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Cutting sausage and cheese beautifully.

Sausage and cheese are versatile snack for any occasion.Of them make sandwiches for breakfast, added to salads and pizzas, as well as put on the table as a cutting.It is not necessary to treat this method servirovkiprenebrezhitelno, because of its type depends on the overall impression of the table.To surprise guests, you must know how to cut cheese and sausage beautifully.

How to make a nice cutting?

Cutting sausage and cheese beautiful

One of the most important rules for a beautiful cut - it's good sharpened knife.The blunt knife only pokromsat products without creating an impression.With a sharp knife you really beautiful narezhete sausage and cheese slices are obtained after careful and thin.

need to start cutting the sausage, because they last longer maintain a fitting appearance.To beautifully cut sausage should carefully divide it into thin slices.Then, you can twist it into different rolls, rice, roses, etc.Inside the tube of sausages can be put sprigs of herbs, olives and lemon.Sausages small diameter can just lay beautif

ully on the plate.

Regarding cheese products, measures must be small slices (approximately 5 - 6 cm).To slicing looked beautiful on the plate on the bottom Put lettuce.Sliced ​​sausages should occupy 2/3 of the plate, and sliced ​​cheese - 1/3.

stacked on the bottom plate of meat rolls and rolls.Top laid thin slices.Sausage can be laid on top of a small amount of vegetables.In the rest of the dish Put the sliced ​​cheese.

This is quite a simple way you arrange cutting.

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How beautiful sliced ​​sausage?

Cutting sausage and cheese beautiful

  • Delicatessen cutting should consist of the same, smooth and thin pieces.To save time, you can use a special device called "Slayster" which is used for cutting.Also, you can stock up on curly knives to cut through them interesting figures from the sausage.
  • Before making cuts from sausages to be clear it from the film.To clear or smoked stockfish, put it briefly in cold water.If this method does not work, put the sausage in the freezer - then the film exactly is easy to clean.
  • If desired, you can draw beautifully sliced ​​sausage, showing little imagination.One of the easiest ways - slicing it, laid a flower.Put on the edge of a large dinner of herbs around the petals lay out slices of sausage, the core of the flower is made out of cheese.With that, you can cut with a knife shaped cheese, the dish looked spectacular.
  • Dr.Decoration cutting option - the color of Kala.Thin slices of sausage wrapped into a bud, and are inserted into the core pieces of cheese or olives.Sausage Kala laid out on a plate and decorated with sprigs of greenery.
  • you can make a rose out of sausages.To do this, cut varenuyutonkimi slices, roll in the bud and tie pen green onions.Each successive layer of petals laid out more freely and folded to the side.These roses will decorate any table.

How you arrange cutting?

Cutting sausage and cheese beautiful

To make slicing the original look, you can add additional elements.In addition to herbs, olives and lettuce can use cherry tomatoes, fresh or pickled cucumber, pomegranate seeds, strawberry, lemon, mushrooms, nuts, candied fruits, etc.

Some masters adorn cutting live or artificial flowers.You can learn the original design ideas in cookbooks, making something special and memorable.

to really surprise your guests, some housewives heated cutting of sausage and cheese in the microwave.Since cheese is melted and partially cover the sausage, giving it an unusual taste.

sliced ​​sausage and cheese can be submitted in the form of tapas.String on a toothpick or skewer pieces of sausage, meat, cheese, vegetables or fruit.Alternate the ingredients to make a really interesting cuts, which will be convenient to take and eat.

Cutting sausage and cheese beautiful

Beautiful cutting on holiday table: what to submit?

When a cutting of sausage and cheese, it is important to know how and what to file it.It is advisable to apply cuts on the table, not earlier than 1 hour before guests arrive.By cutting ideal vegetable salads, pickles, side dish of potatoes and rice.

As for drinks, the ideal option would be a strong grape wine, vodka, brandy, whiskey and various liqueurs.These drinks stimulate appetite and predominantly snack sausage and cheese.

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Cutting sausage and cheese is one of the main decorations of the festive table.Every modern housewife should know how to beautifully decorate and serve sliced.You can see a variety of design options in culinary magazines, books or the Internet, and can come up with something yourself.