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Poems about love loved the guy.

times to express your feelings to your loved one, your own words are not enough.I would like to do it once in a special, bright and memorable.If, in order to tell the guy loved about their feelings, you do not have enough words in prose, come to the aid of the poem.

Beautiful verses favorite guy

Poems favorite guy love


I fall into the sky,
heart is broken into pieces,
LAUGHING feelings safely,
until they know you.
And you, like a leaf fall,
part of me ripped,
With you I forgot about time
And she could give.
tenderness and affection I embrace,
passion and giving a kiss,
himself desiring nothing,
asking nothing in return,
I like in the depths of the sea,
dived headlong into a romance,
Love I found another,
I found myselfanother.
And if life has become fiction,
I resentment and fear of strangers,
before I fall into the sky,
Now I was floating in the sky.


«I love you" - I say without melting.

In light of one are you for me.

You gave me strength and love,

firmly kissing me again and again.

With you I am ready to fly to the edge of the world.

I love you.Now, you know that.

I'm waiting for a response from you feeling ...

next to you there is no me sad.

you joy and happiness, my smile.

I do everything in this life I will give you.


descends evening in our shady garden.

With you we passed so many obstacles.

Friends together were all the luck,

Not knowing how lucky we are in life.

We sang, laughed, joked

in bad weather and had no idea what good fortune.

happiness in life to go through even in a blizzard,

Happiness can not see myself without each other.

Happiness this we do not forget.

We got a happy love.


You are my one and only,

I thy light, strong, honey.

My most coveted and most beloved,

And I am your most beautiful in the world.

We have to be together, I know.

How do you want me to be with you ...

I do not want in life or hell, no heaven,

to soar with you in the heavens above the water.

We span, holding hands,

all mountain all the rivers, the deserts, the sea ...

Just know, that you love can not refuse.

not refuse, of course, I do.


I'm sorry, my dear, that in the entrance
Under the noise of the midnight rain
purses his lips I'm childish,
person gently taps.

conduct myself with you strange,
But you be kinder to me.
I'm not afraid to be deceived,
worry - this cheat.

You do not call me stubborn,
Are you not grimacing soul.
say "love" - ​​not true,
crook will - "I do not like."

No, I did not cramp Impatiens,
But only then do not go,
When some bell
score maybe in the chest.

You are not executed and not have mercy,
I no iron or granite.
I feel good to you, my dear,
But the bell does not ring.

You do not call me stubborn,
Are you not grimacing soul.
say "love" - ​​not true,
crook will - "I do not like."
(Yevgeny Yevtushenko)

Poems favorite guy, miss ...

Poems favorite guy love


I sit alone at a window -

not nice, joyless whole world.

a drop of rain sleepy

Lead me talk tete-a-tete.

you somewhere far away, in other worlds,

just recently closed the door.

I eat in anguish pain and fear,

But I'm waiting for you - just believe.

After all, I believe that soon you'll come back,

you come, as before, and embrace you.

You gladly look behind mine

among thick pitch-black emptiness.

Your words are like a song at dawn,

me with him again called.

With you will be happy as children,

Only from touching our lips.

I beg you, come back to me soon

I tell you, as a tear on the cheek ...

In you I embrace their heating

and tell you how much I waited.


«be far enough" - in a notebook read,

As if someone out there knows my thoughts.

Your photos look about you only dream

and Reba, it's not with me now you.

We have not seen each other for a long time, because you're all in the affairs:

Vanity daily boredom of work.

I have it all too, but now

I look forward to Saturday.

you come, as usual, knock on my door,

And our happiness is not the limit.

I adore you, even though you are grumbling,

What am I to you again not wearing heels.

I hug you, you forget about everything:

about all the arguments and all the differences.

Now I'm sad to be away ... Enough.

Come, and we will be happy!


not much sense in my lines,

And one thought is transparent and clear:

I wanted to spit on all your vices,

stronger than all obstacles my love.

There is no point in frequent quarrels and insults.

They carry only the bitterness and pain.

you see that my soul is broken,

But anyway, I'll be just you.

your violent temper, your experiences

Forever become important to me.

My love will overcome hell

order to said: "You are mine."

Let us wait for the separation, separation,

Let all consider our meeting on the disaster.

friend of a friend, we will not lose,

And if you disappear, I find.

Verses favorite guy: short options

Poems favorite guy love

Short line like your lover is no less detailed than the ode.The more that these verses can be sent to SMS your favorite guy.


Listen, my heart beating,

left in his memory this rhythm.

I know that we are not alone,

And you know that I have always loved.


I kept silent, looking you in the eye,

what goes with you to heaven.

And one thought: "He guessed he would

about what I can not say."


best in the world - you,

It honestly say.

fulfill all dreams,

I just love you.


I love you all,

Whether you are kind, whether you're evil.

And I do not need another,

Just be with me always.


And why you sent me by fate?

then, to please me.

never be parted with you,

Because I love you.


You are to me as the sun light,

quivering like a ray of hope.

me happy just yet.

I hope we will be together as before.


«I love you!" - I want to scream.

loudly so that the whole world heard.

you my joy and sorrow ...

But without sadness and joy there.


What difference does that make us destiny?

perhaps not be long our song.

But the important thing now is for me and for you,

that despite everything, we are together again.

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words to express his love to pick up difficult, but remember that before using the poems of others still try to compose yourself recognized.Even the most awkward words spoken from the heart, can have a powerful impact on people.If neither poetic nor the writer's gift you have, try to pick a poem, it is the most illuminating your feelings.Anyway, never hesitate to express your love!

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