended to take 15-20 minutes prior to the start of classes.

recipe for homemade protein shake 4

0,5 liters of milk pouring into the mixer bowl on low speed, gradually introduced 50 g of powdered milk (or skim milk protein concentrate), low-fat cottage cheese (50-100 g).After good mixing, with no apparent lumps, add 1 egg, and after him - 1 tbspfruit syrup.With the increase of revolutions of the mixer adds a little milk to bring the cocktails to the volume of 700-800 ml.This portion of the protein shake is divided in half.The first part should be drained honey breakfast and lunch in small sips at short intervals.The second part is divided between lunch and dinner.The drink menu will add to established food intake 60-80 g digestible protein per day.

should be remembered that the most efficient and optimal reception be protein food in the first half of the morning dnyaPosle assimilation amino acids are most favorably impact the effective growth of muscle mass.Evening reception will bring less profit muscles.

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reasonable consumption of protein foods will help girls find nice shape, provided a constant exercise.Let the goal to bring you only joy and pleasure!