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Weddings data: what are they?

has long been considered the day of the wedding is not an easy triumph.It was decided to celebrate the rest of his life.Date symbolized a new stage of relations in the family.Not by chance, each anniversary had its value.The holiday had to congratulate each other in a special way to continue to enjoy a happy family life.

value of years of wedding: traditions and rituals

At all times, all peoples had a family priority.It was important not only to find a loved one, but also to maintain the relationship for many years.Our ancestors believed that promote certain behavior.In fact, it can be called a ritual.The value of years of wedding - a direct confirmation.Each year, he wore his name.It meant a certain stage in the life of a family.In addition, the name of the affected and at what gifts a husband and wife gave each other a celebration.

Weddings data: what are they?

countdown starts right from the day of the wedding.Now the bride can celebrate the long-awaited day in the unusual style.Before the wedding day called green.It is

clear that the decor was supposed to be that color.It was believed that his daughter's birthday parents had planted myrtle tree.Then he should dig out and give the newlyweds.Green myrtle attended a wedding and the bride's wreath.Earlier myrtle leaves even embroidered on the veil!Today, this tradition is a little transformed.Elements myrtle used in bouquets and boutonniere.

This evergreen shrub has been a frequent guest at the wedding on purpose.Since ancient times it was believed that myrtle helps to find happiness in love.It also symbolizes hope.The green wedding can be celebrated in the first year of each month after the official marriage.On this day people give flowers.Particularly symbolic gift will be a small bush of myrtle in a pot.

What are the wedding over the years?

In total there are more than 25 kinds of wedding anniversaries.Immediately it is worth to mention that non-round do not celebrate the date after 15 years of marriage.It decided to celebrate the jubilee anniversary.

first year is usually called chintz.This is due to the fact that the couple are immersed in the life and problems of family life, to adapt to one another.

There are more frivolous interpretation.Our ancestors called a wedding and more gauze.They believed that young people in the first year so passionately love each other, that attenuate the bedding to the state of gauze or mashed up holes calico.The name symbolizes the fragility of relations to 1 year.Husband and wife can overcome all difficulties or break the relationship as a thin piece of calico.

At the anniversary has its own tradition.Accepted to give each other handkerchiefs.Their folded diagonally and tied in knots at the vertices.Some are sentenced at the same time the refrain that the relationship will be just as strong.Then, scarves hide away in the closet.On this day people give each other bed linen, and any others. Textile items.Some women embroider beautiful handkerchiefs on their own or make interesting souvenirs of fabric.This holiday is invite only the closest - parents and witnesses.

Weddings data: what are they?

2 years after the wedding is called the paper.On this anniversary the value is almost identical to the previous one.The relationship can still be rather weak as paper.Typically, the paper presented a wedding money, framed photographs, collages, tickets to various events.A perfect gift can be regarded as a book or a family pedigree album made with his own hands.The room is also decorated with paper.Because it makes the colors or interesting shapes, garlands.You can build a tree of wishes.To do this, relatives and friends wrote warm words on a beautiful paper.Then it is fixed on the branches in a vase.Tree decorated with ribbons and beads.It is considered that a paper wedding in the family for the child appears.If the baby is not present, parents traditionally give a hint as to young children's vests.

first serious anniversary - a wooden wedding.It is celebrated on the fifth anniversary.Wood has always been a symbol of the kind of harmony.Moreover, it also means the addition of the family.Often, many couples acquire the first-born is for 5 years after the wedding.On this day people make a traditional ritual.Husband and wife together planting a tree.The trunk of a red rope tied.She was removed in a year.It is better that the tree was fruit.Many years later, it will nourish your large family.As the name implies, presents on this day give wood.It may be tableware, furniture, decorative trinkets.Women can do something with their hands in the technique of decoupage.

10th anniversary is known as tin or pink.Metal symbolizes flexibility.The couple already accustomed to each other and are able to find compromises.Roses symbolize eternal love, capable of overcoming all obstacles.This anniversary is accepted to celebrate in a big way.At the celebration must be present wedding witnesses.Traditionally need to give each other pewter spoon.They must carry with them all day.At night, spoons hidden under the pillow.On pewter wedding husband gives his wife a bouquet of roses.

After 15 years of celebrating the wedding crystal.Its value is very symbolic.Sparkling crystal only at first glance it seems a strong, long-term relationship as well.Husband and wife after 15 years still need to be flexible and tends to smooth out conflicts.Family happiness, as well as the crystal, it may be unstable.The ceremony always present relatives and children.You can give any items of glass or crystal.Typically, after celebrating the jubilee anniversary only.

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wedding 40 years of marriage: how to celebrate?

Weddings data: what are they?

  • this date for some reason are less popular than silver or gold wedding.Despite this, it is a direct proof of family well-being.Not everyone will be able to live together for 40 years.Usually called ruby ​​wedding.The name is very symbolic.This gem requires the same cut as a diamond.His fine tuning to get the jewel.
  • Something that reminds many family relationships when people are together going through a lot of difficulties, learn to accept the shortcomings and forgive each other.In many cultures the ruby ​​was a symbol of fidelity and everlasting love.Its color symbolizes deep feelings, and blood.Indeed, people over 40 years of marriage, in fact, become one.Metaphorically them flows the same blood - they are so over the years melted into each other.
  • the celebration decided to give jewelry with rubies.It is believed that on this day the husband and wife have to change for the ruby ​​engagement rings.The first to be hidden in a box and leave as family heirloom that is passed to the time our grandchildren.
  • Often ruby ​​wedding organize not husband and wife, and their children.The reason is simple - the age.People who have lived together for 40 years, usually 60. On holiday, you can invite many relatives, t. To. It is important for family life.Accommodation and meals are made in red colors.It is not necessary to give some gift of the same color.You can just wrap it in red wrapping paper.

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Traditionally, each wedding anniversary bears his name and has a certain value.So the first 2 years is called chintz and paper.They reflect the possible fragility of relationships in a young family.Meaning years influences the choice of wedding gifts.Many things function as talismans and protect home a pair.

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