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How to wash the inside of the microwave?

Fighting frozen fat - not pleasant!Especially when it is located on the hard surfaces, such as walls of the microwave.Naturally, most housewives interested in quick and easy way.

How quickly clean up inside the microwave?

There are several ways.Of course, you can use special cleaning products, but often they are not as fast as we would like.Usually such sophisticated pollution appear if reheat food in the microwave without a special cover.Food is sprayed on the walls of the fat solidifies.But if the instrument was used grill, removing dirt becomes a Rocket occupation.

How to wash the inside of the microwave?

When cleaning must adhere to certain rules so as not to damage the oven .Inside it is covered with a special substance, reflecting the wave.The layer is very thin and fragile, so you can not use abrasive materials with large particles.It may scratch it.Hard sponge iron mesh laundering microwave can help, but rather harm.Also, do not use chemicals with pungent and penetrating odor.They can not fully clean up and make food heated by

a peculiar smell.Popular

to combat fat on the walls of the microwave use detergents.You can apply, "Mr. Muscle".It is sprayed inside a microwave and then heated for 1 minute.

If your oven has a grill, the heating element itself can not be washed. It can deteriorate from water and cleaning agents.It should be gently with a cloth to remove the dirt around it.

How to wash soda inside the microwave?

To wash the microwave baking soda, you can use the method of heating.We need to pour a glass of water and dissolve in it 1 tbspsoda.The water is then heated in the microwave for 5 minutes.Better to choose the maximum mode.Then pull out and wipe the surface of the inside damp cloth or sponge.Then you need to thoroughly wash the remnants of funds.

How to wash the inside of the microwave with vinegar?

As vinegar to wash inside the microwave?

microwave can be washed inside and with the help of vinegar.The procedure is the same as with soda.In a 250 ml.add 125 ml of water.6% vinegar.The mixture was poured into a container and heated for 5 minutes.After this dish with the solution is removed from the microwave and wipe with a damp cloth.

How to wash a lemon in the microwave?

  • Another no less effective way - the use of lemon .In a glass of water usually takes half of the fetus.Capacity with a solution and put in the microwave and heat on a very large operation.The water should not boil, so for her to be watched.Heating is 10-15 minutes.During this time the couple soften fat.Next you need to remove the container from the microwave and let it cool down.You do not need to wait for cool down completely.Fat can grab back, and then you have to repeat the first manipulation.Then rub the inside of the microwave with a soft cloth to remove dirt.
  • If the house is not a lemon, you can replace it with citric acid.In a glass of water to go around 20 grams.The principle and the sequence is the same as with the lemon juice.This method is quite effective, and environmentally friendly.In addition, microwave, and kitchen after use of this tool will be a fresh and pleasant smell of citrus.
  • way, using a lemon wash solution may be other parts of the microwave.For this purpose it is not necessary to heat.Simply rub them the door or the side, let stand, then rinse with a damp cloth.

How to wash the inside of the microwave lemon?

In addition to these methods, you can use a special melamine sponge .Now it is a means for getting rid of a variety of contaminants quite popular.Her usually slightly moistened in water, then begin, literally, wash the dirt.Action melamine eraser resembles a sponge.It removes grease, but it itself is deleted.The only thing to remember: it is impossible to clean the dishes and perform better when wearing gloves.According to numerous reviews she copes with the fat on the inner walls in the microwave.For sale is a tool in the departments of household chemicals.

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Money microwave from stuffy fat - laborious activity.How to wash a microwave, quickly and inexpensively?You can use the tools that have in any home.For example, using an aqueous solution of soda, vinegar and lemon juice.

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