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Teriyaki sauce: recipe

Sauce Teriyaki with an interesting name used in Japan, where he was born, for the preparation of meat and fish dishes.It is perfect for chicken and pork.

Today, it can be purchased off the shelf at most major stores.But better to try to cook teriyaki sauce yourself , especially since he was not extremely difficult preparation.And it's precisely because you're confident in the quality of the product.

teriyaki sauce

Teriyaki sauce: recipe

To prepare classic teriyaki sauce , need rice wine mirin, soy, sugar and spices.Its very name is translated from the Japanese as a combination of two words "losses" and "yaki": sparkle and fried.In ancient times it was obtained when the fish are prepared on the grill.But now is a dish made from chicken, pork juice and juice even seafood.

sauce has a long history, which is why today there are so many recipes for its preparation.So much recognition iizvestnost exotic Teriyaki won thanks to excellent flavor, versatility and excellent taste.It goes well with vegetable, fish and meat di

shes.Such dishes by dressing Teriyaki acquire extraordinary flavor and taste.In addition, it is perfect for dishes that are prepared on the grill or open fire, as a marinade.He will be an excellent component in other Asian or salad dressings.

teriyaki sauce: composition

As part of this product, please see the following ingredients: rice wine mirin, sugar cane, soy sauce, sake and vodka.It consists of only 4 ingredients, which explains the ease and speed of preparation.

unchanged teriyaki sauce ingredients in any recipe are sugar, rice wine, sweet mirin and soy sauce. To prepare it, it is best to use cane sugar.Soy sauce and rice wine mixed, bring to a boil.Then add the sugar, and everything is cooked for 1 hour. Simmered.

Energy value of 100 ml of the product is 89 kcal , so it will not affect the figure.If we consider its composition substances, the proteins it contains 5.93 g (24 calories), fat - 0,02 g, and carbohydrates - 15.56 grams (62 calories).

Teriyaki Sauce: Recipes

teriyaki sauce at home

Teriyaki sauce at home


  1. crude brown sugar - Article 0.5.l.
  2. Soy sauce - 50 ml
  3. Sake - 50 ml
  4. Mirin Sweet rice wine - 50 ml


  • Take a small saucepan and add up to all of the ingredients.All stir and bring to a boil over moderate heat.Stir the mixture until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  • Boil the resulting mixture until its volume is reduced by half.Teriyaki is ready when it reaches a thick consistency.
  • When it has cooled, pour into a glass container, cover and store in the refrigerator.
  • Brown sugar for the preparation of this dish can replace the usual, but it will need to take 2 p.less.

How to make teriyaki sauce with ginger?

basis teriyaki sauce is a sweet rice wine, giving it a distinctive strong flavor.It turns out the wine by mixing yeast rice, Japanese gin and parboiled rice.But today, you can simply replace it with sake and sugar mixed in a ratio of 3 to 1, or even dessert wine.Cooking his best on a large frying pan with a thin bottom.

How to make teriyaki sauce with ginger?


  1. ground ginger - Article 0.5.l.
  2. soy sauce - 3 tablespoons.l.
  3. sugar - 1 tbsp.l.
  4. Rice Wine "Mirin" - 3 tbsp.l.


  • Mix all ingredients, put them in a saucepan.Then heat it over low heat until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  • Ready sauce just keep in the refrigerator in a glass container.
  • use its best just as it does not contain preservatives and eventually loses consumer and flavor characteristics.

classic recipe for teriyaki sauce

cooking this recipe, you can advance, but to preserve the beneficial properties of the dressing, it is best to keep it in the refrigerator.Use this classic dressing Teriyaki for cooking fish, chicken and pork.

The classic recipe for teriyaki sauce


  1. Sake - 75 ml
  2. Soy sauce - 75 ml
  3. Rice wine mirin - 75 ml
  4. brown sugar - ¾ Art.l.
  5. or simple sugar - ½ st.l.


  • The small size saucepan pour the soy sauce, wine and sake.Stir and bring them to a boil.Then Stir in sugar to simmer and dissolve, stirring until it is completely dissolved.
  • Keep it on low heat until it is reduced in volume to 2 p.The consistency of the finished teriyaki sauce should be like a syrup.
  • Once it is ready, remove it from the heat and use for cooking.
  • If you plan to use this gas station not immediately, then when it cools, pour it into a glass bowl, cover and store in the refrigerator.

Classic teriyaki sauce is used for the preparation of meat, vegetable and fish dishes .Experts recommend it be used immediately after preparation.But if you cook this dish at home, then you can store it in a glass bottle in the refrigerator, without worrying that they will lose their wonderful flavor and aroma.

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Besides prepare it will not be difficult, since even such exotic ingredients like rice wine mirin, sake and can be replaced with sugar.And too much time and effort to prepare the sauce Teriyaki You do not need to.