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How to attract the attention of the guy?

That's how our world is that for the harmonious existence of man needs a couple of the opposite sex.So, according to this law, sooner or later you'll like the guy.It would be great if the mutual feeling arose immediately, but not so simple.Before a woman is often the question arises: "How to catch liked guy?".The answer to this is quite a long list of various recommendations.

How to attract the attention of a Man: appearance

How to attract the attention of the guy?

  • So appearance - one of the most important aspects in the process of attract the attention of the person they .She may like the guy only if it is well maintained.This means that in any case can not run itself.Sports, the selection of clothes and make-up application must be for you a kind of daily rituals.
  • Separately be said about makeup.Many girls tend to either not be painted or make it too intense.Neither one nor the other. Variant is not acceptable.Apply make-up is necessary, but in moderation.In addition, one should distinguish between night and day option.Day make-u
    p involves bright colors, it should be barely catch.Suffice tonal framework to align the skin tone, gloss and mascara.If you want to emphasize your eyes, you can use bright colors and shades of eyeliner.Evening make-up to be more vivid.It is already possible to do more emphasis on the eyes or lips, and use more bright colors.
  • The next thing to look out for - the hair.They should radiate health, be soft and silky and without split ends.Visit a hairdresser, pick the right hairstyle.New hairstyle instantly transform you.
  • Do not forget about hand care.You should always be neat manicure, and let your skin will be beautiful and soft.To maintain it in order use the baths, masks and creams.It will be nice to you, and the man's eyes and that you like.
  • As for clothes, do not rush to chase exclusively for fashion.You have to have its own style, which is to adhere to.Things that you select must be suitable for the shape and size, and color should be in harmony with your way (skin color, hair, and eyes).How would you like to draw the attention of any guy, too candid and sexy outfits should choose.Of course, you will get the attention, but what kind it is and how long - is al. Question.
  • necessary work and on posture and figure.Beautiful posture able to make any girl queen.Flat back will help shape and beautiful gait.Women's gait from the hip is in itself attractive to men.Make it a rule to do some exercises to strengthen the back muscles.
  • His figure is also necessary to put into shape.Of course, with its own type you do nothing but keep the body in good shape is possible and necessary.You will be surprised how you can transform a daily charge, which includes a set of simple exercises.Spend 20 minutes a day for the beauty of his own body.
  • And of course, do not forget about the flavors.From women should smell good.But do not overdo it with the perfume!It is sufficient that you exude a light and delicate smell.

How to catch the guy: good communication

How to attract the attention of the guy?

from external impressions go to communion.Man picked up on the hook with their appearance, you should strengthen the position with the help of communication.And here first, on what to look out - look.Everyone knows the truth is that the eyes - a mirror of the soul.That is why, once with the pleasant man in the 1st company or indoors, try to get his attention eyes.With this tool, you can demonstrate your object of interest.

need to look long and not very closely.Keep him look as long as he does not notice your interest.If you meet the eyes, it does not linger more than a second, and then move your eyes to the side.However, at that moment in time you have to show his feelings in his eyes.It recommended for this present, that this guy you just kissed for a long time.It is believed that at this point do you think will be the most attractive.

Now it has to be a guy.He should come to you to get to know.However, even if he did not understand your hints and acquaintances did not happen, do not come to him first.It is better to try to find, for example, mutual friends who could introduce you.This in no case do not let them know that the guy likes you.Otherwise, friends might just spoil everything caustic jokes and inappropriate expressions.

So you somehow met.Try not to give a guy at his excitement.Chat with him as if nothing had happened, try to be natural.The communication need to be yourself.It is not necessary to build itself from ideal.If a man will understand that you are trying to please him, he will be able to have control over you, and it should be avoided by all means.If your relationship will continue and you will see that the guy is trying to convert you by yourself, throw it.Of course, it will be hard, but why do you need a person who does not appreciate your personality?

As for conversation, then it is better to choose an abstract theme.Let this be a situation that may be familiar to him and to you.Of course, starting a conversation, you will feel the excitement and awkwardness, but is only the beginning.In the process these feelings recede.From the conversation, try to find out about the guy as much as possible.You can make it appear that some of his interests and liking you.But again, do not lose their own identity.If his passion does not interest you, nevertheless, try to talk to him about them.Any man will be pleased with the attention to his person.

How to attract the attention of the guy?

During the conversation can seamlessly translate the theme to the one that would like to discuss.Their interests, too, tell us, but leave some mystery.The guy will be interesting to you, until he knows absolutely everything about you.In addition, excessive talkativeness girl did not paint.

not need to unfold too quickly.The guy does not have to understand what you are hunting for him.Discussions should be as free and easy.At the end of the conversation exchanged contacts.It could be anything, such as a phone number or an account VKontakte.Many people feel much freer, communicating virtually.

Once you meet, try to make friends with a guy.It does not overload the person too much attention, do not bother him.Everyone should be a private time and space.You may from time to time for a walk, to go somewhere else or just talking on the phone.When the man began to flirt with you, do not stop it brutally.The guy started to show interest in you, and you show him that, too indifferent.

Of course, men and women should be a certain game, but do not need much to get involved.Do not allow that the communication will be entirely artificial.

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Universal way to attract the attention of a guy that you like , no.This problem requires a comprehensive approach.First of all, remember that you will have to work on yourself.Of course, it is difficult, but after a while these rituals come into the habit, and you will be much easier.And remember, before looking for the love of another, to love yourself.Perhaps this is the most important.