Relationship // He and she

The relationship between a man and a woman.

about the relationship between man and woman can talk endlessly.This topic has been widely discussed books, broadcasts, films.The general rule is one thing to create a harmonious connection partners must constantly work on yourself.

relationship between man and woman: psychology

striving to create harmony in the relationship makes people learn.At the beginning of both the man and woman may doubt expect the impossible, often somewhat disappointed.Their torment many questions about the actions of a partner.Knowledge of the stages of development of relations will allow to be confident and ready to build a harmonious pair.

There are 5 stages of convergence man and a woman.They are necessary in order to achieve harmony between them occurred gradually.If at the initial stage of some of the steps has been omitted, so that there was a further development of relations, it is necessary to go back and make sure to pass it again.

The relationship between man and woman

attraction. Men, especially, attracts looks of women, women - intelligence

men.Feeling sympathy for a particular lady, a representative of the stronger sex also continues to feel physical attraction to others. Women too.The attractiveness of the opposite sex gives men power, in Vol. H. And on the continuation of the relationship with a single.

man needs energy, which gives him the appeal of a woman to build a serious relationship with her.Criticizing his desire, is to take away his energy, and hence the potential for further initiatives.

uncertainty. This step should be mandatory.Step doubt.At this stage, men tend to doubt, to move away from the woman.This is normal.It determines for himself attitude.If a woman is to be patient, everything will go smoothly.For girls it is important not to start persevere question "How do you feel about me?".He did not yet know.If a man does not survive to this stage in time, even if the relationship will spill over into the marriage, he will experience this stage later.

desire to be the only one. This mutual desire.If a man will be able to pass through a stage of uncertainty, at this stage, he was sure he wanted to always be with this woman.A woman is important to react.Every man in many ways behaves in a stage of uncertainty: one continues to look after others. Disappear for weeks.

wise woman will not alienate the partner if he suddenly appears after a long period of uncertainty.Now she can be confident in it and feel unique.

D ushevnaya intimacy. very interesting stage.This opening itself to partner on a deeper spiritual level.This higher degree of confidence.Only at the stage of intimacy, you can safely afford to be themselves, to achieve the best results in the relationship.

engagement. stage that precedes marriage.At this stage, you can already call loved ones.Only now you begin to really appreciate and love each other.

man and a woman: the language of relationships

The relationship between man and woman

man and woman are one and the same phenomenon is perceived quite differently.A man sees things in their relationship with each other, as if he adds a picture of the world of puzzles.The woman immediately absorbs more general perspective, notices mainly parts.

Man has always focused on something in order to achieve its goal, to win social status, power, win the fierce competition and successfully achieve a certain outcome.The terms of women's interests quite different - this communion, love and understanding.Differences between these interests are so great that one can only wonder how couples can get along.

While on the topic of women dream of a beautiful love, men fantasize about expensive cars and powerful computers.All of these things that you can use, they are related to spatial thinking and attitudes "something to do with it."

biological vocation of men - to ensure women.If they value their efforts, it is for them proof of success.If women are happy, satisfied man.If - unhappy woman, men feel like failures: I think that they did not provide them happiness.Representatives of the stronger sex talk to your friends, "" I neither would have done it all unhappy. "In this phrase there is enough motivation for them to break off the relationship and go to the other. Woman who tells him that she is happy because heshe was able to provide.

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She wants to talk courtship and trembling. He needs to hear the words from her, confirminghe succeeded.

understand the relationship between men and women it is sometimes difficult. But there is an explanation and, if desired, you can find it. To succeed, you must take into account the difference of perception of the world partners. Just respect, understanding, mutual compromise will help youcreate a harmonious pair.

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