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Carving in cooking

Carving translated to English means "carving", "carvings" or simply "cut."Cutting is wood and stone.Also on ice and bone.In principle, the thread can be of any relatively rigid material.It is used in carving and the art of hairdressing.There's this term refers to the long-term perm with a special gentle composition.

But we women will be interested to learn about carving in cooking.This carving fruits and vegetables, on chocolate, cheese and other goodies.

By arving kitchen

Carving in cooking

Carving in cooking

This technique has long been used by professionals.Very common in carving decoration restaurant meals.

Now allocate carving Europe and Asia.They are different materials.

European-carving use radish, radishes, beets, pumpkin, carrots, zucchini, peppers, eggplant, cucumber, onions and so on.In the Asian - watermelon, melon, papaya, taro root and other goodies.

Of course, the master carving care only about making their products have made an impression, shocked, surprised us.The culinary carving them do not care about the ta

ste of the products.

We need you, first of all, remember that to decorate our festive table, do not need any dishes.The beauty can be created from all the well-known products, they can also eat in the future.

Home carving

Carving in cooking

Carving in cooking

There are various benefits of carving art, including cooking.But it is important to find out which is where simple and affordable set out decoration and decoration of dishes using this technique.Not so hard to learn this art and their own, including one's imagination and reading the elementary basics of carving.

most simple examples of carving - this orange peel in a cup for dessert or salad, "boat" -salatnitsy papaya (fruit cut lengthwise and cut the flesh).Also, it is easy to make salad and pineapple.Its cut, remove the pulp, and leaves are left as decorations.

very pleased with elaborately carved fruits and vegetables children.Carving zastvait can eat your naughty child.Make carrot beautiful lily or bumps, and Peking cabbage - chrysanthemum.

But that's not all you can do, using the technique of carving fruits and vegetables. Include your imagination and your table will be beautiful not only on holidays, but also in everyday life.

Tools for carving

Carving in cooking

Carving in cooking

course, beautifully cut with an ordinary kitchen knife, you see, is not easy.Therefore, for carving, there are various cutting tools.They can be purchased at specialty stores.

  • to start buy small Thai knife, it is very convenient for carving because of the narrow short blade.This is the most important tool.
  • then buy a short crescent knife.It is necessary for the implementation of large parts.
  • there is certainly a long knife in your kitchen.It is required for a variety of jobs.
  • Oval knives used for cutting leaves and perform circular cuts.
  • Bilateral spoon-nuazetka with sharp edges used for cutting different sizes of balls and hemispheres, for excavation of large fruit pulp.
  • also be useful to you and small scissors.

Carving in cooking

Carving in cooking

You can certainly buy a special set for carving.But often not all of the tools you can use, and not the fact that you will get a quality set.Be sure to check ostrost items from the set.

For home carving well suited knives, home-made and sharpened.

can be used and surgical instruments (eg, scalpels), made from a well-sharpened steel.

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You know what carving, learned how to use it in cooking, what tools you need.Now a bit of inspiration and your desire for fun and exquisitely decorate the dish turned into a delicious work of art.