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Calico Wedding: How many years?

Wedding Anniversary for many couples - a significant event, somehow requires a small family celebration.Almost every choice there is a certain name that is clear and not everyone is familiar.For example, calico wedding.How long is it measures the marriage?According to her, that she give?

Calico Wedding: How many years?

Calico Wedding: Congratulations to young

The original question tormenting friends and relatives of the new family: calico wedding - this is how many years?In contrast to the others. Dates, to measure the duration of marriage for decades, calico wedding abroad puts in 1 year after registration.Life at this moment is considered still young, but has already started to suffer the joys and pechalisovmestnoy life.Perhaps this period has already remembered by pregnancy or childbirth.In any case, the year has been interesting for the young, and it's time to remember the day that started it all.

However, the cotton in a big way to celebrate a wedding is not accepted: not so round and weighing date to arrange a resound

ing triumph.Most often, the first anniversary of the husband and wife goes home for a romantic dinner, or even without any preparation.However, each of them will be pleased to receive congratulations from each other and from loved ones.

Basically, the texts of congratulations saying that in front of the young family a lot of new frontiers, but behind him were passed with flying colors the first test.Although the castle alliance is not too high, and therefore like calico, over time it will not destroy any external factors.After all, following the same course that now, once the couple on the right and a golden wedding.

Calico Wedding: How many years?

Calico wedding: what to give and how to celebrate?

elaborate preparations such anniversary does not require: often, it is held in celebration of the circle of close friends, even if ordered in a restaurant hall.In comparison with the very day of the wedding, the wedding takes place calico more modest, but it does not mean that you can forget about it.This period is marked by the preservation of the brightness of feelings, but their lack of strength, a symbol of his reason and selected cuts of calico fabric: colorful, thin and light.

old tradition on a day decided to present young family chintz, which will subsequently become diapers for the newborn.The relevance of such a gift is in doubt today, as some couples baby may appear long before the anniversary, and some - much later.Therefore, the more usual gifts from friends and relatives are the product of fine natural fabrics - cotton, linen, chintz and muslin, which are used as towels, bed linen, tablecloths, curtains, etc.

More sophisticated and expensive gifts are permissible only in the case when the couple decide to spend the holiday not in the tradition, and moving away from the usual schemes.With parents often daryatsya wardrobe items calico: light bride and shirt or pants - the groom.

Calico Wedding: How many years?

Held calico wedding often in a country house: it is considered as close to the traditions of the goal.If you selected a restaurant for rent, it is desirable to choose the easier option.Often, this scenario is similar to the anniversary of what constitutes marriage for himself, but on a smaller scale: the couple did not wear formal suits - they are replaced almost everyday outfits.For the bride dress is rather short of genuine open weave may - monochromatic;for the groom - trousers and a shirt with short sleeves.Bouquet of fresh flowers is transformed into a paper or scented lilies and roses are replaced by delicate forget-me.

necessarily in the day the first anniversary of the white tablecloth on a table decorated with a bright pattern and flowers in vases.The original course will be decorating the tablecloth on the longitudinal center line of buttons, each of which the husband and wife to each other addresses compliments, suggestions or just warm words.

Since a large feast is undesirable, should take care of simple snacks and sweets for tea: they can cook together and make some of them with a surprise - to put peanuts, coins, raisins or candied.Or even think about Japanese tradition and bake cookies, envelopes with predictions, but nested inside pieces of paper to put short greetings and wishes, and do culinary delights wrapped in calico bags or tie ribbons.It can take an idea and present the newlyweds.

on a cotton wedding gift: the original and just

Calico Wedding: How many years?

If you want to, even at such small in comparison with the other presented to the anniversary of marriage gift to remember, you can dream a little and, without departing from tradition, make it more interestingthe product, rather than a simple cotton cloth or napkin.For example, to sew a pillow-dumochki: they are more decorative function, but embody a lot of warm feelings.To draw an association with a young family and a certain date, they should take the form of hearts or lips, but as a facing material to take colorful and monochromatic, but the bright chintz.In addition, they can be embroidered numbers corresponding to the date wedding or the names of the newlyweds.Also on the fabric can be printed any funny or important for young ice, their photos, etc.However, it is important to think about how to fit such an element in the interior.

fun gifts on the part of the young husband to his wife (or vice versa) can become a "kitchen set" from the apron, scarves and rolling pin or bucket.Only such a gift must be present with a positive emotion and playful greetings, so it does not look like an attempt to identify woman's (or man's) place.Or, dare to make such a gift to someone of the guests: then it will be interesting to look a couple of aprons, interconnected community of finishes.

Category homewear newlywed gift to each other can be a bathrobe and slippers, or even a large T-shirt with the image of the satellite (-tsy) life.Originally, you can teach even the usual towels and napkins, for example, twist rolls, create vertically, tie a ribbon and place on a broad plate, making the room as a wedding cake.

Calico Wedding: How many years?

calico wedding have previously experienced an interesting ritual that can also encompass small gift bridal each other.This tying knots on headscarves, which are subsequently exchanged between husband and wife: such action symbolized the confirmation of data a year ago, oaths and the willingness to keep their feelings and loyalty further.Shawls used here could sew and decorate embroidered woman, so that it became her present husband.Its value is not in the object, or its value, and the emotions and feelings that invested in it.

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Calico wedding - an indicator of love, is not extinct in a short period of living together in the official status of husband and wife.This little line, overcoming your hand in hand, is worth it to note, in the belief that such anniversaries will be dozens more.Feelings for each other and touching detail, saying that the date has not been forgotten, will be the best gift, replacing the most luxurious holiday.

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