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Marjoram: useful properties and used in cooking

«Incomparable" - just as translated from the Arabic word "oregano» .Homeland of the plant - Asia Minor and the Mediterranean.We use it for treatment and as an aphrodisiac.But as a spice, he became known in Central Europe only from the XVI century.

Marjoram - versatile spice that can be added anywhere .The home cooking you can use the leaves, buds fresh, toasted and dried.Ideal for meat, soups, salads, giving them a taste of soby.Seasoning improves various meats: tomatoes, ogrurtsy, squash, zucchini.

In our country the most popular in the Caucasian kitchen marjoram, it is ideal for greasy foods, while possessing svoysvom facilitate digestion.You can also add spice to grilled pork, to ham, goose utkei.Another advantage is the combination of mayorna with vegetable dishes - beans, cabbage and potatoes, and eggplant and zucchini.Marjoram is an excellent substitute oregano.Pitstsy, spaghetti and sauce with marjoram received very fragrant. marjoram can not be abused .

If you want to engage themselves i

n gathering and drying seasoning, oregano store in a sealed package and dry in the shade only.And another useful rule of thumb: the aroma of marjoram unstable, so add to any dish it should be almost peredsamoy feed.

Use marjoram

  1. The composition of marjoram includes a large number of beneficial vitamins, micro and macro.Thus: vitamins A, B, C, E, K, folivaeya acid, cellulose, potassium Kalitsov, magnesium, sodium, fofor, iron, manganese, copper, selenium and zinc .
  2. Marjoram shown diabetes, kidney disease, liver, gall bladder, as well as people who have had a heart attack. Marjoram has softening and warming effect, adjusts the digestion and menstrual cycle.
  3. nervous disorders, colds, rheumatism and sprains - all treats marjoram.
  4. 100 grams of marjoram contains 271 kcal , which means that the oregano will not be an enemy to your waist.

Do not use large amounts of marjoram pregnant and all.Zloupotrelenie lead to headaches and deterioration of mood.

Recipes with marjoram

Spicy rice with meat balls - Iranian dish

  1. Peel and chop 2 onions rings, fry in oil until golden brown.This also add 5 cups of hot water, 3 tablespoons of crushed peas, salt and pepper.All it cook on low heat for 10 minutes.Then rinse with a glass of long rice and peas to send another 20 minutes.
  2. Then peel and chop 2 onions, add half a kilo of meat, salt and pepper to taste, then stir everything.
  3. from the finished blind by stuffing balls and place in a pot of rice on top, sprinkle with chopped herbs: parsley, mint, coriander, onion.Leave for 20 minutes.
  4. In almost finished dish pour the juice of one lime, add 3 tablespoons of sugar, oregano.Mix well, and then a few minutes.

Omelette with tuna and marjoram

simple in execution and rich in taste a dish that can be on your table an excellent breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  1. 190 g canned tuna mash with a fork.
  2. Emmental cheese in an amount of 70 g cut into small cubes.
  3. 6 egg whisk with a fork, add the tuna and cheese.Salt and pepper to taste, mix well
  4. beam chopped marjoram and add to the mixture.
  5. On melted butter pour the egg mixture and cook an omelet as usual.After that, cover the pan and simmer for another 3 minutes on low heat.After a complete roasting and frying on both sides can start your meal!

Marjoram incomparable - and this well-deserved name, you must dignify this Mediterranean guest, which gives all dishes, without exception, excellent taste, aroma and definitely a highlight.This is - again.Nutritionists say: "a handful of marjoram helps your stomach to cope with a shish kebab, pilaf and other fat content" - that's two. general, each of us will have their own "three", "four" and "five".To fall in love with marjoram do not need to apply force.You give your heart this grass as soon as you try your first meal with her "participation."Enjoy your acquaintance!

Especially for Lady S - Anna

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