Relationship // He and she

It does not add up lasting relationship.

If a woman has long had an awkward relationship, it begins to look for the cause in itself, but after a vain attempt and can not understand this.Psychologists claim that everything is just such a woman unwittingly, unconsciously choose their partners in these people who are themselves fleeing from the relationship and eventually turns to delay the process without the final.

mostly women, who did not arrange her personal life, choosing his choices:

- married men who are not going to divorce

- men who value freedom, and the family is not a priority in my life

And in reality, it can assure that want relationships, but her unconscious will be desperate to avoid it.For the avoidance of such tends to relations psychiatrists trace some past injury or offense that is so firmly entrenched in the mind that becomes a barrier to humans.Introspection or a session with a psychologist will reveal the cause of the conflict between what you want and what is today to find this cause and work it to eliminate injur

y and to remove the barriers that stand in front of you in your personal life.It was only after working this problem, your relationship will grow the strength of desire over power to counter and avoid the right people in your life will be a partner who will be motivated to relations.

Sometimes even the option of a strong woman without a relationship.Who has such a strong woman?This is a woman who knows what to do in a given situation itself solve all the problems, to experience difficulties and move forward with our heads held high.It is likely to be successful in kar sphere and in life, but in a personal relationship, as is often composed not.A lack of privacy can brake and development in other areas, and every day, and oppress women.

So why strong women are not arrange her personal life?

Such women, in principle, always have fans, but that's to them for some reason does not pull, they are not the same ... And they are not the ones for one simple reason, confident women are attracted to strong men weak.Opposites often attract in fact, and in this case it's true.Women expect men resolute actions, active actions, but weak men can not give them that, by their nature.Also, strong women attracted to men arrogant, who are constantly working on yourself, and weak men are not capable of that.

Any woman waits for himself a strong man, but the strong men are drawn to women weak, or if the woman so everything can be without a man, why he is in her life, so he thinks intuitively, it turns disharmony.

What to do in such a situation?

Ideal - to find a partner that would disclose, together with you as a person, tending to its improvement.Strong woman committed to the development in all spheres of life, and she went to a man with whom they could grow together.

good option, a man working in a similar field.Similar interests and the ability to conduct a general conversation, this just needs a strong woman.Also, it will approach fully developed man who is interested in the many and can support any conversation.

But not the best option for a woman is a strong man, even though she is drawn to this.Maybe in the beginning of a relationship, it will all suffer and to agree with everything, but in the end will go his own way, which of course will not like a strong woman.

So if you did not arrange her personal life, do not rush to put on a cross, or go to the monastery.Everything has a reason, most importantly easy to find it and get it right.

Especially for LadySpecial - Natella

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