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Bride price: competitions for the groom

Wedding is an important event in the life of every human being and I want to make it memorable vsem.Chtoby this holiday has become fun and interesting for the groom prepared various competitions for the bride price. They will help the groom to show the power of his love for his future wife. competition should make manifest intelligence, ability to pay, mind and strength, which are so necessary to her future husband.For their organizations invite all bridesmaids, her relatives and parents.That all turned out very well, it remains to find out what are the competitions taken to the bride price, and make sure you are fully prepared for the upcoming event.

Bride price

What is needed for the bride price?

for the organization of competitions that will please everyone and especially the groom, prepare colored pencils and markers, cardboard colorful flowers and balloons, drawing paper, markers and signs, keys and bag, tape, scissors, colored paper and a tray, photos, and needle, the Internet.Now you need to think abou

t how you want to become a bride price, which are suitable for competitions of this pair.It is not necessary in this regard to follow the well-known scenario, it is better to use your creative imagination. Ready scripts can be used to slightly improve its own. Even if you think that does not work, try to rehearse with her friends, and you'll be surprised how many come up with original ideas.

How to organize competitions for the groom?

  • For the first phase of the foreclosure suit small contests and jobs, accompanied by verses. Do not forget that the bride price should not be a "robbery" of the groom and witnesses on his behalf.Your task - to organize a small theatrical performance.
  • When creating tenders enable scripted jokes, songs, dances, look at the costumes, decorations and holiday scenes.

Contests for the groom

  • Calculate the duration of each call, and from what the competition can be waived if the dowry is too delayed.
  • should not be used for the organization of the bride price soiling substances.It should not hurt to consider whether the bride and contests will not cause him any fatigue.We need to think about whether they are feasible.
  • Try to discuss in advance with the groom contests and witnesses.It will be tested adequately.
  • If you need help to prepare the necessary things for the groom.Tell me, what kind of things he needs to prepare in advance to pay off if he can not cope with the competition.
  • When inventing contests note idiosyncrasies groom.This will help to avoid embarrassment during the foreclosure, when the bridegroom may refuse to perform some task that is unacceptable to him.
  • Ask questions to redeem his future wife.This will make them funny and enjoyable for all.
  • Contests invent them to be humorous.For example, ask about the whereabouts of the bride's favorite flower.

Competitions for bride price

in competitions should involve all friends of the groom and witnesses. Do not forget to remind friends to help a friend to pass the test.

  • can come up with a contest with a musical instrument, if the groom knows and loves to play.Encourage your child to perform a serenade to his beloved.Tool prepare immediately.At the same time you can ask the witnesses to perform the dance of the small swans.

Contests for the bride price

  • for another competition prepare a poster with dates that are important to the future bride.Write the date dating her future husband and wife, her birthday, shoe size, car, apartment.You can make a poster in the shape of a sun with rays, in which the figures and write.
  • Use the stairs to the organization of the competition.Take the paper hearts and place it on the steps, as soon as the groom comes to one of them, he has to say nice words, dedicated to the bride, and what it will help future wife after the wedding.
  • Before the groom to enter the apartment, hide the key in a few bags.Let guess where it is, in case of an error, you must pay a fine, or to read the poem.Or hide a key in a glass with the juice, and let friends help you find it after drinking the juice.
  • can use themed professional contests - read about them in articles in the style of Bride price Bride price of medicine and in the style of the traffic police.
  • Tie groom hands to call and ask for the door.Friends can help, but only with a blindfold.
  • On the wall in the apartment LAYOUT 7 children's pictures, which shows the bride and her friends.The future husband should find it if makes a mistake to sing a song and try to find again.The penalty can think not only in money but also in the form of sweets, or adding an additional assignment.
  • Think of interesting questions, if you can, write them in the form of poems and learn.

Contests for the groom to the bride price

  • sure to smile, remove tensions arose kidding.If the groom made a mistake, do not torment it, and just let the opportunity to pay off.
  • conduct competitions for the bride price before the start porch.Have the bride groom shouting the name of the entire yard, read her poems, sing songs, or a declaration of love.If he refuses or does it poorly received, let him pay a fine to pay off and pass on.
  • At the entrance railings adorn balls, put them in a paper humorously written answers to the question "Why did the bridegroom loves the bride," and ask him.The groom should select a ball and if the answer is correct, he is allowed to go on, but if not, let him pay a fine.
  • The day before the wedding key freeze.Put it in the water and clean the night in the freezer. Suggest groom prove love, let it melt a key warm hands.Once the key acquire the original form, thank and congratulate the groom for the successful completion of the competition.
  • Other tips can be found in the article Bride price: how to organize ?.

the wedding turned out fun and like everything should be approached with the utmost seriousness and humor to the organization of competitions for the groom on the bride price.They future husband should show even in comic form because of their love and respect for his future wife.

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