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How to clean the avocado?

Avocado (or "alligator pear") - exotic fruit with delicate light green flesh and tough dark green rind.Avocado is shaped like a pear, which is located inside a large round bone.It began to grow in the Aztecs 3 thousand BC.Then avocados called "auakatl", which means - "the oil of the forest."

avocado tastes like butter and has a nutty flavor.It contains a large amount of monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, D and B, potassium, phosphorus, iron and many other minerals.

How to clean the avocado?

Avocado is often used to prepare various dishes.Therefore, many housewives question arises - how to clean an avocado?

Clean any avocados?

  1. Avocados are clean, but not always .If you do not use the avocado pulp cooking, avocado can not be cleaned.In this case, it would be enough to cut the avocado into two halves, carefully remove the seeds, scrape out the flesh with a spoon and eat avocados.
  2. If you want to cook Avocado any dish, it is recommended to clean , to make it easier to use the flesh.The flesh is in this case cut into cu
    bes or strips, then added to the dish.

How to clean the avocado?

Note: peel and pit the avocado is not edible, so do not even attempt to try these components of avocado.

How to properly clean the avocado?

  • First check - Have you bought a ripe avocado.To do this, hold the fruit in your hand - it should be soft, but not too much.
  • Cut it in half with a sharp knife around the top down.Cut up until you reach the bone.
  • Divide the avocado into 2 halves, turning the halves in opposite directions.When ripe avocado, this would be easy.
  • Carefully cut the bone.

How to clean the avocado?

  • Make an incision in the skin with a knife down on one half.Pry peel avocado and slowly remove it.Do the same with the other half.
  • to the pulp is not darkened, sprinkle it with lemon juice.
  • When you clean the avocado, it can eat or cook various dishes from it.

dishes refined avocado

to diversify your life, try to cook some dish of avocado.Here are some recipes.

Sandwich with salmon and avocado

Sandwich with a salmon and avocado


  1. Wheat baguette - 2 slices of avocado
  2. - 1/3 pcs.
  3. fillet of salmon - 40 g
  4. cream cheese - 2 tbsp
  5. Lemon - 2 slices
  6. Arugula - to decorate


  • Take 2 slices of bread and spread cream cheese on it.
  • On each slice, place a few slices of salmon.
  • Peel avocado and cut it into thin slices.Avocado slices, place on top of salmon.
  • top of the avocado, place 2 slices of lemon.
  • On each slice of bread, put a little rocket.
  • Connect two slices of bread.As a result, you get a delicious sandwich with smoked salmon and avocado.

salad with avocado and salmon

Salad with avocado and salmon


  1. Avocado - 100 g
  2. tomato - 1 pc.
  3. salmon - 70 g
  4. iceberg lettuce - 50 g
  5. Shrimp - 10 pcs.
  6. Arugula - 40 g
  7. Hard cheese - 150 g
  8. olive oil - to taste
  9. Salt and pepper - to taste


  • Cut tomatoes into cubes.
  • Peel avocado and cut the flesh into cubes.
  • Finely tear lettuce.
  • Cut the salmon into small pieces.
  • Grate the cheese on a fine grater.
  • Fry the shrimp in butter until golden brown.
  • Mix all ingredients except shrimp in separate a bowl, season with olive oil, add salt and pepper.All the mix.
  • In a serving plate put salad mold and tamp it in salads.Carefully remove the mold and garnish with fried shrimp salad.
  • arugula salad and garnish with grated cheese.

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salad with avocado vegetarian

Salad with avocado vegetarian


  1. Avocado - 1 pc.
  2. Red salad onions - 1 pc.
  3. Hard cheese - 150 g
  4. tomato - 1 pc.
  5. Green salad - 1 bunch
  6. Vegetable oil - for refueling
  7. Salt - to taste
  8. Lemon juice - for refueling


  • Peel avocado and cut the flesh into cubes.Drizzle the avocado flesh with lemon juice.
  • Clean red onion and finely chop it.
  • grate cheese.
  • dice the tomato.
  • Tear lettuce.
  • Combine all ingredients in a salad bowl, season with vegetable oil and salt.

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With regular use of avocado in food significantly lowers blood cholesterol, it has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and improves memory.This fruit produces collagen in the skin, which prevents the appearance of wrinkles.It remains only to learn how to properly clean avocado!

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