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The sauce for the dumplings: a recipe

Manta - a meat dish that is very similar to our dumplings.However, a significant difference between them.The dumpling filling - minced meat with onions, in the mantle - minced meat and onion slices.In addition, manti larger.But they are extremely delicious, especially with the sauce!

sauce for the dumplings: dairy recipe

The sauce for the dumplings: dairy recipe


  1. mixture of herbs (basil, dill and parsley) - 1 bunch
  2. Garlic - 2 cloves
  3. ground black pepper - to taste
  4. mustard - 1 tsp
  5. Smetana - 3 tbsp
  6. Katyk (fermented milk drink) - 3 tbsp


  • Greens tried to chop as finely as possible.
  • then rub it with salt.
  • garlic finely chop and add to the greenery.
  • All sprinkle with black pepper, pour the mustard and sour cream Katukov.Thoroughly mix.

sauce for the dumplings: Shakarap

The sauce for the dumplings: Shakarap


  1. Tomatoes - 500g
  2. bulbs onions - 2 pcs
  3. Garlic - 3-4 cloves
  4. Red pepper - to taste
  5. ground black pepper - to taste
  6. cumin - to taste
  7. Salt - to taste
  8. Broth - 300 ml
  9. Sour cream - 100 g


  • Mix all the products in a certain sequence.First, chopped tomatoes, then shredded onion, minced garlic.Sprinkle everything with salt, pour the broth, add sour cream.
  • At the end of season with pepper, and stir zira.We reserve container with ingredients infuse for half an hour.After pressing his hands, highlight the juice is poured into saucers.This is Shakarap!

sauce for the dumplings: Santana

The sauce for the dumplings: Santana


  1. vegetable oil - 150 g
  2. Garlic - 7 cloves
  3. Tomato paste - 1 tbsp
  4. red pepper - 1 tbsp


  • Pour the oil in a frying pan or a kettle and heat it up until it is glowing.Check that it has reached the desired stage can be seeing a little smoke.
  • While oil is heating, in another frying pan put finely chopped garlic, red pepper and tomato paste.Once the oil is ready, pour them remaining ingredients.
  • All mix thoroughly and set aside off the heat.Manta spread on a dish and serve.Top lubricate them with prepared sauce.

onion sauce for dumplings

believe that this original sauce , the one which served manti many centuries ago.

Onion sauce for dumplings


  1. Onions - 2 medium heads
  2. tomato paste - 2 tbsp
  3. Sunflower oil - to taste
  4. Salt - to taste
  5. Bay leaves - 3-4 leaf
  6. Sugar - to taste
  7. ground black pepper - to taste


  • onion cut into thin half-rings.In a frying pan, pour vegetable oil, heated, fry it half rings onion until golden brown.It is important not to overdo it.
  • Onions should not be heavily fried.Tomato paste diluted with water, stir until smooth and add to the onions.The liquid should cover it completely.If necessary, add more water directly into the pan.
  • Bring the mixture to a boil, put the sugar, salt, bay leaf and pepper.Immediately turn off the sauce, cover the pan with a lid.Steep until cool.

mayonnaise sauce for dumplings

Mayonnaise sauce for dumplings


  1. Garlic - 2 cloves
  2. chili powder - 1 pinch
  3. Sugar - ½ tsp
  4. Soy sauce - ½ tsp
  5. Mayonnaise - 50 g


garlic finely chop.Mix the ingredients for the sauce in a very specific order.Please add the garlic to the sugar, then pepper, then mayonnaise, sprinkled with soy sauce.All good mix.The sauce is ready!

sauce for the dumplings: a few simple recipes

  • If you do not want to bother with the long sauces mantle , you can use the quick sauce recipe .
  • Mix yogurt and sour cream in equal proportions.Season with salt and pepper and add the chopped garlic.Sprinkle with chopped dill sauce.
  • Take ketchup, add to it 3 to 4 tablespoonsbrine of pickled gherkins under.There also put the cut into several pieces gherkins.If the cucumbers are very small, you can not cut them.Sprinkle all the greens, mix thoroughly.
  • Take mustard, dilute it a little olive oil, add the sesame seeds and chopped parsley.Pour into saucers.
  • Very finely chop the onions.Take a 9% vinegar, add the spices and a little bit of cold boiled water.The resulting liquid, soak the onions.After a while, sprinkle with manta rays pickled onions.
  • Garlic pass through the press, add to it the desired quantity of mayonnaise, tomato paste and a little cooled boiled water.Mix well.

to feel all the taste of dumplings, you need to properly eat them.In no case did not pierce the dough with a fork, spilled the juice!It would be right to bite a small piece, and in the hole put a small spoon sauce.It turns out incredibly delicious!

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To prepare this dish, a special dishes, but you can cook dumplings in a steamer.The recipe looks complicated but is actually cope with it even novice mistress!

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