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Parting with a loved one.

is believed that parting with the person you have always loved, lose a part of yourself.Perhaps that is why this process often becomes unbearable ordeal.Often, even if people disagree peacefully in the shower is a pain and emptiness.To avoid this destructive chuvstvavryad to succeed, but you can try to survive the separation from loved right.

How to survive the separation from loved ones?

Surely, most of your friends will tell you the hackneyed phrases like "he is not worthy of you, forget about it," "let the rolls on all 4 sides ',' thank God that he gave up, he never for anything good you didetc.You listened to it will be some time to think it is.What are you afraid of?You are young, you look amazing and will certainly find the right one yet, with which you will live happily ever after.The only problem is that these thoughts are certainly false.Try to accept the fact that no matter how you try to hide their feelings, the pain and frustration overtake you.So think about what is best to go through al

l at once.If you want to cry - cry, you lived in anger - angry.Yes, the first time you will feel the most miserable man on the planet, but sooner or later it will pass.Your life will return to normal, everything will be fine.

If you are not accustomed to show their emotions in public, it is not necessary.From this you, no one expects.What does it matter to you to the other, be honest with yourself.Day can laugh with friends over her grief, pretending that heeded their advice, to behave as if nothing had happened.But left alone, give vent to his feelings.If you have something to say to your loved one, and the ability to do this in person is not speaking with all of the words out loud to herself.PAL, weep and go to sleep.

«In any unclear situation, go to bed."This wisdom, which appeared on the internet, could not be better suited as a council in this situation.

Parting with a loved one

After parting people experiencing strong emotions.Most often negative, of course.That is why the rest as needed.Sleep will calm your brain and exhaustion emotional body.Remember that tomorrow is another day.

When the first wave of emotional experiences take place, begin to act.

first get rid of all the things that make mention of him.Remember the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," where the protagonist would erase the memory of his beloved.He had to collect all the things that were somehow related to the subject of love and evokes memories.No one is saying that it will be easy.It's hard.But it is necessary.However, many left a couple of things, as a reminder of the warm season and normally live with it.But if these objects and photos make you cry or worry, better get rid of them.

sad songs better not to listen.You have experienced a strong emotional shock.Why continue to mock him, to tear the soul and spoil the appearance?If it really wants the music, listen to classical music or rock and roll.If you are a fan of something more modern, choose something fun, dance, club.From watching romantic movies, too, is better to abstain.In such a state will be useful to some investigators, cartoons or comedies.

in the TV series "Sex and the City" Carrie says that after parting with her beloved, specific places, streets and even the time of day - evoke associations and the city turns into a battlefield, larded invisible mines.It ends this idea saying: "We need to tread very carefully, otherwise Thee blown to pieces."The worst thing that it is.Therefore, think of yourself others. Routes, and, perhaps, change the schedule.Do not walk around on the importance to you of two places.They will inevitably cause you unnecessary emotions and memories.

not turn in on themselves!Be sure to go out with friends and girlfriends.Organize joint leisure.If you know exactly what you've got people that can listen, speak out.Just choose those who will not judge you and give stupid advice.We need support, and possibly do a silent participation.Such a person experiences Express, and about the situation and events can talk to anyone.

Engage in self-development.By this you can understand anything: work, school, hobby, sport.First, these classes will not let you get bored (take your time).Secondly, you will bring invaluable.

Do not expect that you will be able to quickly come back to normal after the break.It is always sad and scary.But sooner or later the pain will go away, you will feel free and open to new life and excitement.

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favorite letter of parting: What to write?

Parting with a loved one

bitter and painful to be thrown.It seems that nothing worse happens in my life.However, to leave someone too hard.You will pursue feeling of guilt, and you can hardly imagine what words to say to your loved one once.Many very difficult to talk about the break-up eyes.Can become a worthy alternative to the letter.However, you need to use the epistolary genre with caution.First of all, remember that you want to say goodbye forever.So remember that every gentle word can give a person a false hope, but do not need it.There are a few recommendations on how to write a farewell letter.

Please do not hesitate to express on paper what you think.Let it be anger, frustration, sadness - write about everything.Then the letter aside.If a new wave of emotion rolled forward, edit the message, add it.When the passion in your heart calm down, go back to the letter, read it, conduct self-examination.The letter, which will target a loved one, write only in the quiescent state, putting ourselves first option.Carefully re-read it and think that it should be written from a log in the original letter.

Think about whether the charges in the letter.Of course, you can speak, but finished a letter phrase that will express your forgiveness.In addition to the charges in the letter and express gratitude for the good things that this man has done for you.This version of the letter is also better to postpone and re-read a couple of days to make sure that your feelings have not changed.

Try to make sure that the letter had no preconditions for dialogue, otherwise it will not be a farewell letter, and you do not need the correspondence, which only made things worse.If you belong to someone you love in a marriage, make an consistent and logical as possible because further meetings you surely can not be avoided.

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Updates about parting with a loved one

Parting with a loved one

In today's world, our whole life is reflected in social networks, so many girls, parting with a loved one, to express their feelings through statuses.

  • «Sometimes the only thing left to do - hug each other one last time and let»
  • «Separation - the younger sister of death.For someone who respects the reasons of fate - is in the wires ominously wedding revival »
  • « often have to leave the man you love to still love him »
  • « We must have the courage to let go of a man who can notmake happy »
  • « I was sure that we will be ideal partners, but did not expect that we will become a non-ideal killers each other »
  • « When all the time trying to forget someone - it's like to think aboutit.Memories and Reflections only strengthen the love »
  • « And a warm spring rain can wash away your tracks, and then I can finally breathe quietly and easily as before ... »
  • « Oh, my God!Really, we will never be together.It's just a tragedy!I can not bear it, and die of grief!It is urgent to go to the kitchen, something broke appetite »

Parting - is never easy.It is not easy to be thrown, and not easy to leave the one he loved.However, if the relationship has no future, it is better to let go of the man so that he could find happiness.Actually, just as you are.

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