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How to please a guy in school?

School Time - the time of occurrence of the first wonderful feeling.Love to a Man may quite suddenly.Is this your classmate or a young person, who is studying several classes above, priority will be for you to obtain a response from the senses.

What to do to please a guy?

If the object of your attention - as your classmate, the problem like it is not so complicated.With this guy you ever Think, probably already know a lot about him.To make it pay attention to you, try to help him with his studies.Just remember that even in this age of the bet do not like obsessive girls.So do not offer him help itself, bear pride.If you study well, then sooner or later he will ask for your participation.That's when you are with a kind smile and feature willingly help him.

How to please a guy in school?

guy certainly appreciate such care on your part.If you have both a good academic achievements, try to discuss with him the job in the correctness of which you are not sure.His vanity flattered that you think it smart and ask for help.

Try to interest the young man.You will achieve this if you give us something to stand out from the crowd in the class, will be a bright personality.Naladte communication with others. Girls, show all kindness and friendliness.Do not sit on the ground, and participate in the affairs of the class and school, become a leader.

However, remember that to lose yourself in any case impossible.If you have a lifetime of modestly sat back at her desk, listening to alternative and wore clothes that are not entitled to a girl in the usual understanding, of course, have to work a little on their way.But at the same time be itself: no need to copy someone or change their outlook.To please the guy enough to get rid of unpleasant and threatening eye pieces of clothing and appearance.Remember that you can emphasize his informality and more democratic.

Such people tend to be in a class of outcasts.Try to ignore the attacks of classmates, and if it does not work, then give them a fitting rebuff.Just keep in mind that the answer must be restrained firmly and calmly.For example, you can ask them directly what the essence of the claims.If the answer to the question will be insults, you can pretend that you are by and large do not care.Contemptuously hmyknite and leave.

If such manifestations of disrespect coming from the guy that you like, just forget about its existence.It it either touches or you get rid of the annoying offender who does not deserve you.In this and in others. If not, you will win.And of course, if you would like a guy, do not forget the standard rules.

  1. Be well-groomed and neat
  2. watch her figure - Exercise
  3. Try to be as cheerful
  4. Be interesting and original

How pleasant guy who is older than you?If

with classmates, in principle, everything is simple, it is to please a male high school students need to consider a specific strategy.In this case the simple assistance with study clearly will not be enough.If you crave to win the heart of the senior pupil, will have to work on yourself.The guys at this age need beautiful girls, otherwise, he would have to endure the criticism and attacks his friends.Look at yourself in the mirror.Properly analyze what needs to be improved: to change her hair, give your hair a healthy look, get rid of acne on the skin, etc.Learn how beautifully and tastefully dressed, doing light stylish makeup, do not forget to watch your hands and nails.Pay particular attention to the figure.If it is poor, work out.To improve the shape, start with at least some jogging and simple exercises at home.

But one will not end the exterior transformation.Take his behavior and character.In no case do not turn their sympathy for the guy in reverence, no need to constantly pursue.Each girl will sooner or later must learn to show your pride, even if all you want - is to be with him is always there.

to senior pay attention to you, often enough to cross his path.But at the same time you need to look perfect.Do not forget not only about beautiful clothes and shoes with heels, but also about goodwill, which is best exercised by a cute playful smile.

How to please a guy in school?

More 1st tool to attract attention is the look.Porepetiruyte front of the mirror, you'll look at it.When a guy to notice you, and you begin to communicate, behave nicely and naturally as possible.Your communication should proceed quietly and without unnecessary emotions.No need to be an excessive excitement, pretend that you are an ordinary conversation.Man must see in you not only beauty, but also the mind.

is important to learn about the enthusiasm liked the guy.If he is an active participant in the school initiative, try to enter into the organization of these activities.If you do not have the talent for performances on stage, engaged in design works and so on. Organizational issues.This will help not only to attract a Man, but also impact on your future.Let's say a guy is playing on the football team - go to matches.Just do not behave as if you have come because of it.Pretend that you are just curious to visit this sporting event that you enjoy the game.At first glance, a lot of work, but do not forget that these actions will help to achieve the goal.

How to please a guy on the first date: tips

So, you were able to attract the attention of Man, and now you will have the first date.For it to be successful, you need to follow some rules.

  • The first thing you need to take care of - your appearance.First of all, you need to know the guy exactly where you go.It is necessary to dress for the occasion.Some places require more romantic version of clothes, etc. - More free.But wherever you go, your outfit should look attractive, but not provocatively.
  • As for shoes, better to choose a heel.If you feel insecure on the big-heeled shoes Put on a small.This gives a figure of feminine footwear.After selecting the dress, think about make-up.It should match your age, so choose pastel, not very flashy colors to makeup looked neat.
  • going on a date, do not overlook such an important part of your image as a manicure.Nice and neat design nails attract the attention of a guy and awaken in him a desire to touch your hands.The best option is curled hairstyles become loose or neatly arranged hair.
  • Now manners.First of all, when dealing with a guy show his interest his personality, because everyone loves the attention to his person.Carefully listen to him and try to be sensitive to everything that he says.Be sure to ask him questions in the communication process.
  • But sooner or later the guy starts asking questions about you.Here you need to pull yourself together and do not let out all at once.It is necessary that there was some mystery.It will arouse his interest.
  • on a date, try to behave cheerful and smile more often.Your smile will contribute to a good mood and layout guy to you.Here it is worth to say that on the first date do not need to complain.Even if everything in your life is upside down, you are the guy is not so familiar to talk about it.
  • When the date comes to an end, and a young man holding you, do not forget to thank him for the good night, but did not hint at a desire to continue the dialogue.Man must feel that you are unapproachable, and he offer to meet again.

How to please a guy, if he already has a girlfriend?

How to please a guy in school?

If you strive to please the guy who she already is, in any case, do not get her likeness.In this case, continue to apply all the rules that have been proposed above.Add to this is a few postulates:

  1. Never criticize his girlfriend, or invoke aggression
  2. Behave naturally, do not try to imitate the opponent or drastically different from her
  3. expresses his personality
  4. Try to be next to a guy in difficulta time to give him advice if they need it
  5. Be cheerful, kind and cheerful.

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Following all the rules that are specified above, you will not only be able to win the heart of guy you liked, but also create a solid foundation for your future.Smart, attractive and self-confident women are always appreciated as the opposite sex, and society as a whole.

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