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How to survive the separation

in a new relationship, we disclose to the person to show their strengths and weaknesses, and thus, the sensation of pain, the emptiness after the break with a close - it is inevitable.What do you do if a loved one is gone, and life goes on.What is important at such times and what better not to do.


course, just try to forget and erase the person of his life - is meaningless.At first, you will all be reminded of it, the pain will recede, then come again.Do not chase it away - it's pointless, give vent to their emotions and feelings, you want to cry - cry, do not want anyone to talk - do not.Do what you want, and gradually the pain starts to subside, because it can not always be with you, she just falling by the wayside, and then completely disappear.

1. Constant thoughts and memories will prevent you forget the former. Even at work they can constantly haunt you.Try once thought would appear to replace them with others, you can simply insert any picture or represent themselves, for e

xample, on the island paradise.Throw out or hide the things that remind you of it, ask friends not to mention it in conversation, tear off any chains that have bound.Reminders of it should be as small as possible.

2. The next step - entertain themselves by any business. Choose an occupation that suits you, and immerse yourself in it.Not so important, that it will be, just do it with energy and enthusiasm.Not enough just for something creative, choose something better monotonous and time-consuming.For instance, do spring cleaning the house or repair, ask you to load more paper.The main thing is not to sit idly by.It's difficult, because right now you do not want to do and no one to talk, but it is a very effective way to quickly forget the past and to get rid of the memories.

3.Izley soul of his closest friend. Tell her everything that had accumulated in your mind, I think about the good and bad moments in the relationship.It should be intimate and confidential conversation.Not necessarily ask for advice, you know yourself, what you do, just because you heard it and understood, you will become much easier and freer.Just do not expect pity from a friend, stop feeling sorry for yourself, now we only go forward without looking back at the past.

4. Change your anything in his life. For example, the Making of a shop, sign up in beauty salons, go in for sports - all what you have is the soul.Update your room, change the layout of furniture - let everyone in your life will be in a new way!If you have the time and resources, we can arrange a tour or to stay with distant relatives from out of town, if you do not have time, so much to develop in a different city, at least for a couple of days.

5.You can also do and something extreme! Adrenaline helps a lot in the fight against depression.For example, a parachute jump, a trip to the mountains.Or just go do something than long wanted, but did not dare.Think of a hobby.

What not to do.

But what better not to, so it's to indulge in amorous adventures and demonstrate a boisterous merriment.It is unlikely that it will come from the heart, and even though you'll look fun and carefree, inside will still be difficult, because every person needs time to forget about the close.And do not something to play, do not wear a mask, sincerity always wins, as opposed to contrived emotion.

Remember everything that was said before, but not as an instruction, act as your heart dictates.You can survive any loss and separation.Time heals all, just a little bit worth the wait, someone takes a week, a month, and some years can not forget a person, but just completely let go of old love, you can easily start a new relationship.

Especially for LadySpecial - Natella

May 3, 2015 09:05
I easily fall into a love relationship.If you have to leave, just going crazy.Only time heals.I need to lie in bed, reading a book, more subside and not to see the object of passion.A week later, facilitates a month opened the second breath, and after 2, I do think, what the heck I sink?
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