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We prepare the menu for the holiday

As practice shows, drawing up menus for many the holiday is difficult.On the one hand, I want to demonstrate a rich and delicious meals, and on the other - there is always a financial constraint.Is it possible to find a "middle ground" and create the perfect menu for the holiday?Yes, when you consider some "nuances"!

We prepare the menu for the holiday

Long-term practice of drawing up the holidays for all occasions helped identify the basic rules of drawing up the menu:

1. is necessary to know the number of guests .Do not waste time on cooking 30 meals, if they come to visit only two?Therefore, the amount of food should be commensurate with the number of invited guests.

2. on the table must be a sufficient number of both vegetable and meat dishes .The exception to the rule occurs when the family are all adhere to the post, they are vegetarians or addicted to raw food diet.If only one or two invited adhere unconventional nutrition, enough for them to cook a couple of dishes.The same scripture mentioned that if a Christian at a par

ty refuses to eat the food the owners, it thus puts himself above them.This is akin to pride.Therefore, it allowed little "sinful" foods, but with pure thoughts and the absence of other edible dishes.In the long run, because they can bring a dish and homemade!In my practice was a case of a wedding, except when all the vegetable dishes were cutting meat.The bride decided not to include in the menu too "corny" salads of cabbage and carrots.And guests could not eat normally, because really wanted to "dilute" the fat vegetables that almost was not.Therefore, do not neglect even the usual salad on vegetable oil or sour cream.

3. novelty in conjunction with familiar recipes. Usually, one or two new salad can make a revival among old friends.But do not forget that before the usual dishes, too, delight guests.Therefore it is better to leave what is familiar and loved by all, and it has added to the novelty.In this case, when suddenly a novelty for some reason do not appreciate, guest will be able to assess the level of preparation of salads acquaintances.

4. combination of puff and freshly prepared salads .As a rule, a few hours before the arrival of guests begins the peak activity of the hostess.It is necessary to have time to make up, set the table, cook hot meals, chop the greens, which may eventually lose its appearance.Most of the mass of cases may be somewhat reduced if the menu will be enough dishes that can be prepared in advance.For example, jelly, carrots in Korean, pickles are prepared the day before.Cutlets and meatballs is usually good as warm and hot.But the sandwiches are better prepared practically before serving.

5. replacement ingredients .With a limited budget you can cook lot of delicious dishes.For example, cabbage rolls experienced housewives add a little more rice and spices, to preserve their meat taste.The burgers are added to the volume of the bread, and for juiciness - onions, and even zucchini.If the recipe is "lime", it boldly replaced lemon.Take a closer look at selected recipes: whether they can be a little "modified" to please visitors new sound?Just be careful because not all products are combined with each other!

Remember the expression "the rich, and so happy?"Do not intermeddle in debt, just to set the table richer and more interesting.If to be smart and organize competitions, even the blunders in cooking lose their power to laugh guests.So be creative and all you get!

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