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February 23 - a festive table.

long known phrase: the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.If you do not already know, you have a chance to see this.Soon after February 23!Make holiday dinner, do not be lazy to cook delicious dishes, cover with a beautiful table and treat the most beloved.I tried to pick up a menu that both men were well fed and you, dear mistress, not too tired.

Salad "freshness»

Salad get quick, easy and palatable.It is somewhat similar to native Olivier and at the same time has a light taste.Very suitable for a snack.

Salad "freshness"

ham cut into strips (300g), a fresh cucumber and an apple cut into as well.Adding to the bank green pea, can still be 2-3 boiled eggs.I love to add more pepper, but I know that many men do not like him.Mix all ingredients, dressed with mayonnaise.Now lay the salad in a beautiful ice-cream bowls, glasses can be used widely.On top decorate with oranges and greens.Oranges can be cut into strips and put in the form of flowers, the sun, and you can scatter dice.

Fettuccine with chick
en and mushrooms

Fettuccine with chicken and mushrooms

Pasta nautically already tired to cook, and taste, to be honest, they have everyday.And we'll prepare a gourmet meal.

main rule - fettuccini must be submitted exclusively hot, so you need to prepare immediately before the meal.Buy 400-500 grams of noodles (you can still call the flat spaghetti), 300 g chicken breast, 150 grams of mushrooms, cheese "Parmesan" (100 g) and 200 ml cream.

Mushrooms need to wash, cut plates and fry in vegetable oil on both sides.Fungi decompose in a skillet over medium heat and keep until golden brown.It is important that they are not much fried and burnt, so stay tuned for cooking.Remove the mushrooms on a plate.Now fry the diced chicken until cooked.Chicken fried quickly, about 15 minutes.Then salt, pepper the meat and pour the cream, add the mushrooms.Grate cheese and add to the same place all the stew to medium density.Some cheese can be added on top of the already finished dish.Now cook the pasta in salted water, they should not be too soft, Tilt them in a colander and give to drain.

Portions spread on a large flat dish in the form of nest: pasta sprinkled with olive oil to separate them, but you can and cream, and put into the nest chicken with mushrooms.Sprinkle with cheese and decorate with greenery.Conveniently eat fettuccine, when you in the right hand fork and spoon on the left: Screw pasta on a fork and stick to a spoon.

Fruit cake

Fruit Cake

cake gets a big, sweet, and I, how many years preparing it for the holidays, have not met those he did not like.I usually buy a package of ready cakes (there are three cakes), light or dark, it's a matter of taste.One jar of boiled condensed milk, 250 ml is not too thick cream.Sour cream dilutes cloying cakes.And yet somehow, instead of cream I added a cup of yogurt, a very unusual fruity taste.Therefore I propose to use yogurt in combination with fruit (pineapple decorate if - pineapple yogurt if cherries - cherry yogurt, the point is made).

When you have decided on a cream, start to cook it.Condensed milk, a glass of pineapple yogurt, beat with a mixer, add a dessert spoon of lemon peel.And a good start promazyvat cakes.Cream between layers put a little more, it is very rapidly absorbed, otherwise the cake will dryish.First place cake on a platter, promazhte cream, then cover the second Korzh, his smear cream on top and put a shabby banana, and put the last cake.And we have a little coat with cream and decorate the top with canned pineapple, kiwi and oranges.The cake was covered and put in the refrigerator, it should soak 3-4 hours.But you can certainly eat at once.

And to really surprise the men take the time table setting.Put beautiful dishes on the table, buy a fancy napkins.If you are alone, light the candles.Lovely woman, wrapped in care and love your man, make it a festive mood.Let him feel the comfort of home.