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Turmeric: useful properties.

Turmeric - a product overseas. this spice is obtained from the root of a plant of the same name .In India, it is popular, it is added to almost all dishes.At home turmeric believe it means preserving youth and beauty. This spice is a member of curry , and can be used in pure form.Just do not forget about its severity.If you are going to add turmeric to meals, try not to overdo it. large number of seasonings can spoil food .

can add turmeric in meat dishes and soups, light sauces, omelets, fresh salads. Seasoning gives the dish a beautiful color, promotes the release of saliva and gastric helpful .

composition of turmeric.Treatment turmeric medical

If you've never used this seasoning in cooking, or just do not like spicy food, you can keep the spice in the house for other purposes.For example, turmeric can be taken in its pure form, as a remedy .In diabetes need to eat before each meal third of a teaspoon with water.But if you want to normalize the balance and cleanse the body, drink a glass of

milk with honey and a pinch of turmeric at night.

calcium, iodine, phosphorus, vitamins B, C, K, B2, B3 - useful helpers, contained in turmeric.

turmeric has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and cholagogue action .At the use of turmeric increases the activity of the intestinal flora and digestion.

This is not the pros. Turmeric cleanses and warms the blood, strengthens the immune system, supports the body after chronic diseases, prevent diabetes mellitus, struggling with obesity m. also increases metabolism and reduces cholesterol .Drinks for weight loss based on turmeric help to gradually get rid of the extra kilos, while not causing harm to the body.On one of the wonders of the method and curcumin - a yellow colorant, which is part of turmeric.It may slow down the reproduction of HIV.

Eat and Lose Weight with turmeric

Turmeric - excellent salad dressing, excellent replacement for mayonnaise.You can reinvent your recipes and surprise family and friends.It goes well with turmeric bean dish.You can try to prepare a very beautiful and healthy dish.It takes 15 minutes.

beans with walnuts and turmeric

Walnuts must be baked on a dry baking sheet at 180 degrees for 8 minutes.A kilogram of green beans, boil in salted water for 5 minutes, until it softened.Then rinse in cold water, allow it to stand on a table - the time.

The next thing you need to do - Melt 2 tablespoons of butter with a little vegetable on high heat.Add beans, stir for about 5 minutes.Season with salt and turmeric, add a cup of walnuts, parsley and mix.

Drinks with turmeric slimming

It is an ordinary tea, black or green, choices.Just add on Kusu turmeric, ginger, lemon and cinnamon.Combine your favorite ingredients.It turned out not only delicious, but also for the benefit of the waist.Also, the product can be combined with milk or yogurt.

Try here this recipe: 100 grams of milk, 50 grams of water and turmeric.All the mix and add a spoonful of honey.This drink can be your "morning coffee" - it will help to cheer up and become leaner.

If you decide to lose weight using this spice, do not rely on it.It can be combined with loads and proper nutrition.And people with kidney disease, stomach, intestines and pregnant women receiving turmeric absolutely forbidden.

Now you know that turmeric can be added to a variety of culinary specialties.It all depends on your imagination.One thing is certain: if you want to arrange a party or east add spice familiar dishes - you know what to do!Good luck!

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