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If a guy is looking into the eyes

eyes - this is perhaps the most expressive in a human face.They reflect our inner state, give emotions and feelings.When we want to understand a person, we try to look closely into his eyes.With close we can talk for a long time, hardly taking his eyes, and a constant eye contact with the unfamiliar human strains and creates unease.After a long look - it is, in fact, a very intimate thing.

Girls often wonder and which means that if a guy looks into the eyes? Of course, if your husband or lover, he looks into the eyes, because he loves and trusts.And if you are not sure about the feelings of a man, but you are confused gaze fact, it is quite normal.At least, this means that he is interested in you as a person, but if he has feelings for you as a woman, it's just to be seen.

Why man looking into the eyes?

  • Pay attention to some points.For example, if pupils are men while talking expanded, it is really very interested in you and keen . However, not all representatives of the stronger sex are bold, the
    y can feel free to watch you like a lady's eyes.Some on the contrary can do this by stealth, as long as you do not see it, though you will feel at someone's eyes.But slightly raised eyebrow speaks of coldness and arrogance towards you.It is even possible, man finds you annoying and special wishes as soon as possible to complete the communication.

If a guy is looking into the eyes

  • But if you look a man is interested, it is necessary to find out why.Maybe he's just a ladies' man and seducer, so his view ohmurit you want.What does it mean?
  • First of all, no one has repealed the intuition, and if you feel that a man is not sincere towards you, then maybe it is.Also, another sign of the seducer is excessive confidence.After all, any guy, even quite confident, if he really likes a girl will attend a slight tightness.And if he is too self-confident, we can hardly speak about any serious sense.
  • gaze with a spark could mean a strong sexual desire towards you.The man spotted you and now try as quickly as possible to achieve the desired.Here, of course, everything depends on you.If the man you might also like the look and you do not mind a light, to nothing binding the novel, it is possible to maintain eye contact.Your partner will see the views of the interest on your part and, most likely, he will speak with you first.But if you're not a supporter of such intrigues, keep yourself cool and detached in any way without showing a guy that you want to communicate with him and learn.
  • now on how well among all the views that we share throughout the day to see the one that looks at you with real sympathy or even love in a man's understanding? difficult to give an unambiguous advice here, because the other person's soul does not look within.Try to listen to your inner voice, which he will give you a hint.If eye contact with a man you do not feel uncomfortable, that's a good sign.Try to solve it further, observing the behavior and attitudes.

If a guy is looking into the eyes

How to behave in such a situation?Every day you notice the stranger's eye, or vice versa Are you familiar with this man, but the visual shootout leads you into confusion, and you do not know how to react?It is best to wait and watch what it all will lead. If too hurry and most begin to show activity, the first meet or talk, a man can lose all interest.

Give him the palm, because maybe your mystery and inaccessibility of its interested and you are going to destroy your aura of the mysterious stranger.Then again everything is very individual, and we must look at the situation, there are so half-hearted guys, it's easier to come and get to know the most.But do not hurry.And, of course, no one stops to indulge in a little feminine wiles such as flirty look, half-smile, stroking the hair or biting lips.All this works on a guy, like a red rag, and seeing you on such signals, for a long time to think he will not.

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And one more thing, do not overdo it with its inaccessibility.A woman plays a passive role in a relationship, but in real life she is the initiator of many important decisions.If a man is already showing a clear interest and puts it not only looks, but the words and deeds, we can safely begin to express their sympathy.Otherwise, he considers you the Snow Queen and go to the other more emotional girl.

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