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How to eat with chopsticks?

Chopsticks - a pair of thin sticks of equal length in which the Japanese and the Chinese take their food.The history of cutlery dates back several millennia.It is believed that the first time they were used in China before our era.It is believed that initially sticks needed exclusively for wrapping food in leaves.Many people wonder - how to eat sushi with chopsticks?

How to hold chopsticks for sushi?

to learn how to hold the sticks, you must select their proper length.The ideal length of 1.5 m times the imaginary hypotenuse, which is formed when to place the thumb and fingers so as to form a right angle.On average, the length of the sticks for sushi is 21 - 25 cm.

How to eat with chopsticks?

technique of using chopsticks for sushi:

  1. index and middle fingers slightly pull forward.The ring finger and little finger press together and thumb expand into the palm.The lower chopstick should lie at the base of the thumb, thin lower end should be based on the third phalanx of the ring finger.
  2. the thick end of the chopsticks shou
    ld be ¼ of ladoni.Tolsty extend beyond the end of the upper rod is necessary to hold the tip of the thumb, and the bottom tip clamped between the middle and index fingers.It turns out that the top rod hold almost like a pencil.
  3. Most people make the mistake of trying to move both sticks during capture food.According to the rules, only the top rod should move by moving the index and middle fingers.When straightening finger stick should be moved apart, in flexion - link up together.
  4. large and ring fingers should hold the lower rod smoothly and steadily.Under the rules of thumb do not have to move.During the meal, and do not attempt to capture food straining hand.Relax your wrist, movement should be light and calm.How can exercise more to eat with chopsticks, then it will happen automatically.

Sticks for sushi: name

first chopsticks were called "kuaytszu" containing a root meaning "bamboo".For the manufacture of bamboo sticks trunk cleaved in half, it looked like half folded and tweezers.Separate form kuaytszu found much later and in this form survived until modern times.

How to eat with chopsticks?

Currently sticks for sushi are made of different materials: wood, plastic, metal, and even bone.Most often used for their production still uses wood of various breeds (cypress, plum, cedar, willow, pine, maple, sandalwood, etc.).Sticks for sushi can be disposable - they are served in the Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants.In addition, chopsticks can be reusable, who buy for permanent use and store house with dining priborami.Vneshny kind of sticks can also be different: they paint, varnish, decorated with ornaments.

In each country, called rods and look different.For example, in Japan chopsticks called "chopsticks", they too made of wood, but they are shorter and have Chinese kuaytszu more pointed ends.In Korea, eating very thin sticks, which are made of metal and are called "chokkarak."

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Chopsticks: Etiquette

Chopsticks - it's part of history and culture.Their use is surrounded by a mass of rules, conventions and ceremonies.There are a number of immutable traditions that have no relation to the rods.Here are the main ones:

  • sticks can not stick to the food.Sticks, stuck upright in a bowl of food offerings associated with the method of the deceased;
  • can not knock the sticks on the table, or the edges of the plates;
  • Using chopsticks can not point to the people - it's very impolite;
  • can not be transferred from one food to another rod.In the Japanese tradition, such a gesture is considered bad form, t. To. This action takes place in a funeral ritual where the participants passed since the bones of the dead;
  • Chopsticks can not lick and keep long in the mouth;
  • in a bowl with chopsticks do not pick, do not drive over the dish.Meals should be taken from the top;

How to eat with chopsticks?

  • Meals from the plate can not be raking in using chopsticks, you can not omit the face down to the plate in a hurry to eat food;
  • Never fix your wand in his hand, in Japanese culture, such a gesture is threatening;
  • Dishes to the stick can not be tightened;
  • Do not shake and waving sticks.It is also considered bad manners when while eating with chopsticks or dripping liquid flows;
  • Never rub sticks together, to remove chips or splinters.If you want to do it hands;
  • While eating do not cross stick together - this is another part of the Japanese funeral ritual;
  • not use chopsticks as a knife or a fork: they can be used exclusively as a pair in one hand.If you need a knife, ask the waiter;
  • not use chopsticks as a skewer or a skewer;
  • sticks do not put across the bowl.After the end of the meal, place sticks on a special stand or on a table pointed ends to the left.

Chopsticks are used to eating in Japan, China, Korea and Vietnam.The first time you will be hard to handle this cutlery, but with practice, you can easily use them.You can enjoy the benefits of eating food with chopsticks, t. To. In the restaurants of national cuisine has much nicer and more natural than using a knife, fork or spoon.