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As revenge guy: Tips.

world has turned - you threw a guy.This situation hurts the pride, and the first thought that comes to mind the girl - how to take revenge on the guy who hurt her so much?

As revenge ex-boyfriend: Tips

When the stormy emotions and pain subside a little bit, you should seriously think about this question.It is necessary to take a fresh look at your relationship and clearly identify the cause of the gap, and maybe they had a few?

Think maybe you simply have ceased to please his former.Remember how long have you been preparing for the first date, trying to impress, then?We thought that more you should not try?

As revenge for the betrayal of the guy?

But the men in the first place, like the exterior.It's a fact.

But now you have the time and a strong desire to look good.The best way - do not change their appearance, namely to improve it.After all, once you really liked him, he drew attention to you, so you need to correct to emphasize your best features.You can visit the hairdresser or even go to a good make-up artist.They will certain

ly give you a lot of useful tips and point out the mistakes, which for several reasons is difficult to observe ourselves.And when you will return to look luxurious, you will certainly think about it - and maybe a better separation happened and no longer need to think how to take revenge on the one who left me and so underestimated.

As revenge for the betrayal of the guy?

Many girls do not know a terrible blow to the ego than the betrayal of the beloved young man.Therefore, their thoughts of revenge can be explained.

As revenge for his betrayal of guy, so much so that it became a little easier to survive the separation.

Do you know what the most popular places man-traitor?This response cheating on him with his best friend.But correct to call it does not change, but the beginning of a new relationship.

If you previously had one unpleasant, then do not start an affair with him.If it was cute to you, then try.It is necessary that your ex was in the course of your new romance.As much as he to you is no longer treated, but at least have to share their ex-girlfriend and another it is unlikely to be pleasant.We wish you a new love that will outshine your place and make you truly happy.

How to avenge the guy that you greatly offended?

As revenge for the betrayal of the guy?

The best answer to the question "how to take revenge on the guy for the offense" - is the most put it in the same situation.In the event that a partner gives you a little attention, you can try this method.

befriended a young man who offended you, to his home for a romantic dinner with champagne and candles.In detail tell him how wonderful is the menu.Several times Recall that the events scheduled for today.And they themselves head to take a walk with her friends, and when he, according to your calculations, will have to approach the flat, dial the number.We regret to note that the road met his old girlfriends and wandered into the cafe, you also could not help but notice them you invented an important date in the company of your favorite girlfriends.Be sure to promise him a delicious dinner in the other. Times.One day, when he calmed down a bit, meet him in the evening after work and invite to take a walk in the park together.There you will be able to reveal to him and explain your adventure that just as you and it was very disappointing lack of attention to you.If you understand it and correct, it means that your wise revenge failed.

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word sounds cruel revenge.It can be a lot of mangled wood yielding to emotions and resentment.So, before you gather to take revenge, think about whether you need it.Maybe it's better to let the situation or try to fix it, for example, openly discussing the problem with your partner in your relationship.

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