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Updates about the relationship.

What is the easiest to express their thoughts on the page in any of the social networks?Of course, inventing or finding interesting status that best reflects the inner state.Very often such a need arises from the overflowing emotions, donated by another person.

Updates about relationships: friendships, romance, family

The main difficulty in the selection of the desired status - the usual limit on the number of characters for the text that can be inserted into the line.Each social network has its own requirements: somewhere it should be a very short phrase, and in some cases its length is proportional to that allowed for the tweeter.And not always as briefly and concisely compose his thoughts.Why and had to resort to a search site and ready collections.

Updates about the relationship.

For this reason, first I would like to offer a selection of life-affirming status of the relations of friendship, family and romantic, allowing all to express succinctly and clearly, but to fully share with others the whole spectrum of emotions.

  • «Parents are not always pleased with their decisions.But always remain parents »
  • « If you want peace and quiet in the house - it is necessary to carry out wi-fi, and give each computer »
  • « In an ideal family given the role of a beautiful mother and the role of an intelligent and hard-working - Pope »
  • «Not doomed to loneliness - betrothed »
  • « The only obstacle friendship - not the distance and lack of confidence.The rest of her on the shoulder »
  • « The ability to speak without thinking, appears only in the circle of close »
  • « On the other side of marriage - the war in the daylight and in the night the truce »

Someone may think - why botherpublish this post?However, the role of the status of the social network is undervalued.This is not only a way to draw attention to themselves, but also the opportunity to organize a meeting, find a friend and just to share with others their emotions, which are not always negative.A portion of the warm words from another person, even if it is not addressed to a particular person, often a smile.Alien charge of energy at the right moment can work wonders.

former Pro: Updates for social networking

former young people, relations with which for some reason was given crack, often deserve special mention in status, admonishes them for a long journey, without entitlement to a refund.You can also mention the reason for the gap, but do it gently.And poignantly.

  • «in divorce and separation to a man leave his only legitimate horns»
  • «Some men conjugal duty is performed only in relation to their wives brain»
  • «If there were human trafficking, you would not have bought for a pittance»
  • «21st century: on clothes fell in love, the mind went»
  • «Men's logic - UFOs are not only flies»
  • «The logic of today: break up with a man - a fool, the man threw a woman - a handsome man!»
  • «Wewas a fairy tale for adults: with the transformation from a boy to a girl.And for same-sex love in other cash »
  • « See the man is necessary, as in advertising: to filter out 90% of his words »

Updates about the relationship.

  • « Of all kinds of extreme sports, he chose a betrayal.The world of his memory »
  • « Loneliness nicer than a fake "only" one who has your name does not remember »
  • « It is easier to change a man, than to change a man »
  • « Love has proved to be ungrateful and Prince - those disguised horse "

Any allegory and comparison in these statuses are best.And with a lack of imagination and literary gift you can always use someone else's operating time.On the men spoke a lot of great women: only one Faina Ranevskaya said about the advantages of solitude so that this will not add anything.

Updates about betrayal: examples

Negative emotions, too, is to throw out.A knife in the back of a loved one - the most unpleasant event.About this talk openly do not want to, but can not always be silent.Therefore it is necessary to choose the most discreet, not flashy status approval.

  • «Women's forgiveness - just invented sophisticated revenge»
  • «Branching horns husband depends on the size advantages lover»
  • «noodles from the ears removed, tested for edible and ejected.Pink glass replaced on Black »
  • « Thank you friend for getting rid of the goat her grasping handles »
  • « Any betrayal worthy arguments he could not resist, I could not resist »
  • « glued pieces of the original beauty will not return »
  • « Understand.Forgive.Avenge »
  • « Physical shot terrible - moral treason kill overnight »
  • « From faithful devotion to the letter of 1 and 1 backstab »
  • « Trust - a sheet of paper, crumpled it treachery and no longer looks the same »
  • "Sincerity - too expensive quality, so they had everything.Loyalty - priceless »

Friends necessarily react to such a status, extending a helping hand.And someone might think about the complexity of human relationships and fall "tares" among the pure grain.

funny statuses about relationships: of friendship and love

Updates about the relationship.

about loved ones can talk and, of course, necessary.And to do so is not only serious, but with a share of jokes.Only highlighting their typical bright or hand, it is desirable not to get involved, from friendly to offensive jokes - not so far.

  • «Friends can forgive everything, except the attempt on chocolate»
  • «The ideal female talent interpreter - for a drunken husband and newborn baby»
  • «Right Hitch" - his wife, decided to learn driving »
  • « Of all the means tocleaning utensils bidding woman »
  • « Films about love starring in another reality: there is his wife's male booze react differently »
  • « cockroaches time to learn from my husband: I go to the kitchen, I press the switch, the husband begins to nervously run »
  • "My husband - the same coat: beautiful, but the sea is clearly superfluous»
  • «My wife rolls, banks and hysteria, the husband takes out the garbage and the brain»
  • «fell in love.I sit and wait - in a few minutes should be let go »

Where else to find a nice, interesting status of the relationship with the sense that will please friends and acquaintances?In fact, many of their sources.Women can turn its attention to a number of which have already become a new classic movies that are easily broken down into the quote.How many witty or romantic heroes uttered series "Sex and the City" and "Gossip Girl"!For a number of phrases from the book "Gone with the Wind" and "Pride and Prejudice" is possible to choose from!

caustic art lovers, but profound sayings recommended to familiarize with the work of Max Frei.Such quotes for someone become simple excerpts from books or films, and allow knowledgeable person as accurately express all my thoughts.So often in preference over conventional online collections.

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choosing his page about the status of the relationship, or any other. Orientation, remember that no matter how strong negative emotions overwhelm you,not worth it to switch to a specific individual.Virtual space also implies certain rules of etiquette and morality, which is not necessary to cross.