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How to paint eggs for Easter?

tradition of dyeing eggs for Easter is much more ancient roots than the Orthodox holiday.The first clay-colored eggs Easter egg found by archaeologists date back to the XIII-XII century.BC.For ancient people who met in the spring of the new year, the egg has been for centuries a symbol of renewal, rebirth of life.

history of Easter eggs

custom paint eggs came to us from pagan times.Easters were in the days of the spring festival, when people praised the sun as a symbol of the awakening of a new life after a long winter.In honor of the Sun God - Yarilo paint eggs was taken in "fierce" color, but over time the tradition has changed.Our ancestors believed in the magical properties of dyed eggs, people thought that with the help of an egg can settle the affairs of the heart, to extinguish the fire and find the missing cow in the forest.

How to paint eggs for Easter?

favorite Easter fun at many people is riding the Easter eggs.It begins on the first day of Passover, after dinner, and often lasts the entire Easter week.Just rolle

d eggs with some hillocks or do for that special trays.When rolling the egg hits the egg, lying on the ground, the player picks up the egg itself.These fun sometimes turn into real events that attract a lot of people.

Terms painting eggs

Today we know a lot of techniques of painting Easter eggs, many home recipes .Dyeing eggs - one of the most enduring traditions, even in Soviet times, when religious festivals were banned, people continued to paint eggs.

All culinary preparation must begin on Maundy Thursday, in advance therefore accumulate onion peel, buy 2-3 dozen eggs.The most simple, useful and very beautiful method of painting eggs.

Before starting to paint eggs, remember the important rules:

  • Before placing the eggs in hot water, soak them in warm water, so they do not burst
  • if the egg before cooking to wash with soap and water, the paint will form a better
  • cooled egg for shine rubbed with oil

paint eggs in onion skins

How to paint eggs for Easter?

Fill pan onion peel, cover with water and boil.Since the infusion should give bright color, let it brew for a few hours, you can cook it at night.The infusion is ready to lay eggs, washed in soapy water, cook them for 20-25 minutes.For good staining is necessary to take the white egg.Allow to cool in onion skins, then the color will be richer.The shade depends on the concentration of onion peel: the more it is, the brighter the color.When the eggs have cooled, brush with oil cloth and rub the eggs until light.The broth of onion peel can be used several times, with each new painting eggs are pale.

Marble eggs

Marble eggs prepared as in onion skins.Just before putting in infusion, each egg to bind the leaves of parsley, dill, onion skin with a cotton cloth or leaves can be secured with tape.

Paint eggs for Easter

eggs flecked

specks on eggs made from rice or wheat.Dip the egg into the water, then dip them in the rump.Carefully wrap the egg with grains in cheesecloth and tie well.Boil eggs in onion skins need 15-25 minutes.

Eggs in striped

Net egg wrapped with colorful threads or elastic bands stationery in different directions.Boil the eggs necessary in salted water for 15-20 minutes with soda.When the eggs have cooled, carefully cut the thread.You can also primatyvat different shapes of patches (hearts, stars, bows).

Paint eggs for Easter

If you love brightly colored eggs, then use food coloring, but remember that the use of the dye is much smaller eggs are stored worse, and often get dirty on the fingers.And on the eggs in onion skins are no allergies, so there can be as you want.

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