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How to store apples?

Almost all housewives, who have their own garden, thinking about how to keep apples.These fruits can keep all winter fresh without any processing.The secret of success is to cultivate resistant apple varieties.So, in the middle lane best considered "Zhiguli", "Hercules," "Antonovka", "Melba".

How to store apples: historical information

In some historical sources, you can find data about the storage of apples monks.This method allows you to keep all the benefits of the fruit.The secret is quite simple, after the harvest, picked apples fell into the molten wax, and then placed in barrels.Barrels lowered into the water.Thus apples stored for a long time.

Today, you can use this technique, but it is necessary to use wax, paraffin in this case is not suitable.

How to store apples?

Some sources say that apples can be stored directly in the garden, in the pit, but you must take into account the climatic data areas.It is from the average winter temperature will depend on the depth of the pit, which must dig.When the warm

and temperate winter climate, it should be 40 - 50 cm. Before putting apples on the bottom of the pit, you must each fruit wrapped in a plastic bag to protect against parasites.

How to store apples: the rules

  • for successful long-term storage of apples, whether it is a cellar, a refrigerator or a balcony, it is necessary at the stage of harvest comply with certain rules that will increase the chances of preservation of the fruit until spring.Initially, it should be strictly and clearly abide by the terms of collection.If the stay fruit later laid, fruit can perespet and accordingly less stored.
  • If start collecting prematurely, the result may be tasteless apples.
  • After it was selected while removing crop must be carefully tearing each apple, grabbing his hand.It is best to pluck the fruit from the stem, which will save them from the penetration of various microorganisms.
  • If harvesting plodosbornik used, care must be taken to avoid damage to the fetus.Why is this so important?The answer is simple, the whole thing in the skin, which is damaged, the microorganism is easier to get to the nutritious pulp.In this case, it begins the process of decay, which quickly spread to the rest of the apples.
  • After collecting, immediately prior to storage, it is not necessary to wipe the fruit, it is desirable and important to preserve the natural wax, which are covered with apples - an additional protective mechanism and a guarantee of long-term preservation.
  • Collected fruits should be quarantined for 2 - 3 weeks.At this time, you must periodically sort them thoroughly inspect and clean the apples with any dents etc. Damage.After that, the fruit must remain suitable for long-term storage.

How to store apples for the winter?

Soviets and the ways how to keep apples pretty much every woman and every gardener has its own tricks.There is a generally accepted methods: one of the most popular is the use of glycerol.Before long-term storage, selected apples can be wiped with a clean cloth dipped in glycerin.

for storing fruits are usually packed into cartons or boxes, and then sprinkled with sawdust and others. Absorbent materials.

How to store apples?

Apples can be stored in bags.The success of the method is that, during storage, the fruit breathe and emit a certain gas mixture.After 20 - 30 days in a bag formed a certain concentration, which saves apples from premature deterioration.

classic version of the storage of these fruits is considered to be deposited in the paper.When packing apples in the paper, it should ensure that the fruits, as little as possible into contact with it, for the prevention of erasing a protective wax.Lay the fruit must be in rows, but not too often.To. The lower ranks under the weight of the upper can become wrinkled, thereby start the mechanism of decay.In order to increase the shelf life of apples, you need to constantly maintain approximately the same temperature.

How to store apples in the cellar?

most important rule store apples in the cellar - do not keep them with products that have a strong odor - onions, garlic, and others. The room must maintain a certain moisture content of 85 - 90 degrees, and the optimum storage temperature - zero.

It is worth remembering that even after the quarantine in the first couple of months will be to spoil the greatest number of apples, for these reasons, do not forget to audit and remove the spoiled fruit.

It is best to store the fruit in boxes, carefully place them in rows, so that the bottom row is not experiencing heavy loads.It is best if the apples do not come into contact with each other - between them lay a parchment paper napkins or towels.

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Special attention is given neighborhood fruit and other. Fruits and vegetables.Ideally, for apples is necessary to allocate a separate room.The fact is that after harvest, apples continue to ripen and release a special gas - ethylene.It can help to ensure that, for example, potatoes begin to sprout quickly.

In the winter storage of apples have their own tricks and nuances.But if all the rules are the fruits Dolezal intact until spring.The most important thing to choose the right variety, to create the required conditions, to pay special attention to the preparation of apples for storage.

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we also keep them with sawdust applesand now once torn.
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