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What if the husband has changed?

Few can argue with the fact that most awful of what can happen in a relationship with a loved one - this is treason.You can survive many things: financial trouble, strife and so on. Family problems.But forgive betrayal turns out not all and not always.In this situation, oddly enough, two - to forgive and to make his family more tightly or leave forever.Life after infidelity always confronts us with this choice.

life after infidelity: how to survive her husband's infidelity?

normal relationship between two people is impossible without fidelity.Modern society, which, of course, very much influenced by the sexual revolution, in spite of everything continues to consider its traditional values.Do not think that adultery happens just like that, for no reason.It is a litmus test, which indicates that the relationship has matured crisis.All the well-known statement, saying that the man changes, because there can not change the bit is not true.Psychologists tend to say that the changes there are certain prer

equisites.The husband may begin to grow cold to his wife as a sexual object, is constantly faced with failures and more and more immersed in the routine of everyday life.Also can change revenge, trying to find themselves a long separation, problems with sexuality.

As you can see, the causes can be many.This man often explain their wrong behavior a physiological need, and women - emotional.It turns out that the mechanism of change in the opposite sex is different.

What if the husband has changed?

Before categorically affirm that you have changed, you must find the evidence.Unsubstantiated accusations can also easily destroy a relationship, like infidelity.By the way, there are certain signs by which we can understand that something has happened.Treason is quite difficult to figure out if the relationship on the side were random and isolated.On the other hand, it is easier to notice a whirlwind romance.

Symptoms can be different.A man can start a different attitude toward you.Reproaches replaced nitpicking too much attention, expensive gifts and a guilty look.Very often husbands are no longer devote sufficient time to his family.Endless trips, a delay at work, "workers" all the bells and less free time - an occasion to reflect.

Of course, it may well be that the work is really time-consuming.But on the other hand come up with such an excuse is nothing changed.In this case, intuition can help - Women react to very subtle non-verbal communication that allows us to understand what is really going on.

Whatever it was, it is very important to choose the right communication strategy after the betrayal.It is also very important to try to rebuild their lives might reconsider attitude to the situation.Most likely, you will seem to be no way out, but despair not help himself.

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How to forgive her husband's infidelity?

Psychologists distinguish certain types of nervous system reaction to treason.In the first 48 hours it is usually a person in shock.He can not believe that he had been betrayed.Most of the reactions and actions in this period will be very emotional.Experts recommend not to do anything - after a couple of days can be bitterly regret what you did.

Next psychologists advise to try to ignore the situation.The incident should be taken as fact.Keep yourself in their hands.Many women are afraid of loneliness, divorce, divorced and abandoned status.Think of yourself, try to find a balance.

  1. best way - it changes.New hairstyle, a journey, or even changing jobs can go in your favor.Fundamental changes depends on how complex the situation seems.Do not get too much blame themselves, to try to imagine what it was like to delve into the details.Generally, there is a whole psychological system that helps to cope with infidelity.She actually describes step by step how to behave in this situation.
  2. committed partners to start to be calm and cool.Then the psychologists recommend identify the problem - to admit that you know the truth.Since then, the experts do not advise to do something.Traitor must take the next step by himself.Remember that promise, apologize at this stage may not be entirely sincere.The reaction can be absolutely anyone.
  3. last stage - the decision on the termination or continuation of the relationship will be the most difficult.Many people try to plan something, set themselves abstract questions.This is not entirely true.Try to answer honestly: Do you want to continue to live together?Only this question only true when adultery.The answer to that will greatly facilitate the situation, despite the fact that thinking about it is incredibly painful.

What if the husband has changed?

To forgive infidelity, you have to be firmly confident that from this situation does not become worse.Saving family for children may lead to the final collapse.You have to pretend that nothing had happened.In addition, some men after receiving forgiveness repeat the same mistake.

If you do decide to continue to live together, in the history of treason should be put an end.Each of the two has to understand that this topic will be taboo.At the same time remember, forget about treason almost impossible.Again, this is a property of our psyche.A man can forgive the infliction of pain, but forget it - ever.

How would you not want to repay the insult and humiliation revenge, it is better not to do.Nothing good to help you get revenge, but only further complicate the situation.

excellent yield can be a hike to a family psychologist.In the CIS, a way of solving the problem is only gaining momentum, but it's not because of what it inactive.The psychologist will not simply to talk, but also to analyze the problem background, gently prodding you to the solution.

Also, experts have tried to deal with the problem of trust.It's no secret that after the discovery of infidelity is very difficult to start again trust each other.Another plus - a psychologist objective.This is the quality you will not find none of their friends or relatives.

way, if you look at the treason optimistic, it is possible to draw some conclusions and to avoid similar problems in the future.When you calm down, be sure to think: what is so happened in your relationship that favorite dared to commit adultery?The new experience will help in future dealings.

Treason - is, first and foremost, an indication that the relationship is something wrong.Sometimes it can even save a family - like shakes help to talk, throw accumulated.So what will life after infidelity will depend on both partners.To everything went more quietly, we should not take hasty actions.Think about the consequences of your sincerity sorry about whether to continue that relationship, go psychologist, make changes in their lives, and to get by!Remember: there is always a way out!