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How to clean pineapple?

Pineapple - delicious and exotic fruit, which has a mass of useful properties.In recent years it often buy on the holiday table, and it is a common ingredient in many dishes and salads.

Pineapple is rich in bromelain - an enzyme that breaks down proteins and increases metabolism.That is why pineapple is often used women struggling with overweight.But nutritionists do not recommend to abuse pineapple diet, as there is a risk to earn a stomach ulcer and other unpleasant diseases of the esophagus.The fact that in pineapple contains a large amount of acid that adversely affects the intestinal mucosa.

How to clean pineapple?

There are several ways to clean pineapple .All methods are similar to each other, but have differences.

How to choose a pineapple?

Choice pineapple can play a big role in shaping the meals and festive table.Also right choice pineapple can greatly facilitate the process of purification.

Choose ripe pineapples need to ensure a sweet taste and pleasant aroma of the fruit.Ripe pineapple can be dete

rmined by the top of the fetus: ripe pineapple leaves can be easily removed.If the fruit of brown spines stick out - it also defines the maturity of pineapple.

How to clean pineapple?

from very ripe pineapple smells, the smell reminds ripe Uzbek melon.The color does not play a significant role in the selection of ripe fruit, since it can maintain a green color even in mature form.

How to clean pineapple?

With a sharp knife, cut the leaves from the pineapple with the top part - about 1 cm thick. The cut should try to do as much as possible smooth.

How to clean pineapple right?

Cut off the bottom of the pineapple is similar to how you cut off the top of a pineapple.The thickness of the cut should be about 1 cm. Peel the flesh too hard, so do not feel sorry for and dispose of it.

So, cut the tops of the two, you get something like a cylinder that can own, without anyone's help to stand on a cutting board, which greatly simplifies the process of cleaning the pineapple.

Place pineapple on one of the cut pieces and cut the peel.The rind is cut vertically striped.Remember, the skin is thinner strips are, the more flesh on the fruit you save.

How to peel a pineapple?

When you clean the pineapple from the skin, you will be one flesh pineapple, but it, just like there are eyes on potatoes that taste tough and bitter.Eyes on the pineapple cut in the same way as on the potatoes.For convenience, use a knife to clean potatoes.

You almost cleared the pineapple, but there remained one more part to be removed - it core.The core can be removed in several ways - it depends on how you will look after pineapple.

How to clean pineapple - cored

If you try, you can cut straight into the heart of the cylinder, then cut the pineapple rings.You can chop the flesh of the pineapple rings, then remove the core from the rings.In the end, it turns out the same pineapple rings.

Cut the pineapple in half and cut out the core of each half of the fruit.As a result, you get the two halves of pineapple, which can be cut into half rings or cubes - as you wish.

How to clean pineapple knife?

Either cut the pineapple vertically into four parts.This is the easiest option , as in this case, the core is cut in one motion of the knife strip, and you do not have prodelyvat extra effort.This method is also useful if you need small pieces of pineapple.

How to clean pineapple special knife?

There is a special knife, which can be effortlessly clean pineapple.To make the pineapple rings, you can simply cut off the top of the fruit.The knife is screwed into the pineapple cutting pineapple circles, eliminating them from the core.As a result, you get the same cut pineapple rings, which can bring to the table as received or cut them as you like.

How to submit a pineapple?

order not to be trapped in front of guests, you need to learn how to submit a pineapple.Think about how you prefer - cut the pineapple on a large or small pieces, as well as what and how to file a pineapple to decorate.

How to clean pineapple at home?

Small pieces of pineapple is well suited for salads or pizza.Pineapple rings can be decorated with roasted meat.Pineapple rings can be served with ice cream, whipped cream and hot chocolate.Thus, you get a delicious dessert.Fresh pineapple, you can decorate a cake or put it as decoration in the middle of the table, together with other fruits.Semirings can be positioned on the edge of a dish.

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Knowing how to properly clean the pineapple, you can surprise your loved ones with fresh dishes , without spending money on canned fruit.Fresh pineapple canned useful, so it's best to learn how to clean it, rather than receive less vitamins.

With imagination you can decorate with pineapple festive table made from the fruit of beautiful figure!

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