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Wedding decorations with their own hands.

Preparing for a wedding takes a lot of time and effort, besides the services of wedding designers are very expensive.Many of the stages of preparation, you can perform yourself and thus save money.For example, the decoration of the hall, a table and a wedding car to make your own fun, it does not necessarily refer to specialists.

Decoration wedding table with his hands: description

order for guests to easily find their seats at the tables are numbered or write their name on a small card and hang the list in front of the festive hall.Cards can be made of cardboard or the like. Durable material and decorate them as you want.These cards can be put on each place of the table or attached to the glasses and napkins.

Wedding decorations with their own hands

Wedding table at which sit the bride and groom decided to draw flowers or cloth.Beautifully will look for a table skirt made of thin translucent fabrics such as tulle.The material is bought according to the design and style of the room, which is decorated wedding.But the principle is the sa

me, and manufacturing decorations simple.In order to decorate the wedding table you need:

  1. few meters thin transparent tissue.Suitable fine mesh, tulle and tulle.Several hundred
  2. safety pins for sewing.
  3. scissors cloth.
  4. wide ribbon, which will hold the pieces of fabric.

All fabric should be cut into equal strips of 10 cm in width.The length of the strips of fabric exceed the length of the table legs 2 times.Take a wide ribbon and tie it to the start of the strip material.At the same time, make sure that they were all the same length.After a few hours you get a long strip of lush fringe of thin fabric.Tie it to the edges of the table and attach the cloth using pins.

wedding jewelry for the bride: a master class

Wedding decorations with their own hands

Some accessories female wedding dress is also easy to make your own hands.For example, hair ornaments or garter.Original and beautiful jewelry for feather hairstyle can make every girl, even without the skills of sewing and making jewelry.To do this you will need:

  1. large and thin white feathers Beautiful
  2. button, Rivoli or crystal in the frame, the shape does not matter
  3. dense fabric, is best suited for this purpose, a piece of felt
  4. scissors, needle and glue
  5. threads the color of the feathers and tissues
  6. Foam or foam
  7. 1 hairpin invisible

of felt or the like. thick fabric cut circle, foam rubber or foam to attach it to the convenience of using a safety pin.Feathers trim the bottom, you have to stay smooth and straight hair.Blanks should be given a shape of a triangle with rounded corners.Prepared feathers stick to the base fabric, and feathers are thin.As a result, you get a decoration in the form of a flower.In the middle of the button or place the crystal.For tog to hairpin fastened in the hair, sewn to the wrong side of the invisible.

Decoration wedding champagne: examples

Wedding decorations with their own hands

There are a lot of design options celebratory bottles of champagne.Consider the two most common.Classic design with beads, ribbons and flowers.You will need these materials:

  1. 2 bottles of champagne
  2. spray paint white
  3. Contour paint for glass white shade
  4. Clay Crystal moment or super time
  5. White beads of different sizes
  6. Flowers small size of the tapes, plastic, orpolymer clay.

It is important to completely remove the labels from the bottles of champagne and traces of glue.The foil from the neck should also remove the lid and wire should remain intact.Do not leave bottles, even small pieces of paper.Because of them, the paint will not even go to bed, and the cover will turn ugly.

Then apply the spray paint on the glass.It is best to make 2-3 layers.At the same time interval between each layer should be a few hours.

At that time, when the paint is dry, do some preparation so. Decoration.Spread on a napkin beads and flowers.Make of them figure in the shape of half a heart.

When the bottle dry, draw on each of them a pencil poluserdtse the same size as you made of beads.

now need to move very carefully half of the heart with a napkin on the bottle.You will need a small pair of tweezers and glue.Start the lowest part of the decor.

will suffer when the whole element will need to fill in the blanks using the white contour.You can draw a beautiful and elegant patterns, and others. Elements as desired.

As a result, you should get two bottles of champagne for each of them half of the heart, on the table they will stand together and form a whole heart.

Wedding decorations with their own hands

originality and creativity look champagne bottles, decorated as a bride and groom.Make it yourself easy.You will need these materials:

  1. few meters of white satin ribbon width of 1-1.5 cm.
  2. translucent fabric, organza or tulle
  3. Bow
  4. beads, beads, sequins and others. Decorations for the bride to your taste
  5. black satin ribbon 1-2 cm wide
  6. 4 black buttons.

Start with the decor of the bottle-bride.Take the champagne with a white foil on the neck.It is necessary to perform a dress made of satin ribbons.To do this, apply it to the area where the neck passes in the extended part of the bottle and twist around her braid.Stitches do pretty small to bottle decoration looked pale and elegant.Weave to finish when you get to the very bottom edge of the tape secure with tape.

To make use tulle skirt pomp or organza.Suit and lace.Cut a piece of fabric 30 cm long. One of the edges of the string on the thread, and then pull off and attach it to a bottle of glue.Should get a uniform assembly of the dress.Decorate dress with beads and flowers of your choice.On the neck of the bride can wear a necklace of pearl beads and others. Decoration.A piece of tulle fabric assembled to secure the thread at the top of the bottle and decorate with beads.Turn veil.

Suit groom is on the same principle.Begin to fix pigtail white ribbon.Take a few stitches and go to black.White will simulate a shirt and a black jacket.Left on the jacket can be fixed boutonniere made of small flowers.On neck wear black butterfly from the same satin ribbon.At the top of the bottle tighten homemade hat cylinder.It is also fast and easy.Make the foundation of cardboard and attach to it a black satin ribbon.The base of the hat can be beautifully decorated a white ribbon.

Wedding decorations with their own hands

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As you can see to make accessories for weddings and you can own.The main thing to choose items that will integrate harmoniously with the style of celebration, to find the right combination of colors.In any case, little things made with their own hands will give a touch of holiday warmth and comfort of family.

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