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Cake Napoleon

In our family recipe for this cake Napoleon arrived with his young wife of my brother.For many years he was a favorite not only in them and my family, but also in the families of my grown-up daughters.Its uniqueness lies in the fact that all the cakes have a special layer, perfectly absorbs the custard.With this taste turns downright amazing!You might also like it, and will delight your family with its lightness and taste.

How to cook a cake Napoleon?

Cake Napoleon


For the dough:

  1. flour - 320 g (2 tbsp.)
  2. margarine - 250 g
  3. water - 250 ml
  4. soda - 1 teaspoon
  5. vinegar - 1 tbsp
  6. vodka - 1 tbsp
  7. egg - 1 pc

For the cream:

  1. Egg - 2 pcs
  2. sugar - 200 g
  3. flour and starch - 1 tbsp
  4. milk - 0.5 liters
  5. vanilla - 1 package
  6. vodka - 1 tbsp


  • To prepare the pastry flour need to pound margarine.Separately, in a bowl, beat the egg, baking soda to extinguish vinegar, add water and vodka.Then, the following ingredients to combine with margarine and flour, knead the dough.
  • Refrigerate the dough for half an hour in the refrigerator.Divide it into ten pieces, each as thin as possible to roll on the table.Preheat the oven well (up to 200 degrees) and bake each cake for approx 7-10 minutes.Another hot cut stencil or dish to impart the desired shape.

Cake Napoleon.

  • To prepare the custard must be thoroughly beat the eggs, gradually adding sugar to the mixture.Thereafter, the starch and the flour is introduced.For a perfect uniformity is desirable to pour the boiling cream milk in the resulting mass in a thin stream, stirring constantly.Then put on the fire to boil the cream three minutes.Strip cooling cream and add vanilla vodka, stir well.

Cake Napoleon.

  • Each cake is still warm well it is necessary to impregnate the cream, adding at each other to form a cake.As technology is better first to prepare the cream, and then, at the time of cooling, take dough.For beauty must adorn the cake crumbs on top of shredded scrap cakes and any fruit or berries.Ideally, leave for 12-20 hours for a full soaking cakes.

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nice tea!

Napoleon cake is ready!

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