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How to check the eggs for freshness?

Eggs - One of the most useful for food products.Constant use is the prevention of many diseases.It is the only food that is absorbed in the body by 98 percent and does not leave toxins in the gut.It is important to eat only fresh eggs.You must be able to accurately determine their freshness.

How to rotten egg: ways

Our ancestors learned to determine the freshness of eggs without breaking the shell.Doing this is not difficult, and takes a little time.

How to check the eggs for freshness?

  • Before buying eggs, it should be taken in hand and shake.Inside the fresh product is no chatter will be heard.But if the egg is already spoiled, the yolk will hang it inside the shell.
  • If the product is fresh, then it will be a matte surface.The old egg surface shines.
  • tongue can measure the temperature of the eggs, putting his blunt end first, and then sharp.At the same stale product temperature with 2 sides, while fresh - the blunt end is warmer than sharp.But in a store or on the market so it is not necessary to check the eggs, better to do i
    t at home, after they are thoroughly cleaned.
  • In a glass to do the brine and put it in his egg.If the egg is fresh, it will immediately fall to the bottom.If the blunt side of the egg rises upwards, forming an angle of 45 degrees with respect to the bottom cup, he about 8-10 days.If the egg becomes vertical at the bottom, dull side up, he is from 12-14 days.If it floats, it is spoiled, and it has more than 15 days.
  • is the following method for determining the freshness of the eggs - diet.Before the sale, farm eggs labeled and sorted.Newest - Diet, marked the date of receipt on the counter, and put more staryhprosto blue print.
  • In the old product more air, because it dries, so the weight is much easier.
  • When candling ultraviolet fresh egg will have a red hue, aging fade and have a pale purple tint.
  • can even clean boiled egg.Fresh is always harder to clean, and here with the old shell goes quickly.

How to check the egg on the fetus?

How to check the eggs on the fetus?

Besides the fact that the egg might be rotten, it is still an embryo.To test the eggs on the embryo, it can be see in the bright light beam, in which case it will appear as a small dark spot.On poultry farms for this purpose a special device - candling, and the process is called candling and held it for 6-7 hours of incubation.

Also, when checking the eggs on the embryo, it is necessary to pay attention to the location and the mobility of its yolk.The egg, which is suitable for incubation is the yolk, which occupies a central position and its fuzzy borders.On all sides it is immersed in protein, and is a bit closer to the blunt end.

How to check before placing the eggs in the incubator?

breeding chickens - it is not as simple as it seems at first glance.An important role is played here by choice to lay eggs in the incubator.

used for this purpose can only eggs from healthy birds from the farm and, where there is even a suspicion of any infectious disease.

Then you need to pay attention to the shape of an egg.The elongated, pear-shaped or almost round will not work, because this form of evidence of a genetic disorder and one of them can hatch a chick unhealthy.Eggs in the shell cracked, rough, thickened or microcracks, too, need to put aside.The most ideal to lay in the incubator is a clean, fresh egg shells which has a uniform color and texture.

Now it's time to check the egg candling.In principle, this can be done to enlighten him on the light through a piece of paper, if it reflects a dark spot, then it is fertilized.The easiest candling works on the same principle - it is similar in shape with a hammer, but in a place where there is a hammer head, placed at candling lamp.

With such a device, you can see the location of the air chamber, the air tank, through which the embryo and supplied with oxygen.It is this balloon in the blunt end of the egg and must not exceed 1.5 cm. If the camera is more, the egg was demolished for many days before incubation, and this can adversely affect hatchability.

How to check before laying eggs in the incubator?

the yolk should be fuzzy contours and located approximately in the middle.It can be mobile, but just a little.The eggs with 2 egg yolks, and off-center of the yolk should immediately reject, t. To. And those in which there are foreign objects and blotches.

After weeks after the egg was placed in an incubator, it must be checked again candling.If after this period, the form remains the same, it is a bad sign, because during this time the chicken should appear heart and circulatory system.If the vessels are at candling the eggs are not visible, then the embryo is dead, and the egg should be removed from the incubator.

If the egg has been infected with mold, then the first-raying it would be hard to see, but when re - immediately show up.On the 11th day, you can spend the third candling procedure, the circulatory system by this time should be well formed and distributed to all egg.

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A couple of days before the expected hatching all the pointed end of the egg must be completely filled, and the airbag - do not exceed 1/3 of the total volume.If the protein remained in the sharp end, the egg is better placed separately.Their term is prolonged incubation, but often are not hatched chicks.

By the way, before laying eggs in the incubator, and to wipe them clean of lint can not, because everyone has a nadskorlupnoy protection film, which, in turn, has antibacterial properties.The loss of the egg can be simply delete and leave without the protection of the embryo.

If you have any doubt about the freshness of eggs purchased by you, do not be lazy and check them out at home.This is very important because the rotten egg can cause intoxication, and others. Health problems.

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I always check the water in the egg is notfreshness.
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