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How to fall in love with the guy?

modern relationship between a man and a woman has ceased to be traditional.Today, nobody is surprised when a girl makes the first move.If you have scheduled a meeting with an interesting person to you, why not take the initiative in their hands and try to fall in love with a Man of her dreams?

How to fall in love with soaring: practical advice

How to fall in love with the guy?

Before Charming Man, remember that all members of the male differ from each other, to the heart of each of them needs an individual approach.However, there are a few universal rules that will help you.

  • necessary to look good.Under this phrase does not necessarily skrytoroskoshnoe dress and evening makeup."Looking good" in the first place means that you need to take care of themselves.Well-groomed woman will always have to communicate, because, as we know, men like eyes.Do not despair if your nature is not awarded an outstanding appearance, which meets all the canons of classical beauty.The main thing is always try to look neat and tidy.Hair and skin sho
    uld be clean, tasteful clothes and make-up can be completely weightless.Do not forget the manicure and pedicure.In your way all should be harmonious.
  • Keep a puzzle.The mystery - one of the most important tools of charm which conceals a woman.When dealing with a man of your dreams, do not give all the secrets of his personal life, all the information about yourself immediately.Let him know about you gradually.In addition, excessive talkativeness and self-centeredness can scare a man and leave you a not so pleasant experience, as you would like.You must call from a guy interested.
  • Show your originality.Everything again comes down to interest.Of course, the young man will be more interesting to chat with a girl who is somehow different from the others. Your enthusiasm is precisely the issue that should be addressed, talking about himself.Did you play any instrument, write poetry or stories, good at drawing or cross stitching.People with passion, always stand out from the crowd and have a much greater appeal.
  • Do not forget about the interests of Man.Showed interest to his studies.It would be great if it becomes a hobby in some way and yours.At the same time it is not necessary (and unnecessary) to forget about yourself and your hobbies.Just Participate and in his life.
  • Become personality.With a capital letter!If people see how you attracted people that you are always happy and cheerful, he will want to continue to communicate with you.Try to fascinate not only the right you guys, but all around.Firstly, it is nice.Secondly, we need you to man, seeing that you please so many others, certainly thinks that he, too, admires you.

How to fall in love with the guy?

  • Engage in self-development.The assertion that men are not attracted to smart women is fundamentally wrong.To become an interesting person, you need to fully develop.Go in for their hobbies, read, watch and listen to - a variety of information to digest.Of course, it is impossible to know everything, and do not need.You need each other to surprise, to tell something interesting, to discuss various issues.
  • Be available.Men are hunters by nature, so the process of the conquest of women is of particular importance to them.This does not mean that you should be as cold as an iceberg.When communicating Be softness, gentleness and kindness - You're a girl.But in any case do not show that you are available and crazy guy.Do not be afraid to make him a little porevnovat.The main thing is not to overdo this.Let he will remain slight feeling that he might lose you, that it is not the center of the universe for you and you can live quite happily without it.
  • Let's shake.When he calls you, you must not run headlong and snap hook.Periodically miss calls, late for a meeting (only for a short while), you can even leave a couple of times before.Let him little poperezhivat.Only, again, everything is good in moderation.Do not lose face when the interest and easy nervousness goes into a rage.
  • Prepare for meetings.The girls was not forbidden to do favors guy.He is also nice.Enjoy its sweet nothings, organize a picnic or dinner.After all, relationships are built two, not one.

How to fall in love with a guy for one day?

At first glance, it seems impossible, but it is actually not so bad.Of course, you do not get to make the guy having strong feelings for you, but that you are interested in it precisely as you can.First, understand that to fall in love - it means to leave a lasting impression of themselves, to make him think about you and settle the desire to meet again.For this purpose, activates all her feminine charms.Fit almost all the techniques listed above.

to impress, dress nice and elegant, for example, a black dress, heels, and do not forget about spirits (can be used even with pheromones).At the meeting, let the guy understand that you enjoyed it.But it must be done gently and softly.Do not forget about the mystery.Do not disclose to a man completely, and certainly not worth it immediately goes to intimate relations.Otherwise, the guy will lose interest, and in his eyes you will become easy prey.It is completely useless.For a guy, it became clear that you are interested in it, you can leave him a phone number.

How to fall in love with the guy?

How to fall in love with a guy correspondence: rules

Many single women find their guys by correspondence.Fortunately, modern technology can do it easily and quickly.Communication network hides from our eyes a lot.However, here, using a few simple rules, you can fall in love with a person if you are interested in it.

  1. Try to write "live" message.This will allow you the most interested in the interlocutor.At the same time, take time and analyze what he wrote in response.So you can explore counterparts in more detail.
  2. Write competently and makes suggestions so that the other party were clear and not dormant twofold.Literate women are always attracted, and the simplicity of the proposal to create the perception of lightness.The person you will be pleased to talk, and this is a big plus.
  3. possible, do not go to the first message to the others. Thought.No need to load the interlocutor immediately with plenty of unrelated information.
  4. Try trust Pen Pal.Write to him about your feelings, do not hide them.The guy is very difficult through the messages to see if he likes you.Therefore, try to at least hint of it.In addition, as a rule, emails give greater looseness.So why not discover the soul of the man who corresponded with?
  5. Try also meet quickly.Otherwise the other party can show that you do not show interest in him.Of course, the rule applies mystery here, but do not overdo it with pauses.The network can be quickly bored.
  6. During correspondence be fun.The guy is much more pleasant to read messages cheerful companion.Do not forget about the desires and feelings of your counterpart.You do not lead a conversation with a computer or a telephone, and a zhivim man who just like you are sitting in front of the monitor waiting for interesting conversation, support or jokes.Communication network as a living, suggests emotion.Otherwise, it will just be boring and meaningless.

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fall in love with Man can be, even if he already has a girlfriend.The methods and techniques for this are mainly the lungs, but in any case, have to work on themselves and their behavior.If he is not in love with you, do not worry.Remember that light does not converge wedge on only one person.Certainly, there is still someone who will appreciate you and your efforts are appreciated.

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