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How to captivate a man talk?

Undoubtedly, the best conversationalist is one who has the present ability to hear and listen to the other.But on one attention will not last long.Dialogue still implies a replica on both sides.And the most difficult times - not even support, and to start a conversation.Especially, find topics for conversation with a guy who did not seem silly and help the conversation.

How to find topics of conversation?

art of rhetoric is sometimes necessary to learn throughout life.People who are able to instantly find topics for conversation, to promptly respond to any questions and at the same time create a live conversation for very little.And when it comes to communicating with the opposite sex, especially the one to which there is a certain percentage of sympathy, often appears stiff and confusion of thoughts.

How to captivate a man talk?

can learn by heart forever template designs that supposedly make life easier.But where would be correct to determine for themselves the variety of topics.They help out in the silence.In the underst

anding, not memorization, built every human activity.Especially in areas such as communication.

most difficult to define an ideal subject for a first conversation with almost a stranger.The easiest way to start a conversation by asking the guy Council in anything.However, assessment of the new skirts here are unlikely to fit.But ask for his opinion on the new gadget that would like to purchase, especially if he is the owner of more than acceptable.In addition, addressed to the young man a question often associated with the place where the interview is scheduled.In one university can be found only 100 ideas!

first meeting aimed at getting to know each other.Therefore, topics of conversation are selected with a focus on the disclosure of another's personality.In most cases, they affect the area of ​​interest.Here, more than appropriate questions about the attitude of the young man to the modern cinema, music, sports.Communication in education or work items - in two ways.Engage difficult moments like the performance is not always worth it.Often these young people too dopekayut older friends.But to share a curious case of student everyday life can be.

interesting topics for conversation with a guy

After the conversation failed to start is to pick a theme that will allow to give detailed and long stories, or even just to entice both.Generally, there is one universal advice: listen to the voice of the caller.Almost every spoken word we can develop a new discussion.But if such a skill is not developed, it is necessary to get acquainted with the most successful topics for conversation with a guy.

and took first place, oddly enough, not football, but the wider scope - hobbies.Such things can talk a long time by many.If a young person has a craving for sports, you just "pull" of the guide strings.You can find out what is involved and how long, why the choice fell on the sport.In the case where he is familiar to you, it is easy to go into the discussion of the last or most vibrant sporting events.

Musical preferences - an area too vast.Although there is no guarantee that they will coincide.Therefore, there is a risk to reduce everything to an awkward pause.To prevent this, you should often ask, not to say the most.In addition to attempts to inquire about your favorite artist, you can learn about and respect the guy to music itself.Perhaps he had once wanted to move in this area.Or he can play or compose texts.

By the way, on the hackneyed ideas like "weather" and "news reports."They may be relevant in the event that a prerequisite to expanded interview or specific proposals.For example, focus on the long-awaited sun, to encourage cycling, and to steer the conversation toward leisure.High probability to arrange the next meeting or adjust the current name under it.News Talk capable interspersed case of life.

What exactly is undesirable affect, it's sphere of health.The conversation should deliver both parties enjoy, not to slide into the discussion causes of headache for the past day.This may also include the category-complaints.It is immediately clear that this does not imply permanent positive mood.Such dishonesty alienate interlocutor.But pour him a pile of accumulated problems, talk about what hurts you, do not.Girls who constantly complain about and no, rarely cause young people liking.

interesting topics for conversation with a man

How to captivate a man talk?

basic rule in a conversation with a man - give him more to talk about himself.The reverse position to take possible after months of close acquaintances.But just to go on the offensive, pulling him, not worth it.After you manage to find out about interests and hobbies, attitude toward the world and the most ordinary things, should move on to more personal.

example, to talk about travel.It is likely that a man is not only in other cities, but also abroad.Or maybe he plans to visit while on vacation some place?Ask where he liked best, and wherever he did not return.Give him the opportunity to advise you the most interesting place to rest on certain parameters.Again, it will be possible not only to find common ground, but also give him the opportunity to feel important.

Discussion gadgets and technology - another chance to give the lead man in conversation, showing interest in its own opinion on this matter.But be sure to show that you care.Even if the subject of discussion alone is nothing to add, you can insert prompts and probing questions.

Talking about plans for life are good, if the person does not belong to the category of people living only today.Otherwise, there is a chance not only to get a lengthy one-word answer, but to change the attitude of dialogue, not for the better.But if a man is willing to share opinions about the alleged future, there is always a much reduced emphasis: the home and family, career prospects and so on.

intimate topics, too, can contribute to the activation of the conversation, but it is important to keep the face.First, maintaining the naturalness and ease.If this sphere - is not what you are used to communicate, there is no point in even touching it for the sake of the other party.Secondly, it is desirable to avoid the widespread talk about previous relationships, especially if they are marked by negative memories.

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By the way, discussing mutual friends also fall under this rule.Best gossip with a friend.And if in a conversation with a man surfaced theme affecting someone known to both parties, it is not necessary to go into a detailed discussion of human rights.This increases the risk of gaining the stigma of gossip.However, ask about what qualities in others to push him away, and which, in contrast, attract, not shameful.

most important thing in dealing with a young man - forget about fear.Excitement is equally present in both, but what it more - the better lubricated impression.Just let go of negative thoughts and take care of most natural.Listen more, ask probing questions, and conversation filled a long time!