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Cocktails in a blender

emergence and development of various household appliances promotes culinary abilities.To help the hostesses serve food processors, mixers, blenders and many other electrical devices.With the blender cocktails becomes interesting and easy task.Of course, when we are preparing to blenders, we have the opportunity to take advantage of a variety of containers (even with respect to the minimum size).Fixed option involves large volume produced food.

Cocktails in a blender

What can be cooked in a blender? very much!For example, milkshakes from a variety of ingredients, which are very popular with both children and adults.At home, easy to pick up fresh, natural, environmentally friendly products for the confidence in the quality of the produced beverage.Cocktails usually takes a bit of time and pleasure for Nemer!The following recipes are prompted to start the work.We remind you that if you change the composition of the ingredients (or quantitative occurrences) can be a whole new sound taste.

Cocktails in a blender domestic sof

For many people it is best to use a fixed blender with a convenient cup supplemented with a lid to prevent splashing of liquid during operation.Successfully supplement sweet fruit with sweet and sour fruit:

  1. Orange well with kiwi, banana or strawberry.
  2. Cherry sounds good with apricot and plum.
  3. Sweet peach apricot supplemented.
  4. Apple perfectly blended with many grapes.

Fruit cocktail

Cocktails in a blender

necessary to select fruit , which are most suitable for combination with one another, wash thoroughly under running water.It is possible to add a yoghurt, juice or iced water.Turn blender, whisk thoroughly as possible with the "Turbo".In this case it will be more gentle air mass.Not quite an oxygen cocktail, but close to it.The heat should not be keen on ice sinceIt increases the risk of catching cold throat.


Cocktails in a blender

By milkshake usually add bananas, strawberries, apple.As a rule, kiwi and raspberry leaves small grains, which are not very well pass through the tube for a cocktail.But you can use these products.Benefits milkshake is to supplement yogurt, 1% yogurt, milk.The resulting mass includes many useful substances, harmoniously joined in the complex.If desired, you can create a protein shake for efficiency training with portzale.

As you can see, there are many varieties of milkshakes that are easily prepared in a blender, the ingredients and have been the desire to create!

Vitamin Cocktail

In combination of herbs, vegetables and fruits get essential vitamins breakfast.You can easily combine different ingredients and complement them with crushed ice or homemade yogurt.Recipes of vegetable and fruit smoothies can tell Diet direction.When added fat milk or yogurt may be prepared enough calorie product (if necessary).

basic advice on how to prepare homemade cocktails usually limited to a reminder of the need to thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables, use turbo mode for more delicate texture and recommendations to consume smoothies in the morning for breakfast.Cocktails are prepared quickly in a blender, do not require heat treatment products, and most importantly - almost instantly ready to eat!They may be replaced by its composition nutrition, give energy and vitality throughout the day.

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