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Rosemary in cooking: properties and applications

Rosemary appeared for the first time in the Mediterranean.From the Latin name of this spice can be translated as "sea dew" because its flowers grow on the shores of the seas and resemble sea spray.

Rosemary - perceptible plant.The number of signs, which are associated with rosemary, set.For example, the bride weave it into the hair and bouquets, and the couple was determined by the growth of rosemary bush fate of his family.

Everything else, this plant was used as a love - it was believed that rosemary protects against evil spirits and drives away nightmares.In 16th century England, there was a rumor that a garden full of rosemary - a sign of women in the family headship.English men rushed to destroy a good part of the garden, leaving only as much as needed for cooking.But, as a long history, it and it did not help - they will always be exactly dependent on women.

How to grow and store rosemary

best in the world is Rosemary from Provence.But in our climate can try to grow it.

  • This plant likes a warm climate , so the greenhouse - the most suitable place.They planted it in early spring cuttings in intervals of 10 centimeters.In the case of frost, the bushes need to hide non-woven fabric. Only two years later the cuttings turn into bushes.
  • Care - a regular watering, cleaning weeds, loosening soil, pest control, and in the dark - you need to highlight the plant.Repot a plant growing in a pot should be 2 times a year.
  • Tidy rosemary should be in the flowering period.Leaves are cut and dried in a ventilated room, triturated and packaged in sealed cans. If stored properly Rosemary can be kept you up to 3 years.
  • one-foot shrub of rosemary can provide you with fresh leaves year round .

The use of rosemary in cooking

This area used dried crushed rosemary leaves. perfect to spice pork, lamb, rabbit and, of course, to poultry .The last game he gives the smell.In addition, rosemary is recommended to use in making casseroles, pizza and pasta dishes, as well as all kinds of desserts.

Rosemary goes well with butter, so you can use it in with the bread, and as marinating meat.Also rosemary can dobavlyayat sauces, gravies and soups.Only here there is a small nuance: use with bay leaf rosemary is not worth , and how not to overdo it in the soup.Otherwise, the dish will get a bitter taste.

can approach to cooking with creativity and use flowers of rosemary as urasheniya different dishes .For example, in desserts and salads frektovyh flowers will look at an opportune moment.This is a very surprise and delight your guests.

Recipes with rosemary

Rosemary Honey - very useful and tasty product.It contains only advantages - one of rosemary honey from the other.So why not to use or prepare your beloved one of the most delicious treats?

Toasts with figs, rosemary and honey brie

  1. All that is needed for cooking, it is a good figs.Look for ripe and juicy fruit.Their number depends on the number of toasts, the rate - one figs on a toast.So, figs and slice open the cross, like a flower.
  2. Next on each toast figs and put a small slice of brie, or more if you like, how you feel appropriate for the composition.
  3. further watering all the beauty of honey and sprinkled with rosemary leaves.
  4. Bake toast is recommended in the oven at 220 degrees, or 10 minutes under the grill until the cheese is completely melted.Then you can treat and a feast.

Rabbit baked with rosemary

fairly simple, hearty and very tasty dish.They will be pleased -myasody men and women, dieters .

  1. Rabbit soak in water with a spoonful of vinegar to 8 hours.Then remove, dry, cut.
  2. Then fry in olive oil until golden brown rabbit.
  3. Two medium red onion and a clove of garlic cut and send to the roller for 3 minutes.
  4. Add 230 grams of olives without the liquid and cook 8 minutes.
  5. the dish, add a few sprigs of rosemary and cover with lid or folgoy.Zapekayte in the oven for 20 minutes.Bon Appetit!

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How many can make a sprig of this wonderful plant - and for tea and soup and meat.Be glad to have found such an all-powerful helper in your kitchen!

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