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How to store caviar right?

Red caviar - one of the most delicious delicacies, without which it is impossible to imagine New Year's table, or Shrove Tuesday.Many people buy it for the future - red caviar is eaten quickly, and a jar of extra never hurts.It is important to store eggs.Poor conditions can affect the taste of the product.Simple rules, described below, will help you maximize the freshness of red caviar.

interesting that even 100 years ago, red caviar was not considered a delicacy.They ate it, not only on holidays, but even in the post - for example, in pancake dough kneaded eggs.Only in the second half of the last century, red caviar became a symbol of prosperity.Sandwiches it could afford not all.

now with red caviar cook many different appetizers, tartlets and salads.

Now manufacturers offer a huge selection of caviar.Unfortunately, many jars of caviar delicacy contain processed not very good quality.It is very important not only to choose a good product, but also to store it properly.

where you can store caviar?

Storage red caviar involves the use of low temperatures.It is believed that the optimum temperature for storage - from -3 to -8 degrees.Unfortunately, in the refrigerator, it ranges from -1 to 0, and comes in a freezer at -20.Out of this situation is simple - keep eggs in the lower sections closer to the wall.

How to store caviar right?

Despite the fact that the experts believe that the frozen caviar is not necessary, many housewives use this method quite successfully.Chilled eggs can be stored for about a week.Freezing helps preserve it for several months.

More 1 way to store eggs - the use of ice.In a separate deep dish spread crushed ice.A jar of caviar put on a plate with him and hide in the refrigerator.Incidentally, in this form it can serve.Traditionally, eating eggs chilled.The cold improves its taste.To this end, it is served on a beautiful plate with crushed ice.

Some women use sterilized jars for food storage.To do this, clean sterilized container smeared with a thin layer of oil odorless.Then she put the eggs and pour on top of another 2 Art.l.oil.Bank to close the lid.In such a tight red caviar can be stored up to 6 months.

If you bought eggs in cans, after opening it must be packaged in glass Taram.Sheet metal is oxidized and affect the taste of the product, so it is perishable.Thus it is necessary to remember the dates that have been engraved on the bank and keep it in accordance with these terms.If the eggs after storage starts to taste bitter, it is better not to eat.

How to keep Weighted caviar?

Weighted caviar stored in the same way as eggs in the banks.In most cases, it is sold in large plastic containers.Before storing it is better packaged - expanded at a small Taram so that one portion was enough for several times.

There is one little trick that they know the people of the Far East.Before you lay eggs, a special container to be treated with a solution that will allow it to deteriorate long.Brine, exactly call this solution is very simple.In boiling water dissolved salt in such an amount as to obtain a liquid, resembling the taste brine.She thoroughly rinse all containers to spawn.Then they folded delicacy and store it in any way - in the refrigerator or freezer.

How to store caviar right?

If you decide to freeze the eggs, remember that portion after thawing must be completely eaten.Re-freeze can not - become a delicacy in the slurry, and the taste is not the same.When storing caviar in the freezer, it is important not only to use glass or plastic containers for storage, but it is hermetically closed.Otherwise it will be kept lower.Another rule - reach for caviar from the banks only a clean spoon.The microbes on the surface of the instrument used in the product may fall and spoil it.Also watch out for, so that in a jar of caviar is not exposed to water.

important not only to consider the storage of red caviar, but also to choose a quality product.This is easiest to do if you are buying eggs in clear glass jars or in bulk.Note the eggs.Ideally, they should be whole without crushed peas.The amount of liquid in the jar with the minimum quality caviar.

direct impact on the quality of the caviar processing method and its appearance.The most popular red caviar - trout, pink and chum salmon.The quality affect delivery times caught fish to the processing plant.If it was brought quickly, eggs will be dry.Usually, it is sifted through a sieve, which actually does not damage the eggs.It happens that the fish driven to the plant for several days.As a result of caviar after processing bursts in the finished product a lot of fluids.

better to choose trout caviar.The fish are grown on special farms and processing workshop arranged immediately.Therefore, roe is packed almost fresh.

When buying eggs, pay attention to where it is produced and what is included in its composition.Unscrupulous manufacturers add the product oil, ascorbic beauty and even methenamine.The last ingredient is particularly dangerous, it was banned in 2009.This material is marked E239.

Urotropin allows you to extend the shelf life of red caviar.Thus, it decays in the human body to form toxic substances.If there is a red caviar with hexamine in large quantities, they can cause health problems.When a high content of the substance in the body, its decomposition products affect vision, nervous system, kidneys and liver.Very often, red caviar with hexamine to taste bitter.

Many try to choose eggs Far Eastern manufacturers.But there it is produced is not particularly large.If the bank indicated that the delicacy is packaged in a place distant from the sea, it is likely that this is an American product.This caviar buy in bulk, and then laid out on the banks.

known manufacturer of quality sometimes is not affected.Even the most popular company could deceive the buyer.So try to carefully choose the product.

Weighted caviar is better to buy in the audited areas.This processing plant may be.Packages need to check the date of packing, the GOST.You can also ask the seller a certificate.The legal department will provide you with them without any problems, but those who sell eggs in the markets may not always provide the documents.

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Another trick - adding a real artificial eggs.Usually it is made of egg, gelatin and dyes.By type of such a product is not easy to distinguish from the present.The artificial red caviar are not usually present in small dark spots.The most effective way of testing - to throw a few grains in hot water.Artificial eggs will dissolve in water.Incidentally, the common way to check the quality of eggs - turning the banks.Capacity to flip over the plate.If the product remains in the container, then it is of sufficient quality.

caviar should be stored in the refrigerator.For this purpose it is spread on a clean container, sealed and put closer to the rear wall.In this form it is stored for about a week.Delicacy can be frozen.For this small portions placed in the freezer.Some housewives are used for caviar stylized banks oiled.2 The latter method allows the product to be stored for many months.

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