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How do you know that you're in love?

Argued that love - the best gift a man of Destiny.Indeed, in any al. State people do not get so much emotion.Love gives us a lot of new faces life.It would seem that everyone should catch these changes in themselves and do not hesitate to identify what fell.However, for various reasons people sometimes doubt whether they are in love.

Signs of Love: How to observe?

As practice shows, each person is different feeling love.However, standard features are still the place to be.

So, most likely you are in love when:

How do you know that you

  • you always want to see him.And not just to see, you want to be a person in whom you are supposedly in love, was always next to you.It seems that it is impossible to get enough of his presence.You are beginning to think about that except it does not need one.
  • you always talk about.Your friend that you can trust your feelings, complaining that you always talk about the object of your sighs.You also delivers real pleasure just to mention his name or to repeat 10 times life situations that
    are associated with it.Sometimes, your friends start to feel that you are just not able to speak to others. Threads.Of course, this is not so, but you aspire to mention it at every opportunity.
  • you become kinder.Love can transform even the most callous and prickly person.It makes life brighter and makes it a positive change.The feeling that you are flying like a bird does not leave you.Moreover, you are ready to share their cheerfulness and others., Spreading smiles at every turn.If among your surroundings there are skeptics, they may consider you careless.
  • It takes all of your thoughts.Now, not only talk, but your thoughts are busy this person.Everything, even the most important things for you to depart on the second plan.You can safely, without hesitation start dreaming while working or studying.There are cases when people are in love can not sleep because of the thoughts of a particular person.
  • try to look good.If earlier you do not particularly care question what to wear or how to put hair, make-up which is better to choose, you can now afford to devote a lot of time.You want to look beautiful and attractive to your appearance matched inner euphoria.You begin to follow not only the appearance, but also the words and behavior.In the presence of a loved one does not want to seem rude or boorish.
  • you become attentive.All in order to learn as much as possible of a loved one.You start as a sponge greedily absorb all the information on it, which can only learn.If you learn about their interests, you start immediately themselves to show their inclination to do so.This is done in order not to be boring for a man and as often as possible to see it.

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What distinguishes love from love?

Many people tend to confuse love and love, linking them together.But is it right?Maybe these 2 feelings still there differences?

In fact, to find the differences between love and love is not easy.It is believed that love - a certain attraction to the person on an emotional level.A man in love they are so overwhelmed that at times it becomes difficult to breathe.And yet, love is not as deep as love.

The difference lies not only in the depth of feeling, and duration.Love lasts a short time.It must however flow into a more stable state, which is the love or just completely disappear, leaving you only beautiful or bitter memories.

Love arises almost from the 1st glance, you feel excitement and euphoria.When asked why you like people, you did not hesitate to list: he has good taste in clothes, he has a wonderful fragrance, it is incredibly beautiful, etc.A man who truly loves, not as important external data of his partner, he said the character and spiritual qualities.For someone who likes to be important just loved person.True love comes when people deeply enough to know each other.These people are very close, they trust each other and love their half full, not just his or her individual qualities.

About Love composed many songs of different stories when people are ready to go for the favorite at all, completely immerse yourself in person, forgetting the relatives and friends.Few people, listening to or reading these beautiful stories, think about the fact that they are talking about love.Yes, loving people is also tied for first place is their relationship and each other, but do not forget about the others. Aspects of their lives.

How do you know that you

Understand love you or love for real, you and your behavior.Note that, whether you recognize the shortcomings of their counterparts.It should be noted that the famous phrase "love is blind" refers specifically to love.A man in love is eagerly prove to society that its partner, the best in the world, idealizing it.Love is not inherent.He who loves, knows what goes aware of all the advantages and disadvantages of a partner.

Another striking feature is the lack of love is selfishness.That is, you will not be thinking about what to get you, you will do everything in order to be good to someone you love.

Love deeper sense, which may be the result of love, but not vice versa.Fringe, where one flows into the other. It is very difficult to catch.But, for sure, listen to yourself, you will be able to understand what you feel to the person.

How long is the love?

Scientists say love lasts 3 years.And how much time is devoted to the sense of love?Immediately it should be noted that all this is deeply individual.If our relationship all obey certain schedule, what would they differ from each other?

Love by itself is not a long process.Over time, the romance in a relationship with a loved passes.During this time, people have time to know each other, to study habits, strengths and weaknesses.It remains only to understand what will happen next.Are you ready to fall in love with your partner, or defects, they annoy you so much that you need to drop everything and go to the free swimming, then to plunge into the maelstrom of a new relationship?Perhaps, when in front of you will be the issue, you can draw a border of his love.If you are staying with a man - your feelings turn into love - if not parted forever.

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Each person because of their personality is experiencing feelings differently.And love is no exception.No matter how much has been said about the signs of love and how it differs from others. Senses, to answer a question that you feel your partner, you can only do.

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