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Chocolate Cake

cake with real chocolate has a special charm and elegance.Dark attracts attention, it emphasizes the depth dessert.Taste and smell of chocolate attract favorably distinguish it from the cake, which put a cocoa powder.It is worth at least once to make their own cake Shokladny to appreciate the beauty and tenderness of his taste.It is quite feasible in the home in the presence of all necessary products.

Chocolate Cake +

recipe for a delicious chocolate cake



  1. 5 pcs eggs;
  2. sahar150 g;
  3. butter 100 g;
  4. black chocolate 100 g;
  5. cognac 2 teaspoons;
  6. flour 250g;
  7. baking powder 5 g


  1. powdered sugar 150 g;
  2. butter 200 g;
  3. egg 1 pcs .;
  4. chocolate (melt), 50 g;
  5. chocolate (for decoration) - 50 g;
  6. syrup for soaking (optional you can not impregnated).


  • Sugar thoroughly whisk (or electric mixer) with the yolks of eggs.Break the chocolate bar into pieces and sink on a steam bath a couple of minutes with butter.Whisk in the thick foam egg whites.In the yolks with the sugar a
    dd the brandy, then the chocolate and butter and mix well.Slowly lead the protein foam and then the flour with baking powder.Gently knead, shift into oiled and floured form.The dough is baked in a moderately heated oven for about forty minutes.
  • At this time, you can prepare the cream: powdered sugar must be wiped off the egg, gradually adding the melted butter and stir well.Melt the chocolate in a water bath and, whisking constantly, introduce the possibility of a thin stream into the cream.
  • biscuits should be allowed to cool, then cut it lengthwise.Korzh soak the syrup, then cover them with cream.The top of the cake with cream and arrange to sleep with grated chocolate.It is advisable to let it brew for 10-15 hours it better impregnation cream, but it goes on freshly prepared "Hurrah."

Chocolate Cake

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