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A wedding in the style of Chicago.

Stylized wedding - the perfect choice for people who are bored with the standard scheme.Of course, the basic algorithm for registration and banquet often remains unchanged, but the accompanying paraphernalia greatly modified, until the bride and groom outfits, and even the trials of young stag parties with stag.In particular, you can try on the role of gangsters.

Wedding in Chicago style

Wedding in style Chicago gangster: Highlights

Reflecting on the script wedding in Chicago style, it is important to understand what associate this era, it was a period characterized by what moments it.For this purpose it is recommended to get acquainted with movies and documentaries, before developing a plan for the celebration.Mafia 30s attractive his eccentricity, expression, glamorous and chic.Undoubtedly, the way that the proposed examples of young, have little to do with the air castles and fantastic heroes, but like the reincarnation will not get bored.

Every detail for such an event - important.For example, the invitation is re

commended to write on paper, simulating a yellowed parchment with the inscription «Wanted!» And bridal photo.Or even a specially created scraps of old newspapers, where the first band will be decorated with the news of the impending nuptials.The invitation may even look like a simple ticket to the cabaret.

wedding in style Chicago gangster not do without stylized tuple: find the best operating antique car - rare convertibles.Decorate them with fresh flowers, and witnesses occupying the rear seats can bear arms.Certainly not now.Transport will add glamor to this imitation of bullet holes in the sides of the cars.

script wedding in the style of Chicago

Wedding in Chicago style

scripting - the question of imagination of those who practice it, but the key points in a particular styling are the same for everyone.It's all the details that can be a chain of associations with the American Mafia: weapons, money, roulette, disassembly, whiskey, cards and cigarettes.Even a simple bride kidnapping can arrange a shoot-comic and serious redemption.Or you can turn everything inside out, making originally abduction - the result of a loss of "mafia boss" to another, and the subsequent rescue of the girl her fiance.The same can arrange the kidnapping of another: to play a robbery guests, after which will be taken as a hostage and a bride.

In addition, the success of a wedding in the style of Chicago are various casinos where able to try their luck every guest.And, initially friends and relatives will earn chips, taking part in competitions, and then may be followed by a large drawing of various prizes, where the number of chips is already exchanged for money and gifts.Either the same chips can become a bargaining chip when buying goods of interest in advance erected shop with cigars, whiskey, discs and so on. Small but memorabilia associated with the Mafia.

wedding in the style of Chicago photos and interesting ideas

Wedding in Chicago style

Wedding in Chicago style

Wedding in Chicago style

Wedding in Chicago style

Wedding in Chicago style

In general picture there is no minor detail: each has its own role withoutwhich will collapse the rest.Therefore, in considering a wedding in the style of Chicago, advised to mentally play with every aspect of presenting it as a stylized.And it concerns not only the banquet, or testing on-site registration for the groom.

For example, the young dance in such a situation can not be lyrical and tender waltz, a passionate, bright, disturbing the blood of tango.For many couples this idea seem overly complex capable, however, of the bride and groom need more acting than choreographic base behind.The main burden will lie on your partner, if you act based on the popular every prison tango.The composition may last for just a minute, maybe stretch.Given the fact that the dress of the girl when planning such a wedding is unlikely to be in the crinoline, the problems in the performance numbers are not there.Moreover, even this dance the young can be fed so that it will be another test for the groom.

Bachelorette party in the style of Chicago: Description

Wedding in Chicago style

last day before the wedding for a girl - a way to carry out a bright unmarried life.If the celebration is a stylized, why not hold a bachelorette party in the same atmosphere?Luxurious, bohemian not refuse to try on either the bride or her friends.Aspects of it are quite simple: pearls and feathers, long dress on a figure sleeveless boa or other fur capes on the shoulders, long cigarette holders, light Gothic elements, the depth of color.Hair stacked or Hollywood cold wave on the head often wear richly decorated dressing or veils.

The interior should give preference to the style of art deco, gold, black and white, elegant wine glasses that are set slide and filled with champagne, fruit and snacks.Texts bachelorette party invitations can be laconic and mysterious, with the time and address, without any details.The venue often choose a studio or loft rooms in the cafe / restaurant with a fireplace and the presence of the respective situation.Especially valuable is the presence of a chill-out area with sofas, low tables and a hookah.And in the end bachelorette party can ride around town in a convertible rarity!

Tunic 20-30th.blowing drama and theater: deliberately lightening the face, eyebrows and the Hollywood School of excessive reduction of their thickness, rounded dark eyes, lips heart in rich colors.For a classic make-up used achromatic range on the eyes and deep red in all variations on the lips.As for the wedding, there are some nuances: Do not agree to make every bride Smoky Aes without stretching the outer corner of the wine and lipstick lipstick.Therefore, the following is considered two versions: classic and lightweight, allowing to make not a full styling.

Makeup in the style of Chicago classics and modification

Wedding in Chicago style

It is important to properly prepare the face.Every bride should keep in mind that for 3-4 days before the wedding unacceptable campaigns to the cosmetician on cleaning and similar procedures, so as not to cause redness or other adverse reactions.Especially if you intend to make in the style of Chicago, where even tone - the foundation of everything.

Face cleansing milk and lotion, then it is desirable to impose a framework for the type of skin.It is important to remember that it is not a day cream - it roll up your make-up in an instant.You can then apply foundation, choosing waterproof version based on silicones: no texture wax.Hue is desirable to select a tone lighter usual, but to impose such a manner that the difference with the body does not exist.Part of this will dry easy correction.

must now do the eye makeup.Pre-pay attention to the eyebrows usually they are made thinner and the highest point is displaced outwards.If you do not want to change their usual form, you can simply paint over the lower dense hairs proofreader in skin tone - is visually change the thickness of the eyebrows.In addition, the space required to put podbrovnogo glare shining white shadows (in their role often acts pearl powder).

black pencil to fill in all the mobile eyelid, before reaching the orbital line (bones) of 2-3 mm.At this point, it is important not to pull the shape of the eye, and to round it: 20-30th.characterized by a deliberate rejection of the almond-shaped.Therefore, a pencil should not go beyond the orbital line.Flat dense brush it tushuetsya up slightly from the outer corner to the side.Attach the form to be shades of the same color.The existing shading drawn lighter shade under the brow and the transition masked same for a couple of shades lighter.Work recommended rastushevochnymi fluffy tassels move up and slightly to the side.In addition, it is desirable to establish a shadow to the inner corner and if the eyes are not close together.The achromatic (black and gray) scheme perform make-up of the bride, reshivshiesya the full styling.Lite version of the make-up is reproduced in shades of beige or coffee.

lips in the form of deliberately reduced, but not in the volume: to erase the outer corners, giving heart-shaped lips.To achieve this easily, if we use the dense proofreader.This draws a clear "Cupid's bow" and rounded side of the border.Lipstick for the classic version is taken in wine, dark shades.Does not solve such a shocking brides can resort to deep crimson, cherry or ruby, preferring translucent, loose texture.

Rouge makeup in the style of Chicago is not required, but you can work out the cheekbones plum shade or a classic gray-brown, not a "revitalizing" the face and giving it a relief.But the glare on the top of the cheekbones become superfluous.

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wedding in the style of Chicago - a choice of bright, outstanding personalities who are ready to turn even such a serious festival into something memorable and different.If you close the 20-30-ies., I want to bring in the triumph of passion and madness, this option - for you.

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