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How to dry the mint?

Any spicy plants, which may include mint, want to save so that they can be used in winter.Usually, for this purpose is selected drying.

itself is drying the termination of biochemical processes occurring in plant cells.This method of harvesting good because prevents the development of mold in the raw materials and a variety of microorganisms.However, under the action of cellular enzymes during drying taste and flavor properties of plants can be significantly reduced.To avoid this, herbs, such as mint, it is necessary to dry properly.

How to dry mint: preparation and gathering of raw

Harvest mint because of the unique properties of this plant.It is not only a great spice that can be added to tea or food, but also cure many diseases.

How to dry the mint?

Proper drying mint can not be implemented without proper collection of all the rules.The fact that the concentration of aromatic and straight. Nutrients in plants is different in different seasons and at various times of its life.

If you want to dry the stems,

the most favorable time for this will be a period of full bloom.If you need to prepare the leaves, then collect the parts of the plant before flowering.However, you must wait until the stems begin to tie the inflorescence mint.The main thing is not going to dry the mint leaves with the young.They do not retain flavor when dried, will not do much good, and much will shrink.

mint collection should be implemented only in dry weather , otherwise it can grow brown after drying.

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How to dry the mint at home?

As well as the collection, with dried mint you need to follow a few rules .This plant can easily prepare at home .

  • Once you cut the stems of the plants, remove them from the sunlight.The sun has an adverse effect on the mint.Typically, this leads to the fact that a medicinal herb loses its essential oils and thus loses its uses.
  • to dry stalks of mint collected to be combined into bundles rare.Each of the beams should be shaped bandage and put in limbo indoors to be properly ventilated.For this is well suited balcony, attic or porch.This method of drying will prevent debate plants and will promote good drying.
  • If you want to prepare mint leaves separated from the stalks, dry them in a dark place.The leaves should be placed on paper or cloth.Of course, it should be noted that the paper or fabric, which dries the raw material must be clean.During harvesting mint leaves need to turn occasionally.
  • Besides sun-dried mint when necessary to protect from moisture and.Otherwise, your future flavorful seasoning and natural medicine rot.

Ready product can be checked as follows: Take some dried mint in hand.If the leaves or stems raskroshatsya with a slight rubbing them in his fingers - a spice ready.

How to dry the mint?

How to dry mint for the winter?

To save dried mint during the winter , it is recommended to grind.The resultant product was put into a jar for storage.The vessel should have a tight-fitting lid.However, the plant can be stored in the general form.To do this, prepare the pouches of fine linen and put the dried mint.

Many try dried mint at home using elektrosshilki or oven.In principle, this method can be regarded as acceptable.Of course, so you will achieve the result.But one should always remember that this drying retains little mint flavor.Therefore, it is better to use natural ways workpiece medicinal plants for the winter.

Drinking peppermint helps with heartburn and flatulence.To do this, the plant is necessary to prepare healing tea.If this infusion add a little honey, get an excellent tool to help with angina.You can also take a bath with the addition of mint broth.This procedure may be useful in the event of skin inflammation.Needless to say that based drinks have stunning mint flavor, and for external use fresh and pleasing delicate flavor.

mint prepare for the winter is easy.It is necessary to follow some rules for collecting and drying plants.Store the herbs recommended in tightly closed containers or bags made of natural fabrics.In addition to great taste, the mint has healing properties that make it irreplaceable in many recipes of traditional medicine and herbal medicine.