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Sometimes we women are sure that everything is done correctly and we are the best, and let the whole world revolves around us.And when it comes to men, in this issue we just experts.We know what they want from us, what they want from life, how they think and how to behave in a certain situation.But, unfortunately, this is the main mistake women.You should not be too confident in this matter.In this article, we will cover the most important mistakes that allow women to men.

Perhaps, our main mistake - it is a myth that men from us only one thing, and to our inner world and our feelings, emotions and feelings they do not care.Maybe before it was, and the men were too hard, but now much has changed.In today's world, a man considered to be the main earner, so all weekdays spends at work, and all his thoughts busy career, and when he gets home, he has not the strength to think about a romantic evening, or even more sex.The woman sees this, and thinks that the man no longer loves her and he was interesti

ng to lie on the couch to talk with her.In fact, it is now just need a rest, but it does not mean that he is insensitive.Men as well as women are able to feel and experience the feelings and sometimes it brings a lot more fun to talk to you heart to heart than to arrange a sexual marathon in bed.

Another common mistake in females that way to a man's heart is through ... But the end, I think you know yourself so.Of course, she should at least sometimes cook for her man, but someone it turns out well, and someone worse.Yes, your ability to cook - this is another plus in the side of you, but remember, for men it is not important, and even more so the determining factor.And certainly you never hold a man next to her excellent cooking, you can even run an experiment: first come to his favorite with a plate of borscht, and then dressed in a spicy.Do you think some of the options it more like?I think you yourself may have guessed.

also believed that appearance is not important for men , and indeed it should be a little nicer monkey.Of course, on the one hand it is, not for looks we love people.And if he has a number of other qualities, such as he is a good conversationalist, intelligent, kind and cares about you, then you will not have to worry too much, that he let a crooked nose.His appearance defects, he compensates internal qualities.Well, we women, not always beauties.But there is another side of this issue, we girls too, to some extent estetki and want to see with them, if not hot, handsome, but, at least, a pleasant and well-groomed man, and do sometimes sink to beautiful eyes, or shape.Maybe it sounds a little rough, but it is in fact, and everything in life is often what happens.

Another common mistake women think all men are polygamous and be sure to change it when convenient, and do it without any remorse.Yes, no doubt there are men who will move to the left, but after all, these girls are now missing.So let's not shift all the responsibility to men, we, too, is not always angels.

Next misleading: extinct Now these men , is not what it used to be.Stop, and now think about it, how do you know what used to be a man, you saw them or may, occur somewhere other than books or movies?How do you know that in the past men were much more perfect and better than now?Male brains are built quite differently than ours, so many things we will never understand, and whether, as a female and male gender issues and interests of each other, that they are completely different.And besides, every girl can sculpt from his chosen your ideal, and if his behavior and actions show that she does not care about a man who is next, and then from it will have no impact, and especially somemen's actions.

Takes place to be and one female misleading: at the moment when it comes to cohabitation or marriage all men like blossom and become idlers. He begins to behave as if it all goes.Of course, if you own it all is permitted, doing all the household chores and almost blows away dust from it, what he has to do is, if you own him nothing you demand?The man is easily dissolved by the good life too, so add a little spice things in his usual behavior.

Maybe reading this article, you do not want to be undeceived in their misconceptions about men or sochtesh it too emotional, but wherever there is a feeling you can not do without unnecessary emotions.We hope that you will take note on tips from the article and your family life will be more harmonious, and you will know how to react in a particular situation on male behavior and to avoid sharp corners.

Especially for LadySpecial - Natella

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